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HRM, QUEEN ELIZABETH II, Just Adesola Oguntade & Modupeola

In their horse drawn carriage

A peep into the new horizon

Modupeola Oguntade

Nigeria High Commission

High Commissioner and retired Justice, George Adesola Oguntade and wife, Modupeola

The New Nigerian High Commissioner to the court of St. James in the UK, his excellency, retired Justice George Adesola Oguntade OFR, CON during the week, visited the Head of the Commonwealth in the person of Her Royal Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, the queen of the UK, Canada, Australia & New Zealand to formally present his letter of credence as it obtains, so as to be recognised as the official Nigerian representative to the UK.

The meet took place at the official residence of her majesty, which is the “Buckingham Palace”.

In tow to present his letter was the stylish wife of the retired Justice, in the person of Modupeola Oguntade!

Our elation about the visit was majorly about how we were represented very well by this new Ambassador and his wife on what could be termed his first official outing in the UK. The High Commissioner and madam having the proper understanding that they were first and foremost also a representative of our great culture and wonderful tradition, represented that in their stupendously gorgeous traditional outfit from the Yoruba tribe, from where they hail from.

The Aso Oke (high cloth) ensemble, in 2 piece of Buba and full length Agbada as worn by retired Justice Oguntade is such that, it is a “formal outfit worn only on special occasions or to important events”. The “alaari”, “sanyan”, or “Aso Ofi” or “Etu” in their different colour codes of a shade of blue, a shade of brown and a shade of burgundy or red are on the highest level of outfits worn by people of great influence or those who can afford it in the Yoruba culture and others too who have borrowed the Culture.

Justice Oguntade & wife, showed themselves as a perfect example and knowledgeable representative of their country in their garbs and we applaud and greatly commend them. Our High Commissioners who are from different parts of our great country, should always follow and emulate this same tradition to showcase the best of our diverse cultures and traditions.

Kudos to the Oguntade.  


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  • Mrs Okoya's mentor. This is a big deal – being the High Commissioner to the UK and meeting the Queen. They have tried.

    • Lousy piece of shit. Very ghetto and lousy people and I wonder why Buhari will give him that position? We have had many High Commissioners and they all met with the Queen without making unnecessary noise about it. And people wonder why Sade is very lousy when she has a mentor like this sponge face woman? Everything about Okoya and Oguntade has to do with unnecessary loudness.

    • Nothing big deal. He is just an Ambassador just same way Bianca Ojukwu was Ambassador to France. This ghetto lousy couple just like to make stupid noise about it. I'm sure all their Powder friend will use the wife as their source in London since she will have an immunity if and when they arrested their Carriers. Screwed up country nomination such Razzos to represent us in a conservative country like England

    • Get your facts right, Bianca was in Spain which is a smaller country compared to France. If you know and understand International Relations you will know the importance of the UK and the USA to the world. How many people have even seen the Queen in a motorcade? The number one royalty in the ether. Forget the personality involved it is a very big deal.

    • Also, blame Tinubu and Akiolu for this. Buhari is pleasing them ahead of 2019. A country like the UK should have a career Ambassador as the High Commissioner and not a geriatric political jobber.

    • At Fan Well said. You are absolutely right. But he is not the first High Commissioner so why the fanfare? This man is not worthy of that position and is a shame that the position was given to him. The man cannot even speak English eloquently. The position should be given to a career Ambassador or a well educated person with finesse and not this man that will turn the post to a razz soon

    • @ Fan Dearie, I know the importance of U.K, last time I checked, he wasnt the first Person that was posted to U.K. as High Commissioner and wonder the celebration about it and knowing his wife's and his friends history about that SHIT, I don't think he deserves to be given the position

    • I just watched Dish Nation on US station and they were butts of the jokes and FYI, the ceremony was for all the High Commissioners to U.K. and not for only Oguntade. Shame on 9ja media for making it look like the fanfare was for the Oguntades, the soon to be owambe High Commissioner

    • I just watched Dish Nation on US station and they were butts of the jokes and FYI, the ceremony was for all the High Commissioners to U.K. and not for only Oguntade. Shame on 9ja media for making it look like the fanfare was for the Oguntades, the soon to be owambe High Commissioner

    • Anon 12:14am! Why nah!!?!! 😁😁😁😁😁😁Savage! See shading in high places! So Mr and Mrs Oguntade, take your medications!💉💊

    • It is very unfortunate that people politicised this issue. Someone called Justice Oguntade a political jobber.
      For your information,he is a retired justice of the Supreme Court. Again,someone said the man can't speak good English,that is very untrue. And another blamed Tinubu and Buhari for appointing him,they have the prerogative.
      Another brought some sentiment into play that a career diplomat should be given the job.
      In the past,under GEJ,Bianca Ojukwu was Nigeria's ambassador to Spain,she did well. Also,boardroom guru,Chief Christopher Kolade was once the Nigeria' s Commissioner to the UK. He is not a career diplomat.
      Lastly,the man did well by putting on the Aso Oke,an attire won in the South West Nigeria by the Yorubas.
      Some people are just full of hatred,always sentimental and always finding fault in others.
      See good in others and you will see good things happening to you. Justice Oguntade is good for the job.

    • At MAMA BG. Justice Oguntade was her husband best friend and she was messing with him while the man was on his sickbed before he died. BTW, One of Dr Olujimi Aina daughter's accused Modupe of going out with Dr Aina close friend while he was battling for his life and her response was not only sarcastic but cold that "I'm sorry for going out with your father's close friend but I looked for his close enemy and couldn't get one to go out with me". She is legendary with jazz. Shameless woman

  • Chai,una get bad mouth for this blog fact sdk blog visitors dey learn work for una is why am addicted to this blog.keep bringing the tea.


  • Honestly this woman has no intergrity whatsoever. This her 3rd husband from what I hear. She would surely bring this man down with all these rubbish. When Christopher Kolade was ambassador, did he do all these? That’s why white people laugh at our foolishness in the UK and all over the world. Do we need this at this time Nigeria is going through so much hardship. Dumb fools.

    With her Botox face, fake bum bum and breast. Men are idiots I swear. With her rude ass sons. She refused the mans first children from flying her late husband abroad when he was sick. Let Shade be following her about. They are birds of the same feather anyways. Dupe is living her dream life. Never taught she would ever get here. All her late husbands friends can’t stand her. My uncle can’t bear to see her face. Watch they would soon recall the man. That gist about sleeping with her late husband s friend is true!!! She married him too.

    • Anonymous 5.16. Just Look at her suku face. I agree with you. I heard she was dating Oguntade before her husband died and his daughter from another woman was mad with suku face Modupe. She told the daughter that she couldn't found their father's enemy to date that was why she chose their father's friend Oguntade. Who does that? Her jazz is legendary reason why Sade is always following her or both following each other like 5 & 6. Shameless fool following a girl that is like her granddaughter just because of money and fame. Everything that is in the dark will come to open one day. Very useless shameless idiot and doesn't understand the publicity about giving his HC letter to Queen. They made the ceremony look like it was specially for him alone. Liar liar pants on fire

  • @ Anon 5.16. Well said. We have had may High Commissioners and didn't get the fanfare about these razz people? It shows that education and money have nothing to do with CLASS. Very tacky and classless and cannot wait for Buhari to recall them as he has nothing to offer except enabling their powder and Isale Eko gbetto friends. High disappointed that we couldn't get someone that will help Nigeria image in London better than this ratchet people

  • You mentioned – but he is not the first High Commissioner so why the fanfare? Indeed he's not and that's why my first comment had "they have tried." They never thought they would get this far (a point already noted in one of the comments by @Anonymous December 8, 2017 at 5:16 PM.) Nouveau riche.

    Correct, it was a ceremony for all the new High Commissioners to the UK.

    He was enjoying his retirement and partying up and down, they should have left him and his wife to continue like that. I don't know what reforms this man will bring to the HC. They will just be quaffing champagne, embezzling funds, acquiring more properties and enjoying their chauffeur driven rides. Welcome to the use of diplomatic passports too. She will get for all her children, her BFF(s) and exclude his own children.

  • @ Fan. Couldn't have said it better. I wonder why they made him HC too. He has nothing to offer except being an OWAMBE HC. Buhari must have lost his senses to have made him the HC. I swear I'm not hating or have anything again him but I'm alarmed for Nigeria as a Nigerian because of what I know about this couple. First there is no way this woman should have access to a diplomatic passport because of her association with SHIT. And she is still into it big time anonymously and this is like a freedom to go big time. Majority of her close friends were into it too and Tinubu and Bola Shagaya being there, done it too. And Buhari sent this guy there to do what again? I see why Buhari wife raised an alarm that the Cabals has taken over the control of the govt from her husband as he has lost it through some of his actions or people he appointed to certain positions and this man being HC to U.K., is one of those mistakes too. Nigeria need a real prayers now. And is also a shame that those smart people in the Media that should be condemning such from happening we're afraid to do their jobs and some of those good ones has been compromised so the only person that can save this country from being destroyed completely is GOD HIMSELF