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Come next week Sunday, December 17, 2017 to be more precise, all roads would be leading to the expansive compound of the home of top lawyer cum successful businessman, Chief Adewunmi Adedeji Ogunsanya, as he hosts family and friends for his daughter’s traditional wedding and engagement reception.

Dewunmi Ogunsanya, is the super rich lawyer, an SAN at that, who is the chairman of MultiChoice Nigeria (MNET) the owners of DSTV, GOTV, etc, he is also a director at Heritage Bank.

The chairman as he is famously called is known to be a perfect host. His Ikoyi Lagos Nigeria home located on Queen’s Drive overlooking the lagoon is also believed to be one of the most beautiful and most techy homes in Lagos if not NIGERIA, which when it was finished a few years back, was said to have consumed a few of the man’s billions in Naira. It is this same expansive compound, where the edifice is located that would host all and sundry on Sunday.

One person that would be greatly missed on the day of the occasion though, is the gorgeous late wife of the top businessman and well to do lawyer; madam passed on a few years ago after a resilient battle with cancer. Just imagine if she was around? As she would most definitely have been the perfect hostess at her daughter’s traditional wedding and engagement making sure it is the bomb!

But not to worry though, Dewunmi Ogunsanya is known to be more than capable, he would make sure his wife’s memory would be kept intact as he does the needful to host a great ceremony for their daughter.

We expect that the who-is-who of the corporate world, the top celebrities and stars of the entertainment world and so many others to grace the occasion.

We hope to give you an updated report on the event afterwards. 


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  • sis moji we greatly miss you and I know the kids also miss u especially with all the fight to take over their home

  • Facts & not hating.But dis man isnt one of the best dressers wit all his money.he dresses badly.they say money can’t buy class.note d tie,lips dry,eyes looking like he’s got a hangover.all shades of NO in dis picture for a man if his caliber.abeg he needs more training on proper grooming.

  • I wonder if he eventually married TA when madam died. Hmmm. I will not talk oooo. Anybody that has 'liver' can talk. I no get liver to talk wetin i know.

    • yes, we have liver. What can he do? who is TA in the equation of things? Sherifat is a good contender to Madam Funmi (the adulterer) who walked out of her hubby marriage all becos of wealth

    • Anon 1:19 but Ms Funmi is numero uno because he is fully funding her and the exotic lifestyle she’s living. I see her with him at events and a close family said he has attended family engagements with her. What is puzzling is the confidence she has to be seen around with him in public places knowing she ditched the father of her kids for him. She get heart o but did kin woman fit kill any lady that comes close

    • I saw funmi the other day at the luxury event. she was really looking younger and finer at 52yrs. I was shocked comparing her with our days at mtn where she looked older. I bet you that glow on her skins only comes from comfort. She even has a security to do what now? Protect her from his numerous mistresses or being kidnapped and ask him for a ransom? A friend we were together said she has moved to one of his pent house in lekki and that is his second home. She visits his Ikoyi home anytime at will. His cars she uses anytime and even got a good deal with his company for a good pay.

    • I am suprised you mentioned any one. We all thought it was Sherifat becasue even her parents know him very well. She is his only one as far as we know. He threw a 70th birthday party for her father last year. Wow, this men ain’t loyal

    • Anon 2.03 for as long as TA is still in his life, he CAN NEVER marry your Sherifat.

      My liver don dey strong small small. Lol. I want to get some groceries at Ebeano, I will be back to talk more. I hope this post will not explode today.

    • Ms Funmi Onajide used to to Mrs Funmi Omogbenigun? Bitches eat your heart out.dewunmi is getting married to her soon. I promise u all

    • @ Blair Witch you still dey ebeano? We been dey wait for you to return come spill hot ☕️ Or is your list that long? Ahi you still dey full your shopping cart? abeg abeg we dey wait make you kuku finish

    • Lol @ anon 10.44, after Ebeano I went to eat at Marco Polo, aloba does not upload comments and he censors my comments like crazy so I am not encouraged to type much. Na waste of ‘typing energy’. Lol but Titi was in the picture before all these women, he started dating her when we were in our late 20’s and now we are in our early 40’s. What a waste of time, he is just wasting these women. I am married with three children, my first child will soon enter university and she is still there doing. ‘Girlfriend’ after all these years. Ah!! Aiye ma ni ika o.

    • Mba! @ Blair on dis mata I disagree wit u. Has he eva promisd or askd ha to wait for him?? Didn’t she marry or hav a daighter wit someone? We create our problems & want d world to blame others for it. She is d Ode on dis mata. He is a man, as long as she opens her leg, he will enter. As long as she is willing to always open her door, he will come even when passing by. So she creatd ha problem. I hop she is wiser now & have moved on else she will be lonely at 60 without Dewumi beside her.

    • Maybe he'll grow a conscience and make Titi legal as a compensation for the years she has invested like how Tuface did with Annie Macaulay.

    • But the titi looks like an alosho. She dresses very razz and attends almost every parry in town. Why won’t he use her like toilet paper. Nawa!

  • His late wife got a better deal, this man wasn't a good husband to her at all!
    I am waiting for you all to return from church or to wake up from your slumber!!

    • Confirmed gist you can say that again. His late wife always seemed distant and you could see sadness in her eyes amidst the laughter n all because he is a narssicist

    • Or maybe it was because she was fighting the cancer, she probably knew she had it and was getting treatment way before it became public knowledge.

    • Awon thirsty gyals please run when you hear De before the wunmi. Soldier come & Soldier go for p***y matter. He will give you money establish your Business if you have any plan but will not marry you

  • Please funmi who? No surnames for the ladies? Even the sherifat. Please put surnames and how we can see their pictures, thanks. (Anonymous Madam)

  • His he the same person someone said dating Rita dominic? The multichoice chairman, I read it somewhere sha. (Anonymous madan)

  • His he the same person someone said dating Rita dominic? The multichoice chairman, I read it somewhere sha. (Anonymous madan)

  • At the end of the day, Dewunmi will not marry any of these ladies. He will go and marry one unknown from somewhere that nobody knows. Someone like his late wife Moji. Someone who is docile and happy to enjoy all the wealth and comfort. Or he may not even remarry if he doesn't find that type of woman.

    @Anonymous December 10, 2017 at 8:41 AM – one thing I give him is that he is super smart and can be engaging. That's much more than all the outward dressing and looks. However, his wristwatches, belts and shoes are always speaking. I also like that he's still loyal to his Surulere crew.

    I also feel sorry for any girl that does jazz for him and some have been mentioned here. You are on your own because it won't catch him. His Ikorodu blood won't allow it.

    Poor Sister Moji, continue to rest peacefully. Your kids will be very well.

    • @fan, you really know Dewunmi. He won’t marry them. He’s just doing family support program for them. He’s too Street wise. And upon all his were he loved his late wife moji. No one can understand him like her. They had a bond. All these ones are chewing gum. Yes he loves his crew. And juju can never catch him because he’s a spirit too lol

    • @Dstv Your chewing gum comment is hilarious because it’s no more news that he can’t do without Funlayo. She is in charge of that house, the man himself and even part of family meetings for his daughters wedding arrangements. She controls Dewunmi’s decisions and had the final say in whatever he does. We can’t wait for her wedding with him, we will wear aseobi and move into the new house. All the list of these girls mentioned doesn’t pinch becasue only time will tell and the time is close

    • Ani se he won’t marry her. He still told me he misses his wife! Besides Dewunm loves his children and won’t want to hurt them. Dewunm has plenty chewing gum and dem go waka lost. Including your Funmi. Damn Gina, she uggg mehn. Can you compare to Moji, elegant and gracious not all these owode onirin things

    • @Dstv you are a bad friend. The type that don’t want him to marry the woman that makes him happy. How is her marriage to him going to hurt the children. FUnmi also has grown up girls and they are same age group as some of his girls. It is goingto be very easy for both partners to live together once they are married. The children will bond well and live together as step sisters. About your uggg comment, i dont think the look is what dewunmi is after with funmi it’s the bond they have too and this marriage is one that has been ordained. No man can put asunder

    • Anonymous poster 14 Dec please leave @Dstv alone and talk to your madam Funmi. Go down to the latest post and see why @Fan and @Dstv meant with their posts of jazzy women and spirit Dewunmi. Your fumni no pure at all. Fowl yansh don dey open small small

  • It's shocking to hear he spends cos all I have heard about this guy is stingy stingy!!! Still awaiting gist… I hear he is a p**** bursting machine ooo!

  • Such a man will never marry. He has tasted single life after years of marriage. He will just fuck them anyhow till he dies.

  • OFF POINT: Aloba abeg u people should tell Linda ikeji to stop hyping toke makinwa unnecessarily. Hmmmm that Gucci outfit she wore on yesterday’s post about getting some bogus Gucci award is NOT one million naira, I know where toke buys her things o, but as usual MAKE I NO TALK TOO MUCH, I am not against buying imitation if that is what u can afford but passing it off as the original in such a loud manner is CRIMINAL. That thing she wore costs 45k Naira(Fact). I was just waiting for the seller to confirm before saying this.

    • Hahaha maybe Linda and TM buy from the same source, that's why she keeps up the hype, however did TM actually say her outfit costs 1 million Naira or was the blogs who put that info up?

    • Blair Witch, abeg mail me the online or brick store where she buys her things biko. One can tell they have very high grade/good replicas from Toke's wardrobe. Very good copies. My email is Thank you in advance. Abeg no abuse me, you hear? Thank you again

    • 45k??? Are you sure? Damn, I actually believed she spends for all her material things. Nah I still can’t believe that outfit isn’t the real deal. She’s always so bold to flaunt it.

    • Blair Witch, no vex and don't abuse me pls, but could you email me the place Toke sources some of her stuff from? I noticed they are really high grade replica bags and shoes. Help me pls. Lol. My e-mail is: Thank you in advance.

    • Anon 7.02 I don’t trust you, I won’t abuse you though. My ‘winchy winchy voices’ tell me you are from toke’s camp. LOL. I am not somebody that falls for tricks.

    • @ Blair Witch, Lol. Eyaa. And I'm not from her camp oh. Your winchy winchy voices told you completely wrong. Just on my own here in Abuja. However, I do respect if you don't want to divulge the info. Maybe by a stroke of luck, I just might happen upon the store in future somehow. Thanks for responding though.

  • Oh @Dstv I am laughing so much at family support program, chewing gum and he's a spirit. Correct comment.

    @Confirmed gist, Dewunmi is not stingy. All the "family program" he's doing, is that not a Donatus? If you are looking for stingy try some of his crew. Those guys keep it real though, very down to earth.

  • Multichoice can neva fuk pero he no be mumu pero queen of madness I pray say he use condom before he straff that ashawo her pussy get plenty miles

  • Funmi onajide aka ologun,very ugly and fetish Lady. She dumped her hobby and two children for money hiding under first love. If Dewunmi was not rich will she leave her hobby? Ole oloju kokoro. Arugbo ojo, at 52 she is competing with young ladies. She is ugly inside out. She was disgracrd from MTN due to her arrogance. She is so desperate, a pretender pretender and will jazz her way, she wants to marry Dewunmi by force. She has been to several herbalists. . and even slept with some out of desperation. Dewunmli should be warned because of his kids. Tell your Alfas to check if you think i am lying,

    • Ha! She has not seen anything, the misfortune that will befall on her for treating her husband terribly. A very nice and gentle man. First MTN disgraced her, she lost her job. Next in line, dewunmi will disgrace her by marrying the girl he loves and throw her out of his life too. It’s called karma and has your address. Your ex husband will be popping Champaign and watching you falling apart. Instead of you to treat your acne prone face you are busy doing akuna kuna at 52. What do you think any man will enjoy from a 52 years slacked punani of a senior? No amount of v$&@@ tightening can bring any pleasure. Your Jazz will fail and fade, it’s only a matter of time. Jazz does not last forever Aunty Funmi. Why don’t you try to focus on the heat flashes and leave this man to live his life. Can you just reset your brain now and start acting responsibly so your girls don’t grow up to be like you?

    • I don’t think this is good for Dewunmi. He doesn’t like controversy at all but with the comments here on these women, they are not good for his reputation. Having too much Money is now problem o! Imagine the amount of arrows they will be shooting in the sky just to marry this man.
      Oga, abeg careful.
      Take your time and pray to God to locate you a good woman who won’t kill you just to take over your wealth.

  • Anon December 15 @5:14 PM yet she pretends that she’s a strong Christian, a prayer warrior. Yet she’s the most Festish thing living on earth. I am not sure how Dewunmi made the mistake of allowing her to start showing up at his mansion. That was his first mistake. This man is under so much pressure from this woman and it’s not even funny. Once she knows he’s at home, she comes and sits there. He has no choice but to visit her else she will find him and follow. That’s the reason we all call her Chewing gum.

    Funmi Onajide is the biggest hypocrite and she thinks we can’t see through her.
    One major problem with this evil Funmi is she’s using Dewunmi’s sister to gather sentiments and win her way through. But we know that you are a strong man, a smart man. God is with you and He will protect you from all the fetish and desperate women that want to take over your home with evil intent.

    So desperate is Funmi that she wants to show herself at this wedding as his partner thinking that will seal the deal and he will have to marry her. The man doesn’t even have strength to say yes or no so he’s just watching. He sees her desperation and decided to focus his energy on the daughter and ensure she’s happy.

    Funmi Onajide stop forcing yourself on those children trying to replace their mother. You are not Sis Moji (RIP) and you will never be. Maintain your lane and focus on dewunmi if you have to. Before I leave I want to leave a message for you FUNMI ONAJIDE AKA OMOGBENIGUN, Dewunmi’s kids don’t like you. They don’t like you want bit!

  • Obviously same person made those vile comments about aunty Funmi. Pele ti e. Just know that she's not leaving Mr Ogunsanya, jazz or no jazz, dry pussy or not. Go and coolu temper!

  • Eh Eh..Gbogbo Bigz Girls please don’t come and spoil show here. Leave this anonymous BVs to spill o. It’s called gist, tori, tea. BVs keep it coming and serve us ☕️. I don’t know any of the people mentioned oo