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Everything about this mother of 2 lovely kids and owner of the Tiannah’s Place Empire and Elegante by Tiannah’s Styling is in your face.

She’s not shy at all by any standards. Everything about her draws and drags attention, which for some is a money making attribute.

The serial entrepreneur, who has her fingers in several pies all at once, is an undoubted and undisputed fashionista to the core, as she eats, breathes, sleeps and wakes up in fashion. And at every given opportunity she has, she doesn’t hesitate to show off her dexterity or her take on something.

She was at the #twp2 that’s this year’s party of the season, The Wedding Party 2’s world premiere and she was the blue cladded fairy of the Arabian magic kingdom with the oomph factor.

We got her here in all sides and shades of blue for your viewing delight. Her dress is both a skirt and a gorgeous tail too.

Toyin brought with her a perfect accessory, her handsome arm candy, a very stylishly attired young bloke. Is this her new heartthrob or just a friend? That we don’t know..

Check her out.

More after the break.


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