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Beverly Naya wore one of the standout outfit at the #twp2 world premiere .

Just in her late 20’s she razzled-dazzled on the red carpet at the event in her Weizhurm Franklin outfit, showing off her trim body to maximum effect with the required Oomph factor!

Undoubtedly she’s one of Nigeria’s most eligible entertainment bacholorettes, who has got a good thing going for herself!

In “the wedding party franchise”, she plays a saucy unrelenting seductress with much aplomb!

Here at the event in her sexy, seductive outfit “maybe she’s still in character”, one can see and feel the mind-blowing sexiness and confidence she exuded in her outfit, which covered very strategic places ‘strategically’ and showed off the parts that could be shown off to maximum effect!

We need more big budget and ambitious projects like this at least once every quarter on our annual calendar to always look forward to and to add vibe to the calendar too. That would mean 4 guaranteed blockbusters in the year at least. 


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