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Boyyyyyyyy eeeee our reputation as the biggest daddy Xmas precedes us all over the world. Nigerian men are known to all Africans as givers of the highest order, and can even be referred to as spendthrifts.

We know how to give girls of all colourations, sizes and body shapes a good time of the most awesome kind. So anywhere we go, we are the preferred by many distance.

That’s why in certain countries their men hates our men with a passion and would do whatever they can to take us out. We seem to have demeaned them, even their ladies see them as limp do@#s never do wells once Nigerian men come on the scene!

At a point in time, ladies from SA & Zim used to flood Lagos and Abuja looking for the proverbial golden fleece, many were so sure that if and when they come, they would not go back the same way they came, especially if they were beautiful and had the right shape and were willing to do all sorts. There were many who went back home and had become very rich. Many buying homes and driving awesome cars back where they came from and “Living Lavida Loca” and not looking back again.

Forget those 2 Indian-Canadian, who came, saw and conquered but now over did it and somewhat over stepped their boundaries and paid the price for their audacity.

The reigning champions now are the Gambians and Senegalese! There are these 3 in particular, led by an Halima, as that’s what she calls herself! Imagine that they are/were lodged at the Signature, where per night is not a joke by any standards whatsoever. From their temporary aboard though, they scan the horizon looking for a prey or preys to capture, their major spot is inside the same hotel area at that new convergence spot/place called Cross R…. When they spot what they are looking for, they see your dressing, check out your car and then pounce. Remember first and foremost they were brought in by someone else to satisfy their own cravings, all these they now do, are side jobs to earn more ob top while still waiting for the main man that brought them in whose own payment is guaranteed!

Halima that we first mentioned above, is a dark chocolate gorgeousness on fleek, with piercings all over, from the nose to the nips to the navel to the labi# etc, these girls are game for anything and everything and there game is to blow your mind up. Once you have fallen for their tricks you are done for, you must pay and will pay and through your nose. Reason being that what you would encounter, or what they would give to you would blow your mind.

Imagine that as soon as you have fallen, action starts immediately to get you in the mood, from the car alone they could grab your joystick to play with. Or if you had given out your number they could call you later asking to come meet you. As soon as one lands, she gets to the game grabbing your tool and heading you (going down on you) straight away, then as you are enjoying the whole deal getting near heaven or so it seem, she would suddenly and abruptly stop and ask what she would get, knowing fully well that you want the game to finish. Depending on what you want, they can do one or play tag or if you are crazy enough, play the game of number, 3 somes, 4 somes and the likes.

Mind you, you must pay oooooo. But the game is that, they wouldn’t act like call girls outright, you would be made to act all generous by yourself. If you dare to “chop the ponyo”, that’s the Bermuda triangle, the sacred hole and not deliver as expected, you might be in for a wrong experience on another date, where you could sleep off after the game most likely from your drink getting laced and then you are nearly, completely wiped out!

By the time you are dealt with, you might just have been cleared out! 


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