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Just imagine that you have a boyfriend, man-friend, husband, contract boyfriend, pre-paying Maga/ATM who you are totally into, who goes the mile or more for you all the time or most often, whenever you are in need of any form of assistance, in whatever ramifications he is there for you.

That kind of person, that you are so into who you cannot deny just about anything and after you both are so in sync and dotes madly on each other endlessly and have good sexual energy together, you both most often climbs to the “mountain of satisfaction”, back to the “valley of fun and enjoyment” together. The “game of lock and key” is what both of you always look forward to very very often as it is always “satisfyingly gratifying”, so much so that you always go to cloud 9 and back with much aplomb! He seems to know the key to your g-spot and knows how to stir the waters of your “Bermuda triangle”, that “sacred place of pleasure”, that “pleasurable watering hole” endlessly and expertly.

You are as giving as much as he is, but then you find out over time, that as much as he loves to travel round your “haven of pleasure” with gusto, so also he also loves to dig through your other canal which is used for waste with equal vigor! You had allowed it a point, because you thought why not, all parts of the body should be explored, including there too at least once or twice! But alas! You now notice he wants more from there always always!

Infact, you have noticed that he seems to be at the height of his pleasure when he is digging that particular spot!

Is he by any chance a “closet gay”? Is he still just operating under the cover and might move totally to that side of the divide soon? Or is he just having fun and just taking both holes with equal vigor and equality? Or is he operating under the principle of a hole, is a hole no matter the location! Someone recently said though that, once you pop that place, it just means that you can do it for any gender? The person’s argument is that, it is the one place that is like the same for both a man and a woman!

We have heard though of a suave, very dapper personage of influence in the current get go, whose one of his numerous girlfriends, is wondering why he always wants that from her!

Though she doesn’t necessarily mind that much, as she is getting sorted out fantastically, but she’s also wondering if it’s a sign of other things?

What says you all?  


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  • There's an evil spirit behind shagging the butt hole! Once a guys shags your butt hole, no going back! He desires it more often than the cunt! Why use the back door when it's always easier and right to use the front door!hmmmmmmm!

  • When a guy starts fucking your shit hole, you better run!!!!! You get infected easily with all sorts of STI, STDs , HIV and cancer!

  • I always cringe at the thought of a dick piercing my butt hole! Except if the size of the Dick is like my pinky finger, then I can handle it but if it's normal size of a dick, I can't! Once a dick breaks the seal in butt hole, it's over for the chick! It can't be undone! Hence, the wearing of diapers, pull ups!

    • Anon 1:48pm! We don't know you as one of the anonymous on this blog! So GTFOH! We know how we comment here and you seem off! We donate you to SDK or LIB!!!! Get far from here please!!!!!

    • Anon 1:53am! I support you on this one! 😁😁😁😁😁😂😂😁😁! Give it to that fake anonymous up there! I guess she didn't attend the meeting last nite! Savage! Oga oooooo, fake anonymous, be gone! 😀😀😁😁😁😁😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Lwkmd! A hole is a hole, but not all holes are equal. All the smart guys that don't want hoes as babymamas do this. The so called fantastically sorted (dumb n dirty) gf better keep some slush funds for designer fragrances, diapers and down low reconstruction for after she's tossed aside like toilet roll.

    • Which guy will fuck your butt hole and still wants to wife you? I love when a chick blows me and I suck her but I won't go crazier for her though! Deep down, I don't value such girl. I always respect any chick who turns me down when I ask for oral or anal sex! And yes, I'm one of the big boys on the island!

    • Wait… you are been judgmental right now @ anon 2:03… I don’t like butt hole things, it’s disgusting.. But don’t tell me ,you will judge a girl that gave u a blow job when you do the same thing.. A girl, might like you and go all out to give u a blow job that doesn’t mean she does it to every guy she meets.. Judge by heart and intentions not by what happened in the bed room. Unless, you are insecure in yourself!! Positive Vibe

    • BS! Once a chick blows me, even if I suck her, I don't value her one bit! So if she loves 3 other guys! Hence the blowing continues! I like when a chick turns me down if I ask for oral or anal! Why must you blow me when you're not my wife???????

    • That means ,no woman will value you when u go around giving every female you meet head job.. when the female is not ur wife!! Have you thought about mouth cancer?! Advance your thinking, bro!! It works two ways..

    • Hahahaha @ no woman will value you! These so called big boys are really having fun at single and desperate ladies expense! Don't blame them, blame the stupid ladies who feels these guys really like them!

    • There are lots of chick that will blow you before you even ask them yet I won't suck them! A lot of Nigerian ladies are so stupid! They copy everything the western world throws at them and even go extra mile to please men! I commend the smart ones among them who refuse to carry out such nasty act!

  • God forbid bad thing,I can't imagine some guy putting his d**k in my ass hole.even if u offer me millions or billions of dollars.


    • @BEE, we will use lubricants to make it less painful! Just joking dear! Guard your butt hole dear and no oral ok! You sound like a good girl!

  • @All the smart guys that don't want hoes as babymamas do this.
    Smart how? Why don't they wear condoms and get it over with. Now that is smart.

    The question I ask is that the day they don't see a woman's butt hole to plug and a man presents his butt hole for plugging, will they say no?

    I wonder how some women do it. There are also some female freaks who like doing anal.
    When you are tight in front, the option of doing it at the back which is even tighter is a big no!

    Long ago, someone called it the cult of the beast and it's a requirement in the occultic world. Hmm!!

    • A hole is not a hole oooooo! Then fuck the nose or ears also if you say that a hole is a hole! The kind of odor that comes out of the butt hole when the seal is off and it starts to leak! Hnmmmmmmm! Chicks be warned! Don't do it! It's not worth the money, I tell you.

    • Any guy who wants to Pierce your butt hole, tell him this: Fine but let us start with yours first, if you can take it, then I will oblige . You now insert a massive looking cucumber or plantains into his butt hole and watch for his expression! He bites his lower, push the veggie further! He makes a fist! Continue pushing till he shouts , Help! Help!

    • Anon 7:27am! You bad! 😁😁😁😁😁 I just painted a picture of your comment and I'm laughing so hard that other drivers are staring at me and wondering if I'm high!

    • Anon 7:27am! You're a killer in disguise! Haba! That's too much nah! 😁😁😀😀😀😀😀😂. Loving this blog like kilode! Anonymous! Please have a drink on me!

    • Oya ooooo! Obaro answer! I think Obaro does bottoms, doesn't blow guys! This English is for gay guys! Straight folks won't get it!

    • To ladies out there! Don't sleep with any big boy on the island without RUBBER! Most of them have the VIRUS! Be warned!

  • Hellllllll To The No!!!!! That isn't being a freak that is being down right nasty!!!

    If your go playing in shit hole, you gonna get shit on you so why would you want that if you are not a dirty nasty Dog in human body?

    Plsssss if my front isnt tight enough then leave me be……i can't fit shout!

    Naaaaaaaaaasty!!!!! Messes the butt hole surely to were poo just pours out oh shiiiiit. Imagine your underwear. Damnnnn people will do anything for money and fun. Next thing will be f..king the holes in the nose and ears as the two below wont be "tight" yo fada!!!

    • An enema is a douche for the backdoor. Still, the big boy will pop and go while the idiot is left in nappies. Ain't no money big enough…

    • The funny thing is that most of these big chicks on the island, slaying on Instagram that has no viable job are into it!

  • It’s not even worth it! Had one eleriibu bf then that was begging for it, I just told him “boy bye 👋 “ and took a walk. I heard you can’t stop once you start, I equally believe any man that engages in anal can shag a man also, he just wanna get in there.. That place wasn’t designed for sex, so there are consequences when it is used otherwise.

  • I’ve tried it before and it was hella painful and not sexy. I was curious and I knew the guy and I had a trusting relationship but I had no intention of it being long term. I simply cannot imagine that act occurring frequently in a long term relationship. Yuck. I’d rather be celibate.

    • I believe sooner or later, sex toys with full options will take over! We are getting there! Had a colleague who always have bite marks all over his body! When asked why the red marks? His answer is always, ' Had the best sex of my life with my girl! There you have it folks, we are revolving!

    • Please can anyone name a cream or lotion to bleach my butt? Wants name of product I can find in malls not street products. Thanks