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Tony & Dr. Elumelu

Day was Saturday, December 16, 2017. Event was the annual UBA end of the year/Xmas party. On the stage and the cynosure of all eyes was none other than banker extraordinaire, billionaire boss and chairman of Heirs Holdings, who also doubles as the Group Chairman of UBA Plc, Mr. Tony “MJ” ELUMELU. Party dress theme was disco era.

That he is a fan of the “king of pop, Micheal Jackson” is a known fact that’s well celebrated, but that he could and would channel the man who used to be known as the king of the stage, the dance machine, the ultimate performer, the man idolised the world over for his singing and equally incomparable dancing ability was both a shock and at the same time hilarious to the marrow!

The normally very suave, and quite reserved top notch businessman on the day and at the event shed the toga of the reserved gentleman and instead wore his dancing and magical shoes ala MJ at one of his shows. Elumelu fully channeled MJ in his dressing and even performing on stage to the delight of all.

Just imagine that the 54 year old businessman and philanthropist, even wore the one handed bejewelled glove and even the hat, MJ sometimes wore for his performance which he would now throw away; not just that TE even did the crotch grabbing move very synonymous with the “stage god”.

It was both fun and hilarious to the highest height. While Tony was the only one on stage at the beginning, others later joined him to reach the climax of the performance.

Kudos. If there was another job that the consummate banker could have excelled in and very well at that, it would have been entertainment. 


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  • Aloba! You're bad! So T.E is Tony! Mo Abudu's aha aha! Well! My own alter ego is Lady Gaga! So look out for me! RME

  • If Dicks looked like it's owner's face, I will Never fuck this guy ! I will hump a cucumber with eyes wide shut!

    • Tony! Nice try! But you look a bit stiff. Why not call Maje Ayida to be your personal trainer and get those muscles toned! It's just a suggestion Sir, you can afford him. Thank you Sir.

    • Dick you say? TE has the most Humongous Dick I have ever seen in my life. This guy is a womb shifter and vaginal wall deconstructor. Are you kidding me? My dear more like yam tubers than cucumbers ooooo. #ranformydearlife

    • @MatterForMartha eyaa most humongous in your life?, your stompers must not be well endowed…. relatively speaking that is.

    • @ Matterformartha! Some chicks can over exaggerate! You have not penetrated yet they are moaning! They see a lizard and they will shout Alligator! Abegi! Who humongous dick help???? Show us your cunt, then we will believe you!

    • Once again, Maje's name appears! This maje guy, your jazz man is working! Please introduce him to me! Pleassssssssssse!

    • Anon 3:46am! I don't want to see anybody's cunt oooooo! We believe the anonymous, case closed! Before a vagina is posted here with gray hair sticking out!

  • I watched the video and was just SMH! Very stiff and looked like one of those JJC guys.

    @Anonymous 10:39 PM – he looks better in person until he opens his mouth. LOL! So you have not heard his story? His dick does the talking and is quite an "aka gum." Maybe now, he's changed from being an "aka gum."

    These bank MDs/CEOs and Chairmen are just useless. They will be giving mistresses and lackeys bank loans which they cannot pay back, yet the genuine business men and women find it hard to get through the eye of a needle with their requirements. I think one exception is the GT Bank guy. The guy is hard.

  • I came to read comments here from my beloved anonymous and I must say, I'm not disappointed! These anonymous in this that keeps raising the bar! Ose ooooo! Thanks for making this blog lit for me! A.S

  • Wow so T.E has got a Big D!ck 😍. Knowing that is satisfying (visualization). Who else got a big D and knows how to use it?

    • Anon 4:38 PM I agree, he might have pushed her into it because he’s not servicing her and the woman didn’t want to expose him.
      Everyone knows he’s attracted to same sex. I can’t say too much but one big suspect/rumor in the office is the someone Snr in his bank is his partner.