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Pastor Tunde Bakare of Latter Rain Assembly

– 2018 would be the year that many political juggernauts would fall at the feet of women, in Nigeria.

-Women will break barriers in the fields of human endeavours globally in 2018.

The ground swell towards the next presidential election is getting more and more interesting as the day goes by, with many prominent Nigerians from around the country showing their intentions. One of the more recent one that just dropped the bombshell only a few hours ago is the Presiding Pastor of the Latter Rain Assembly, in the person of the fiery man of God, by name Pastor Tunde Bakare.

With his proclaimation, which he claims came directly from God, that might be a direct indictment that the administration of his friend and former running mate, President Muhammadu Buhari GCFR, who is the current President has disappointed and disappointed greatly at that. And he according to divine pronouncement might be taking charge soon instead of PMB. This predictions by the well respected man of God came about on Monday at his church during the “watch night service” heralding the new year. He spoke about 12 things which he claimed God revealed to him would occur in 2018. Ignore him at your own peril.

Hear him-

Pastor Tunde Bakare explained that God had not told him when the “appointed time” to run for the presidency would be.

“This twelfth one is a difficult one for me. It may draw excitement or condemnation. I have tried my best to keep it (to myself) but the Holy Spirit will not allow me to do so.

“In my study around 4am on Sunday morning, God told me ‘you cannot bring your political career to a close; there is still more to do. Run for the Presidency. I will do it at the appointed time,” the pastor added.

Bakare declared that he was unfazed by the daunting task that his aspiration might pose, expressing confidence that once the Lord had spoken, it was left for God to perform it.

“Joseph (in the Bible) did not contest an election; yet, he became the prime minister of Egypt. Why must I worry myself about where to get the resources for the task? Your own duty in this assignment is to pray along with me. When it is the appointed time, He (God) will do it. When He tells me the time, you will hear about it,” he stated.

Bakare added that most of the “political juggernauts” in the country would fall “at the feet of women in 2018.”

Though he did not mention names, the cleric said some of those seen at the moment as among the most powerful in Nigeria’s political space, would be “replaced.”

“In 1998, I told you that I saw your President dying between two women. Did it happen? I’m telling you again: some of these political juggernauts will fall at the feet of women and you will see it happen,” he said.

The pastor declared that 2018 would be a year when “women would break barriers in most fields of human endeavours both in Nigeria and globally”.

He explained that women would be in the forefront of most policy making decisions while also dictating the pace in the boardroom.


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