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Happy wonderful New year to you all. May all your aspirations for 2018 meet with favour and grace. May all of us that have begun the 2018 see the through till the end, hale and hearty and in great health. May it be a year of celebrations in all ramifications for us all!

We were at an event very recently, a very lively one at that with plenty to drink, champagne, whisky, brandy, cocktails etc and eat and loads of backslapping and conversation going on.

You all would have experienced how it is when alcohol is flowing endlessly without any form of restrictions and something to munch is also abundantly available and to crown it all, enough beautiful ladies, young and very impressionable at that, wearing some of those mind inducing outfits that leaves little to the imagination flowing and floating about. Young and not too old in different colours all about. Far more than the men at the party. Why they are always more than the men, is another topic for another day’s discussion!

In that kind of atmosphere you know different topics or issues would spring up and people would elatedly discuss without inhibitions especially as most would be controlled by alcohol induced slack tongues, so the question above was the topic that caught our own attention. Is s#x not just s#x? Is there really a difference between s@x, f@₦king and making love? Is it not just about inserting the key into the keyhole and opening the door? Is there really a special way that a door should be opened?

Just for us to add our own little Kobo, before the many women here like Fan, MBG, Palesa, Aproko, Lovecharm, GBG, Bee and all others and our very many “highly resourceful anonymouses” would help to put things in the right perspective, from the mind for a typical man, though we may be wrong, all 3 are the same, shag Na shag. The typical man just wants to get between that exalted middle portion, known as the island of discovery, he wants to swim in and then out. That “hallowed Bermuda triangle” is just in need of an action that the man believes he can provide, but for that action to now be addressed somewhat, for him is just totally crazy and preposterous.

So we have thought to bring the question to you wonderful people, is there really a difference between the 3? And of there be, what are these differences? Let’s teach those who don’t know, maybe these answers can save their relationships!  


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  • Aloba there's whole lot of difference, from my own view. Lovemaking is the best, takes you to cloud 9 and anytime you remember you just smile.

    Fuck and sex can be without emotions with any fucking person. It's done by ladies who need it for money, like Shina Peters sang "owo lowo eyin le".

    • A Ba nah, one can still fuck ones significant other and still get to cloud 9. The raw fuck you do in the back of your car or your friends toilet while attending their Xmas party. The dirty type of fuck. That doesn't mean it is about money. It could just be you are adventurous and mixing things up a bit. Not everything is lovemaking joor. In fact I prefer the nasty nasty type of sex.

    • A Ba nah, one can still fuck ones significant other and still get to cloud 9. The raw fuck you do in the back of your car or your friends toilet while attending their Xmas party. The dirty type of fuck. That doesn't mean it is about money. It could just be you are adventurous and mixing things up a bit. Not everything is lovemaking joor. In fact I prefer the nasty nasty type of sex.

    • Sex, fuck and lovemaking is just like plantains! Some folks like plantains boiled = Lovemaking ( healthy)
      Some folks like their plantains fried =Fuck( sweet but ….,)
      Some folks like their plantains roasted = Sex.
      Plantains can be eaten in different ways. The taste of the pudding is in the eating! πŸ˜‹

  • Aloba don't spoil us we are virgins oo lol
    Like gbogbo bigz girlz said,there's a whole lot of difference making is deep cos you do it with someone u love,comfortable and emotionally attached with.cos there will be a lot of kissing,smooching,sucking etc .
    Sex and fuck is like abeg do stand up and leave me lol,no connection.i prefer love making anytime jo.


  • It's this thing you're talking about during this harmattan. Some of us our husbands aren't around oooo. And some are even virgins, don't disvirgin them with this post. Hahahaha. I'll be back to read comments make una update comments sharp sharp.

  • Fucking is given by sugar daddy(s) and girls/women (old & young) available at the back and call of this men for excanhge of material things be it bags, school fees, rent, holidays, money, free apartments, etc

    Sex is for booty calls or okafors law= When a girl has no choice but keeps going back to an old boyfriend for sexual satisfaction

    Love making is for couple in a genuine happy relationship.

    • I beg to differ! I'm almost going crazy here! I'm married but had an fling with a lady I met a wedding! I love my wife but I can't seem to get over the side chick! My intention was to fuck her and go! But I'm stuck! The worst is the lady isn't interested in me anymore! She said, and I quote: it was just a one nite! I'm fine now! Please who says such? I've been begging her! For where! I can't sleep! I have fucked her like 20times in my dream!

    • πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜!________πŸ’€πŸ‘»πŸ‘»

    • Ntoor! Good for you! This is what they call, chop and hang! πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚! You go beg tire! You have fucked a mermaid!

  • All are SEX

    You can fuck or make love to anyone; partner or stranger. It’s all about the intention.

    Fucking is dirty and raw. It’s quick and fast and maybe no kissing. Dirty language is used and well as some butt slapping. Here you experience your pornstar ambitions.

    Making love is slow and intentional. Lots of eye contact, kissing, foreplay, there might even be music and you could even cuddle after.

  • But at times, you just want to fuck a woman but ended up loving her after the act! So is it still fucking or lovemaking???? I believe fucking is an act, lovemaking is carrying out the act(which is fucking) with emotions and sex is the same as act(fucking) but is a better word, cleaner word not vulgar like " Fuck!

  • A man makes love to his wife, fucks a side piece yet can't stop thinking about the side piece! What is that? Eh Aloba! Fuck and sex are all actions, lovemaking is putting emotions with the actions!

  • Most guys will say, I want to make love to you! Not knowing what it means! Ends up fucking you! But if a chick ever tells you that she wants to fuck you! My guy! That kind of woman will fuck you and that's it! No more! If you ever try her number again, it's out of network! Please! If you encounter such a lady, alert me! I want to be WOKE! πŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜‚!

  • Being modern has destroyed the real act called, Lovemaking! In the past, women were clean, real and smelt naturally! No too much chemicals and you can get down raw! Men were clean, engaging and smelt like real men!
    Now, we have women in all manner of fakes, all shaved down there! No single hair! Smelling like they were soaked in cologne, all in the bid to cover up their bleaching lotion odor! Fake hair, fake nails,no eyebrows, fitted yaki, hooligan lacefronts, ant butt with tiny thighs! Men in the other hand, using medications to stay longer and stand longer! Every hole in the body of a woman is toured! Men now eat butts and women same! Disgusting! Fruits and vegetables have suffered in the hands of some women while animals have endured a lot from the men!I rather remain in the past and guard myself!

  • Sex is the general term for fuck and love making, sex is any form of intimate penetration either oral or genital sex.

    Fuck is the one without emotions. Done when on heat, with anyone, under any circumstance. Infact it is meant to satisfy the urge and nothing more.

    Lovemaking is the one that's done with emotion, starts with intimate talks, foreplay and ends with a feeling of ecstacy. No man makes love to any woman anyhow, they only make love when they've deeper emotional feelings.

    If a man really loves you, even the quick sex and rough sex will be called quickie lovmaking and experimental lovemaking.

    Also partners can start with fuck but once the deep emotion is developed, it becomes lovemaking. One can also start off with lovemaking and when the love withers away it becomes fuck.

    If anyone needs sex tips for a happy marriage, reply my comment.

  • Sex is the one in between fuck and love making. Fuck is the reckless one without tender loving care and love making is the one with tender loving care. With love making your body will still be sweeting you hours after the act and when you remember the act you smile.

  • Aloba! Why does it take forever to load comments and post???? Eh? Please change! This is new year oooo! I just love this blog! So addictive!