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Hon. Omosede Igbinedion

Mr George Tawlon Manneh Opong Weah incoming President of Liberia

Minds have since gone into overdrive with the thoughts of maybe or maybe not whether the incoming first lady of the Republic of Liberia that former gem blessed West African country where the late leader for life Samuel Doe and the convicted criminal Charles Taylor reigned supreme for several years, would be a Nigerian?

Not only are the thoughts centred on whether the 1st lady would be a Nigerian, but whether it would be that most eligible of bacholorettes and mother of one from Benin in Edo State in the person of Honourable Omosede Igbinedion, the big boned daughter of the Great Esama of Benin, a member of the House of representatives of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and younger sister of the former Governor of the same state in the person of Lucky Igbinedion!

For those who might not have known, the incoming Liberian President, Mr. George Tawlon Manneh Opong Weah, who was an award winning and very celebrated footballer, in fact he was so renowned then, that he became a world’s best then (the only African till date to have gotten the accolades), winning the Ballon D’or and World Footballer of the year in his hey days, where he played for the likes of Monaco, Marseille, PSG, AC Milan, Manchester City and Chelsea amongst several clubs. Mr Weah was a major item with OMOSEDE then.

Both were said to have loved each other wondrously and enjoyed each others company so much then that, why the relationship didn’t end in marriage still baffles everyone. According to those that knew both together they were so in sync, that what should have happened then was for both to have become a Mr & Mrs, but alas that never happened, but they both still remained best of buddies, supporting each other and celebrating each others achievements as they happen.

Thereafter their whirlwind relationship ended then, Omosede went on to marry the Benin Prince-Prince Akenzua in a wedding of the season event, but that celebrated marriage didn’t last more than 2 years. Both husband and wife have since gone their separate ways, though they both have one son between them, who himself was a subject of some form of controversy at his school at the tail end of last year caused by his doting mom.

So now that Mr. WEAH is the incoming President of Liberia and with the way the former Princess Omosede Akenzua now back to her maiden name of Hon. Omosede Igbinedion celebrated and sang to high heavens that awesome achievement, many are thinking whether the love between the 2 unrepentant lovebirds might have been ignited massively again and that maybe it’s no more as platonic a relationship as it had become after they both parted ways and that maybe Omosede might rival the Jamaican wife & mother of the kids of the retired footballer now President to be, to become the new 1st lady of Liberia.

Would that be the case? We await to see how it would all pan out at the end of the day. 


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    • This woman is a big fat opportunist. Typical Nigeria ways of doing things. They never showed any picture of the person or talk about until that person get a good position or married good ( aka Jennifer Polo flaunting the Whorelori then) and Funke Fowler all of a sudden flaunting VP daughter as Cousins. The issue that I have with this is because they never mentioned the person or shows their pictures together on the SI until when they either get a good position or they married good. Just shows that success has many families but failure is an orphan. Fake ass bitches

  • Abeg if George is sensible make he run away far away, Omosede will cause another civil war in Liberia by the time shes done, the girl is spiteful, confusionist, gossip, malicious and insecure, he better look for an elite Liberian babe to marry or stay with his wife,even a village girl in Liberia is better than this Iya Akapti

  • At Anon 5.47 pm You forgot to add that she is a fat, no brainer and vain little piece of shit that she is where she is because of her father.

    • At 5.47 and MatterForMartha. She is an opportunist. Those kids from supposedly rich family were the ones that runs after deep pocket men. They are worst than regular folks.

  • Sorry your father did not help your life. I pray to be a blessing to my children and them to me. she is fat, no brainier(mumu ode! I guess you are trying to say she's of low intelligence. That's why your father should have spoilt you and sent you to good school so you know that 'no brainer' does not mean a person with no intellect) and she's vain, who isn't. Stop with the hate!

    • @Anon 9.10pm. STFU. You are nothing but a big fat fool with no common sense. Omosede need to get her own man and stop running after married men. Sorry I have forgotten that she is a spoilt brat than no man worth his onion will love to marry as the only wife

  • At 9.10 pm Hello Omosede is that you? Hopefully you will be able to stand on your own if and when you father is gone. First and foremost, you have nothing that will make me to either hate or be jealous of you. My father sent me to school and also taught me about the importance of hard work which I'm not sure you have. I went to school and climbed my way up in my career hrough hard work and not because of my last name or any godfather unlike you. I have also been married for over 25 years with 3 kids despite being a career woman unlike you that couldn't keep your marriage for 5 years. Look at you that your father spoilt you still running after a deep pocket married man and flaunting your relationship with the man. You have no moral compass. Never mind i have forgotten that your father is the former policeman Igbinedion of dubious character that got rich through a dubious means. You are nothing but a spoilt, vain, superficial with no moral compass. And PS. You might need to shed some of those fat for health reasons

    • @11.36. Wow!!! You touched every points. Thanks for your well said response. She is not only a Buffon but also a fool running after married men. Shameless opportunist. And this is one of the House of Reps members in Nigeria? Only in screwed up country will such nonsense happens.

    • Aloba, this s for you. Why did you create this mess? From the write up, the President is already married so why will he or how will Omosede be his wife and First Lady? You just want wahala on top this woman matter.

  • This is such a stupid post and Its very disrespectful to the man's wife. Everyone has an ex so why is this coming up? Stupid stupid.

  • This lady is pretty but fat sha
    Hmmm if she decides to marry George weah that means she has no shame ooo,fair weather women everywhere.


  • Omosede is shamelessly attaching herself to success, it's so amusing to watch. Even when he was contesting for president she never openly mentioned him but once he became one of the two who needed to do a run off she now remembered he was a friend. It's so desperate and shameless.
    Asba must be pleases by these turn of events though.