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We need to always look for and to celebrate in this part of the world, achievements and things that counts and that really makes sense. Not always about such people and such acts that do not edify nor inspire others, but people and actions that says and markets hardwork and perseverance as positive things.

So we have made up our mind, that we would from now on allow our platform to celebrate those kind of positive achievers, who can also positively inspire others to do the right and correct things. We would do our best to educate and inform, while also at the same time exposing what needs to be exposed.

The young lady here by name “Veronica Ebiweni Omofoma” at just 28 is a genius from Nigeria that is worth celebrating to high heavens for all the right things.

She studied for her 1st degree in “Electrical Electronic Engineering” at the University of Hull in the United Kingdom, where she came out with a “First-class degree” and she even graduated as the “best overall graduating student at the University. Then she went on immediately to do her Master’s, with a distinction in Petroleum Geophysics and Underwater Science at the London Imperial College, not yet done, she went further at still at her young age of 28 and she already has her PhD too!

Now that she’s done with all the academics, we are too sure that she has the universe in front of her as her oyster. This is one extraordinary trailblazer in the making set to take over the world and we are happy to celebrate her and others like her.

Thanks to Alibaba the king of comedy, for bringing her to our attention!


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