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We think maybe we are gradually becoming some sort of “Agony Aunt” this days, with the kind of things we get sometime, that we are asked and begged to publish or post. Imagine the above and after looking very well at it, we have posted the request below, the young lady is especially waiting for you good people to respond and help out.

I have been married now for about 2 and half years, it’s been fun galore all of the 2 and half years, some sort of rollercoaster of emotions. My husband is loving, caring, very nice, quite responsible and a good dad to our only daughter.

I am a young, beautiful, curvaceous, slightly tall and very sexually active lady, who loves my husband to a fault. We enjoy a good relationship on all counts, especially a very healthy s#x life, I love the game I wouldn’t lie and my husband serves me well, I wouldn’t really complain, but with a little snag though, I really, very much so at that enjoy give heads and enjoy getting it in return too, in fact, I had become quite very good at it before getting married, only for me to get married now and nothing of the sort at all now!

I love it when good quality time is given to munching my carpet before the real deal itself is now activated. Getting my oyster well attended to allows my juice to flow and I then become a potty to be shaped anyhow the potter wants. I always always look forward to it!

I forgot to add that my husband is a hunk of a dude who always gets a lot of female attention even when we go out together. He is very good in other aspect of the game only that what I love to high heavens- a good bout if head he doesn’t give at all, he has never even attempted it. What’s going on? Is it a bad thing to give or love getting a head? Is it something that’s is frowned upon in a marriage in this parts? Can I demand for it without making it an issue? Are the different religions against it? Is the “head”  itself not a part of show of love for one you love and trust?

I want to ask my husband but I don’t want to look like a wanton or something else.

Now that you have read what was sent to us, we would want to ask our own question, is it against any of our religions to give and take heads? On a normal scale is there something particularly bad or disgusting about it? 


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  • After 1 week's absence? We your loyal fans have been waiting for hot tea, instead you went into your dustbin to bring out this empty pure water sachet,,, that some few drops still remain inside for us your readers to drink as tea,,? Aloba why now?

  • Aloba, tell us NOW. What is the problem? Is it Time, Data, No ☕️ tea that is your problem? We need to fix it
    You can’t keep going MIA

  • I enjoy a good head! Receiving and giving is very pleasurable to me🤤. Not withstanding, you have to be comfortable with your partner to enjoy it. I personally don’t see anything wrong with it.

    • A handsome big boy on the island ate my pussy and I blew him! 😁😁😁😁! If people get to know this big boy on island, they won't believe that he can carry out oral sex! Yes, he's married! I couldn't believe he would lick my cunt till he did! I'm grateful though!

    • Please ladies! I mean the good and clean ladies! Don't ever kiss any big boy on the island anymore! From this anonymous post, she couldn't believe that the big boy could lick her! So be careful ladies! *Pukes!

  • @anonymous said u are cray lolz but aloba is true oo after a week absence na wetin u carry come be this.
    Madam you don't have a problem abeg so na to receive head be your problem,may God not allow you see problem in your marriage oo.well,talk to your husband about it.there is nothing to be scared or ashamed of.he is supposed to be ur bestie.


  • @anonymous said u are cray lolz but aloba is true oo after a week absence na wetin u carry come be this.
    Madam you don't have a problem abeg so na to receive head be your problem,may God not allow you see problem in your marriage oo.well,talk to your husband about it.there is nothing to be scared or ashamed of.he is supposed to be ur bestie.


  • Madam! Sorry to burst your bubble but your hulk husband is probably doing it with someone else! He doesn't want to do it with you so that you won't think he's into that! I'm a guy so I know a bit ok!

  • It's nasty to me! Giving head, eating pussy etc! Nasty! You can enjoy sex without been dirty! There's nothing clean in BJ or Eating pussy medically! Why do it!

  • Aloba is into porn now! From tossing salad or rimming, dog invasion, two dicks no bitch to this!*Deep sign! Aloba bring better gist and stop all these nasty post! Sheesh! You horny! Na joke oooo! I Luv You, Aloba

  • Ladies! If your boyfriend suggests oral sex! Decline please! I'm not old fashioned but there are lots of virus and bacteria found in those areas which should never come in contact with your mouth or eyes!

  • Why would I want to eat any pussy at all? 😷😷😷😷! No matter how clean or how good or rich a lady is, I can Never, Never eat pussy! And yeah, I'm a big boy on the island!

  • Aloba! But your emoji said it all! Any guy who eats pussy is dirty! Clean big boys don't eat pussy! Yeah, we get to enjoy bj from time to time but give kudos to chicks who turn down our request for bj! Don't kid yourself! No guy is going to wife you if you blow him from now till eternity except he is jazzed by you!

  • Madam, have a talk with your hubby! It's not that complex! He is your husband, lover and friend so it should be easy! Abi! When he's not your father, so don't fret! Talk to your husband!. Aloba! Please post juicy gist here! This is not Hints magazine!

  • I can tell from the post the woman is well "Enlightened" in the bedroom Dept. Your hulk hubby is equally enlightened! Ask him about your sex cravings and get back to us mbok! This is not a pressing topic! Until someone gets halitosis, then una go hear word! Rubbish! Oral sex purge you there! You better go to church!

  • Before oral sex came into play, wasn't sex enjoyed and appreciated in the old fashioned and normal way! Madam, hope you be willing and ready for BJ.

  • How do you give head without smelling the butt hole? Everyone knows that no matter how clean the pussy and butt hole looks, the butt hole has its own smell! Fela sang about it! So madam that wants to be licked, you better go to bed my friend! O ro ri ru !

    • Try pouring liquor on the cunt or whip cream! You won't smell nada! You can even chew the vulva ! Yea! I give good head!

    • You will be amazed that some guys get turned on by the smell of the butt hole! Yep! It's called,'Fetish! Without the smell, no action! When I mean smell, not rotten fish smell but natural butt hole smell! *Pukes! 😷😷😷💀👻

    • Anon on chewing vulva! If you can chew a lady's vulva, then her nipples are gone! You now use same mouth to kiss your other girlfriends! Why won't there be high rate of STD and STI! Eh?

  • All these post from Aloba is just making me horny as hell! In my duvet, no boyfriend yet pretty and in my mid thirties! Uk can be fucking lonely! Need to be fucked like hell right now! Fucking cold!

  • Aloba, you think you can vanish and then reappear with fxxk story to catch our attention. Don't start your vanishing without apology attitude this year, infact don't vanish at all.

    • Noooooo! This is not an escort site! Let's keep it strictly for serving tea i beg! Before chicks start getting pregnant here oo!

    • Organise a meet up for singles????? Where??? Hope you know that a lot of BV don't reside in Nigeria! There are BV in Europe, North America, South America , Asia and even on the moon! So how is it possible? Please kill that idea and leave it on serving us good ☕!

  • Not the anon that is lonely. MBG, I care for one pls and I'm from Nigerdelta as well. I'm divorced caused by DV and ready to mingle. Which Nigerdelta tribe are they?

    • Just now! now! Anonymous has gotten ID! Hmmmmmm! What pussy will cause in this life eh! 😁😁😂😁😂😂😂😂

    • Madam Nigerdelta! You better maintain your lane and leave all these fuck boys and gym guys alone! They have nothing pleasant to offer except to fuck you and go to the next available cunt! No feelings whatsoever ! Except you're game and don't expect feelings, then enjoy!

    • Hahahaha! Kojo with the golden dick???? But truly he got lot of mouth on him! With that mouth, he can suck out your whole uterus, fallopian tube and ovaries while heading you! The guy na vacuum cleaner!

    • I have to go under anonymous here! Kojo and I had a little thing before he got married and I've to admit that he does have a sweet dick! Big, long, well circumcised! And he can make love ! Great foreplay! Miss him when it snows here! Never enjoyed love making till we met! He's not a selfish lover!

    • That's a big exaggeration, you probably heard his gist. His dick is only big for his stature. And his foreplay isn't great, he only last long. When you talk big long fine dick, talk Obaro. We inner caucus have seen their sex tapes before.

    • I can imagine how awkward his dick will be btw his thin legs like that of kwashiokor. The way his mouth and eyes looks on his face. Iyanma, abasha-pukes.

      Inner caucus…hmmmm

      And you anon you better go test for that big V.

    • Mama BG is it true what anon 11:33 is saying. Make una confess so we go stop dey mess your lover boy as per you be our MM landlady 😁😁😁😁

      Cos of Obaro's comments here, he's mellowed down. Up MM blog.

      Mr Aloba pls start a singles thread. Let God use you to make some of us married this year.

    • MBG! Kojo was passionate and foreplay was tight! He made mad love to me! I don't know who is obaro! I don't need to lie besides , I'm not Nigerian! Anon! Check for what????? I have no virus! I'm healthy and there's nothing wrong with me!

    • Wow @ MBG!!!!!! Big fine dick! If you had said ,big dick! Then it's okay but you said, FINE! Wow! I'm starting to believe or think, you guys must've dated or some sort! Wow! Heard that a member of his caucus was introduced to drugs by the caucus and the family is mad as hell! The member is one fine lad! Used to be a ladies man but married now! Also a dad! Responsible too! Disease free!

    • Obaro, mellowed down???????? 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁! The fear of MM blog is the beginning of wisdom! That's good! The mum will be proud! Obaro, the ginger! I wonder where his squad are today!

    • Anon 6:57pm! Is it ladi or olaolu? Hmmmmm! These boys are no more boys now! They are men and father's! Please they should live like one! Why drugs? Life is good to them, why do drugs?

  • Nothing bad in Aloba starting a singles thread. Not everytime tea serving, let him touch lives more positively.

    Anon needs to follow up hence the ID. Lol

    My guys are no longer fuck boys, they need serious relationships. Their tribes Efik, Ibibio, Calabari, Ibani, Isoko, Ijaw.

  • My ex used to give me head even when I was on my period. The man is now like mumu. Does and gives whatever I need when I do. Couldn’t marry him as he has kids with different women. We won’t talk for 6mths I’ll message him and say I need N1m loan and I get the alert in 10mins. So strange because he is generally a stingy man.

    • Even on your period! You must be a dirty girl! Why allow such! * Cringes! Forget the money issue! You're a pig! Damn!As a guy, that guy's is finished! What's going on with ladies, these days?????? WTH! * PUKES!

    • You let a guy head you while bleeding! Nasty! Real nasty! Why??? What sort of girl are you?? My God! You're not a clean person at all!

    • Most times I'm always tucked in my duvet when I'm on my period! Sex is the last thing on my mind! Just want to be left alone with my hot tea and painkillers!

  • So Mama borngirl! These stupid boys have sex tapes? Hmmmmmmm! If it is on their phones, God help them the day they will step into the states and their phones need to be checked, they will know that water can be Hot or Cold! As a guy, I don't get the hype attached to these guys! Rubbish!

  • Yes! Yes!! Yes!!! Obaro has fine dick, I'm a woman and I can admire fine men and fine dick if I see. Afterall men too admire beauty in women 😁😁😁

    But the truth is that I saw the dick in a tape, he wasn't the only one in the tape, but of them all he has finest dick. Just as breast dey dey kampe, dick too dey dey kampe 😁😁😁

    I have never dated him nor had sex with him in my life, him or any member of their caucus. I've known them all for at least 27 years and when we were younger and should've done that, my "eyes were too open" saw them as chewing gum boys.

    The sex tapes were done with camcorder and transferred to laptops. Got it via email. Just last year was going thru my old email and still saw it there. And NO NO NO I'll not be sending to anyone, I know where to draw the line when it comes to gist!!!

    • You saw all the whole crew dicks????? MBG! Easy now! So they all stripped doing what? Comparing dicks or what? I prefer Shola's dick any day and any time!

    • What year was these sex tapes done? Just curious! I don't need the tapes, just the year, please! I'm not a hacker!

    • Mama Born Girl! Are you saying that there is a sex tape with Obaro and his squad butt naked, holding their dicks shouting," This is my rifle, this is my dick???? Or all the crew having an O…..? Eh! Mama BornGirl? Because I don't understand! Which year was the tape released? Name the producer, editor, sound manager and director! Please. Thank you,

    • But these guys are old now! All old and bald! Please, the youth are in Vogue joor! Out with the old, in with the new! The young shall grow, the old shall ……! They got no game joor!

    • We are not interested in the sex tape! The guys are old! They should be in nursing homes by now, collecting pensions! They ran a dirty race!

  • Not the whole crew, just few of them having sex in same room or suite. Few of them still have intact brain and won't do such.

    For the one who wants to know the year, are you scared you're there? Don't worry the tape is in safe hands.

    Who likes Shola's dick, that one can't fuck to save his life. Like f like s…

    Leave Olaolu abeg, you know white women don't condone cheating.

    I'm sorry am not available, that bikini stuff happened pre motherhood. My first daughter is married, so imagine my present bikini look. Lol.

    • Mamaborngirl! You didn't finish the gist! Like f like s…..! Means what? So olaolu is taken for good! Sniffs! Miss him though! Gonna tattoo his face on my boobs!

    • 😁😁😁😁😁😁 @ Can't fuck to save his life! But my cousin fucked him and enjoyed it! Or was she making it up! Anyways! Women can over exaggerate at times!

  • Cheers 🍷🍷🍷to you all. Will like to take a break from this their fuck/dick stories.

    Aloba, aside a singles thread. I'll like a thread on wedding planners and vendors. I'd experience with them last year, most of them are IG good, thrash in real life.

  • @ Mama borngirl! When next you're in the states, holla at your guy, ghost anonymous! I want to take you out! Luv you to bits!