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Come February 7, 2017 one of Nigeria’s and Africa’s most famous and most well recognised actress/entertainer would clock the new beginning of life, as she would hit 40 year old.

The elated mother of 4, who has rode the crest of success all of these years and made a good mark in her chosen career and has gotten world recognition from it, has planned that hitting 40 wouldn’t just go like that. From all indications she has planned that the event leading to her birthday and the birthday itself would be all of 5 wonderful days of events after another.

Omotola known for her awesome shape, which is why she’s referred to as Omo-Sexy announced on her Instagram account how the month of February would be Lit!!!!

From the day 1 which is the 7th, the actual day of her birthday, it’s tagged “Give and Let’s Give to the Widows & Orphans” to day 5, it would be a gradually increasing crescendo of events, the 5th has been earmarked as the “Omosexy Grand ball”, which is expected to be 5-stars in rating by all standards. We expect that the guests list of invitees would be a mixture of the stars, celebrities, top Government functionaries, top businesspeople both men & women etc.

Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde, was born on February 7, 1978. She made her film/movie debut in 1995 as a young prodigy, making this year 2018 her 2 decades plus years in the industry. In her 23 years she has appeared in 300 films, has sold several millions and has carted home several awards both at home and International to show for her dedication to the arts.

She is married to Captain Matthew Ekeinde, and they both have 4 kids between them, oldest-Princess being 20 going 21 and the youngest-Michael 15 years old going 16.

Congratulations to one of Africa’s best, infact the only Nigerian ever named in Times Magazine 100 most influential in the world and a great friend of the house.


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    • Omotola's shape is 88! Mehn! Too big! Haba! Work on your hip and thighs! Anyways, captain is not complaining 😏

  • Suddenly all of them are now claiming 40yrs, let’s see if Genny will follow suit. They are all tired of the stagnancy ages they’ve been claiming since they entered and passed their 30’s. Happy β€œ40th” baiday in advance oo.

    • 11.57 AM Of course they are sponsoring the party. She doesn't have it like that to throw such party with 4 kids in schools. And the bleached skinned husband will be tagging behind her like a dummy

    • Omotola doesn't need coded guys but MAJE AYIDA to fix her up! She can afford him, just contact him and make him your personal trainer! You will look tight in no time!

  • Finally this madam don agree to be 40 years.happy birthday in advance ma.what's this 40 years trend with celebrities sef?them don tire to claim 30.mtchew.


  • Finally this madam don agree to be 40 years.happy birthday in advance ma.what's this 40 years trend with celebrities sef?them don tire to claim 30.mtchew.


  • It's standard practice for Nigerian women/actresses to lie about their age. Look at Caroline Danjuma claiming 28, yet was married for 10+ years and has been separated from Musa for 2+ years! That meant they got married when she was 15/16. So her parents allows a 50+ year old man date a 13/14 year old?!!
    At least let the lie be plausible!!

  • She is really turning 40, she went to my primary school chrisland primary and she was a year ahead of my brother who is turning 39 this year!

    • Anon 7:15pm! That doesn't say her age though! Your brother can be turning 39 and omotola turning 44 so shove it! If truly she is 40 as claimed, then that's not good! Because she looks way, way older! What happened? Too much runz????

    • If Ifeoma Williams can celebrate 43rd birthday last year, how can this old whale claiming sexy octopus be 40! Ko possible now! Abi????? Omotola, please what did you eat that blew you up and aged you like this?????

    • πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚@ sexy octopus! Anonymous! You bad! Aloba! Please have a drink on me! 🍸🍹🍷🍻🍺

  • @anon 7;15 And so?what if she is older than your brother or did your brother tell you he saw her birth certificate? ITK

  • Maje dearie, your attention is needed here ooo! Come and be omotola's personal trainer! I trust you will do a good job! Send the bill to me!

  • It's no news that Omotola got married at 18. Her first child is 20 going on 21. Her age adds up perfectly and you hating ass jobless old hags on this blog are just jealous you didn't do more with your youth. Happy birthday in advance Madam Omosexy. Those hips are so wide haba. Not my spec but I guess Mr Captain is happy so my opinion on specs doesn't matter.

    • STFU! Mathematician! Feeling cool with yourself?????! Tales by moonlight! Omotola looks OLD for 40! Now! Hang!

    • Something is always paining you this particular anonymous.she looks old yet she is finer and better than you.richer too o!i am 100%sure!OMOTOLA IS 40 YEARS OLD NTOOOOOO!

    • STFU! Butt hole! Finer and richer???? You wish! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚! Mudafucker oshi! You must think I'm in naija! If you see me, you will beg to lick my vagina! Butt hole! Scum! Raccoon! OMOTOLA is 65yrs old! Now kill yourself! Rubbish! Bring it on! Ewii

    • Kikikikikiki@ balmbalm! Omo ale jatijati. Don't come for any anonymous here oooo or we will finish you! Leave our anonymous alone! They make this blog lit!

    • Thunder fire your left butt there! Anonymous is right! At least even you @ balmbalm agree that she looks old! Case closed! You will be amazed that BV are wealthy and beautiful! Don't say what you don't know! Anonymous, please continue!

    • Balm balm! What do you mean by, particular anonymous? You must be an idiot! We are many here! Legion! GTFOH! What are you feeling like? You think most anonymous live in Nigeria? You must be a bent fool!

    • Who is this fish smelling cunt@ balmbalm calling out on our anonymous? Ntooor kill you there! Olosho! No customer Tonite?

    • See the childish insults you all are throwing at yourselves and your lineage.until we see your pics then we will judge.omotola is a sweet girl!!!sweeter,fresher,hotter,finer than you all combined forever and ever!if u had enough fire post ur pics but NO fear will not let you.i dont want to see you sef its not by force.lick ur ass urself.disgoo like u all!
      See them ur not in naija and so!im sure your typing from libya or one basement in the "ABROAD"
      Wretched people all of u!tuehhh
      Fyi i dnt talk to local yoruba speaking people.Go and look for your fellow ratchet mates.ntoooooo!

    • Anonymous always remember omotola is better than you.deep down you know thats y its paining u this way.only her height and hips has diminished your value and existence!plus she has a hubby that lovess her and beautiful kids.inshort omotola vs anonymous=100-0 till infinitum.okpoo

    • @Balmbalm! You don't speak Yoruba??? So speaking Yoruba is razz! You're an IDIOT! I'm sure you do runz together! Wall gecko bragging! With your Napoleon complex, you're nothing but SHIT! What are you feeling like? Smello! You said lineage! So shall it be for you! Ewii! Bleeding butt hole! You better get tested!

    • 😁😁😁😁😁! Her height and hips! That every Tom, dick and harry has climbed! Idiot! Celebrating runz! Attachee for life! Old woman claiming 40!

  • @anon 7;12
    if you like bang your head against the wall it won't change Omotola's outward aesthetics and the fact that 1.she is over 40 and 2.she actually looks over 40.
    People who know her and grew up with her when her late dad was the Manager of Lagos country club ikeja confirms she is older than 40 between 43-44yrs old

    • Thank you Anon! Don't mind that anon with tales by moonlight story! It's even worse if she is actually 40! Because she looks 55yrs old! So isn't better to claim older! She got married at 18, gave birth at 20, started runz at 21! And there you have it! Omotola is 55yrs old!

    • Anon! Forget it, you maybe 40yrs old but omotola is 55years old! When they won't give the body break! Too much RUNZ!