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Shade Okoya

James Onanefe Ibori, Major Gen (rtd) Ike Nwachukwu

His annual birthday celebration has become an annual/yearly to be at shindig that those worth their salt must make sure to attend.

So as soon as January of every new year comes, those that are in the count prepares themselves to attend what they have termed an “annual ritual”.

This year’s edition was to celebrate the 78th year on earth of the great industrialist who have made a great name for himself and has become an icon of from the grass to grace narrative.

This edition was an “all white everything shindig”. If not that the guests wore whites too, one would have thought that the party was an exchange of marital vows between Alhaji Razak Akanni Okoya and his stylish wife, Folashade Okoya, better known as Shade. One of Shade’s gorgeous outfit was like a beautiful wedding dress and she herself was looking like a gorgeous Cinderella, who knows very well she’s the heartbeat of the man of the moment, Chief Okoya.

As expected the party had in attendance the people that makes parties count in Lagos, likes of Otunba Subomi Balogun and His wife, the Erelu, also property czar Olu Okeowo and wife, HRM Oba Dr Adedapo Tejuosho Karunwi III and his 3 wives, former Governor of Delta State who was later convicted, James Ibori, retired Major Gen Ike Nwachukwu, Prince Samuel Adedoyin, Iyalaje Toyin Kolade, Joko Oni, Lanre Tejuosho, APC Women leader Kemi Nelson, Aremo Segun Oniru, Chief and Chief Mrs Mike Inegbese, Demola Summer and so many wonderful others.

More after the break.

Iyalaje Toyin Kolade, Joko Oni, Kenny St. Brown & guest

Olu Okeowo & wife

Alhaja Okoya & the Iyalaje, Toyin Kolade

Chief & Chief Mrs Mike Inegbese

Chief Mrs Kemi Nelson & Chief Mrs Sade Okoya

Akinsiku of Lagos, Oba Dosunmu & Aremo Segun Oniru


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    • Why doesn’t the first wife upgrade herself and tun rase? I listened to his interview on bisi olatilo youtube at same party and he said all credit goes to Shade for giving him “comfort in the right places”. Alhaji just dey look so?

    • Who told Sade that the party is her white wedding day? She has gotten it wrong many times but this dress and that stupid hairpiece makes her look like one of those wedding at Las Vegas. Poor thing

  • Awwwwwwww! Happy birthday to Mr and Mrs Okoya!! The first wife is still more pretty than shade! But she looks unhappy! Where are his children and grandchildren?

    • At 2.13 PM. She does look unhappy and her children cannot wait for their father to die and deal with Sade and her jazz. Sade over the top is way too much and her dress here is way off for the occasion.

    • She looks unhappy because her granddaughter has taken over her husband life. Sade is the one enjoying all she suffered for with her husband.

    • I understand that he's a muslim and can have 4wives but doesn't the Koran say, you must show and love them all equally????? The main woman who help build the empire is tucked away and behind while the gold digger is celebrated! That's not right! Women! Be wise! You can't labor in vain! May God Almighty crown all Honest and hardworking women with great success, Amen.

    • At Anon 2.14 PM. Yes it looks like Sade's wedding. With all her over the top dressing with over accessorized jewelry, wish she can speak good English. She couldn't speak a correct sentence even I'd her life depends on it. Foolish girl

  • Sa ra! A renewal of vows or a renewal of their association? Or both?

    Is that Kofo Adebutu in pink?

    When there's no photoshop, this happens.

    LOL @Iyalaje Toyin Kolade, Joko Oni, Kenny St. Brown & guest. The LOL is at the guest!

    • Yes that's Kofo Adebutu in pink. When you compare her picture here to that of BMpro you'll know the power of Photoshop.

    • Kofo Adebutu looks good here compared to all the others.

      I have noticed that anytime Alhaja Okoya is around, Sade never smiles.

    • At Fan. If Sade likes let her hug transformer because that is Alhaja house that she built with her husband and she is going to be beside him for life. Sade is a very mean girl acting with the man in public like Alhaja doesn't exist which is not fair and hope she get what she deserves if and when the man pass away

  • The photographer of this event is very mean! Horrible pictures! Not flattering at all! They should have filtered the pictures a little!

  • Happy wedding anniversary to shade and Happy birthday to chief Okoya! Is shade light skinned or dark skinned! Which ever way,the make up artist is wicked! Horrible make up! Love her bag and second dress!

  • Lady shade is not aging well, is it stress or that other thing? I’m sorry but she reminds me of an ostrich 😳

    • Sade that cannot speak good English. Wish she can use some of those jewelry money to get a life coach. Saw her interview on you tube and i cringed. No wonder she doesn't speak in public. As in Very bad

  • Aloba pls can you investigate d latest gist btw toke and Ernest Azudialu of nestoil.SDK carried it in her rumour has it. Adonbilivit

    • Yes SDK said Toke was going out with Nesto oil and not Baba Fadeyi which I don't believe. Is only an old man like Baba Fadeyi that can give hypocrite Toke such money to finance her fake ass vain lifestyle

    • Look, I think Toke is fucking all the billionaires on Ikoyi Close-male and female. The olosho has no shame or restrictions. I think she drove by one day and decided, she too wants to make it and the only way up for her is to fuck her way up; her Style from her unilag days. Her punani done try. I feel sad for her-no man that googles her name would ever settle for her. They will give her money but she has no dignity or respect left- these are what are really valuable.

    • 3.23 AM. Who the hell is Sade again? And who is holding her hand? Take several seat back as the man is dying soon and will see her true color

    • Anon 6:39am! Did you read what anon3:23am wrote???? It's not about shade but maje! Hmmmmmm! Maje Ayida! Your jazz man nah solid!

  • Hmm this Shade has liver sha. I really don’t like how she and the old man are treating this lovely woman. This is just wickedness. Shade you would pay for your wickedness that’s for sure. And those agbayas that support Shade,continue. The girl no even fine sef. I guess she’s giving baba different styles. Chai. Omokomo. Coupled with correct jazz. Ok o. God is watching. Most married women are always raining curses on you and still come and smile with you. The worst curse is for this woman to shed tears on your matter Shade.. You are finished oooo.

    • @Yolo! But shade is finished! Looking at these pictures up there! She is! No beauty anymore! What we see now are the true and real picture of her inner mind! Ugly as Fuck! Shade legalized runz in Nigeria! Bad girl!

    • At Yolo Her Mama does jazz like no one and her surrogate mother who is Jazz master by the name Modupe Oguntade is the Jazz Wieem too. No matter what, she is still the same local alatika girl

    • This girl Sade caused Abiola Okoya situation with her Daddy. She was Abiola school daughter and was kissing up to her until she she won her Daddy's love and put Abiola on the back burner and the stupid Wosilat is also kidding ip to her flat ass. She couldn't even stay on her own man's house reason why the first Okoya love ( Ajoke Olubando ) couldn't stand her guts. What some idiots will do for money. Shameless Agbaya kissing up to her granddaughter's ass

  • @Anon 7:12 don't say what you dong know o, maybe those women gave him moral support baba made his money through dint of hard work and the liberal help of African science.E easy to sleep with your daughters to renew wealth?💅🏾

    • Osenobua!!!😳 I’ve heard about this before but I don’t wanna believe it but anything is possible with these people.

    • Really! Didn't know all this! Sleep with your kids???? Awful! So awful!I thought the first wife helped in building his empire! Well, what do I know!

    • Baba and Mama are big time dealer on shit those days at Isale Eko and they clean it up with goods. They have carriers that does their shits after they become famous in the society and he established Eleganza

    • Oh yes. He made a lot of money from Shit and invested it in manufacturing. He was a carrier first himself alongside Mama ( first wife) reason why he couldn't push her aside completely with all his loveylovey with illiterate Sade

  • Ajoke Olubudo is his first Love? Seriously? Ajoke too was a don in her days at Okoyas heart. She too received her Cain upon all the jazz. The first wife was his eye. He often referred to her as his duchess till awon spirit ba de ooo. Supported by bats and eagles in the spiritual realm. You know we shall all reap what we sow. Lesson for Shade . Look how Ajoke his second wife then ended up? She couldn’t take alahaji marrying another but you showed his first wife. The first wife is just a very gentle woman with no time for wahala. But this Shade and her eagles……………….WE SHALL SEE OOOO.

    • 3 ke? More like 5! Though some have left and Biola's mum is late.

      That must be Ajoke hyping herself up there! 1st love ko, 10th love night. Shade happens to be her nemesis cos she was exactly like shade in her hay days. As for mama, she's probably used to it by now because baba has always had a favourite wife. Lol, life.

    • Biola’s mum late? Please be sure of what you think you know. She’s Alhaja Okoya right here in the pictures. Very alive and kicking. Same mum with Moji, Tunde, Taofeek, Aina…

    • Okoya has more than 15 women that have kids for him. Used to be 4 wives that lives with him when he was at Ikoyi before he moved to Lekki. They all left and is only Mama and Sade that is left

  • Na wa o. This life is a pot of burnt beans!

    What's the gist on Adedoyins wife,Toyin?

    I seriously side eye women that marry these old ass men; don't care if you are a pastor.

  • 7.04 PM. Talking about Adedoyin wife. She said she is now born again which they all do after being there done that. Fake ass hypocrite people and then what more can I say when someone like Toke is preaching now to be a righteous woman, lol after opening her legs to married men to buy material stuff. Guess Devil himself is a Saint then. #fakessspeople