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Big, Bold, Sexy and Yummy Taje Prest has many tags, she’s an IT girl, a brand influencer, a social media Celebrity, CEO of her own brand @tajeprest Slides and Media and an eligible bachelorette, waiting to be swept off her feet, by a knight in shining armour riding in on a pure white horse.

She’s one plus size lady who is so body confident that she even shows off her sexy curves, whenever and wherever possible.

So Taje and the CEO/creator of SGTC clothing, Adetoke OLUWO have collaborated to showcase this new plus size collection by SGTC clothing tagged BEAUTIFUL ME.

According to the brand, the purpose of the collection is to make more stylish and vibrant designs available to plus size women. Though the brand caters to all sizes, this particular collection is focused on the plus size ladies. The idea for the collection is making clothes to flatter the plus size ladies curves and by extension boost their confidence at the same time.

The line celebrates women of all sizes but also understand that sometimes, plus sized women do not have as many stylish Afrocentric ready-to-wear pieces as they deserve, hence this initiative to dedicate this collection to them.

The Fabrics, Designs, Colours and Prints have been thoughtfully and specially selected with Love, to ensure extreme comfort whilst retaining an Impeccable Style for every Occasion.

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  • Cos of her thick legs??? Her thick legs have no stretch marks or spots. Nothing bad in showing them off.

  • This the proper definition of brief. The clothes are nice, I just don’t know how to feel about them on her. How hard is it to loose some weight?

  • Loving this! No phone number to reach you. No price ranges too! Please put more pictures and prices! Thank you. Supporting a working women! No time!

  • I like the zebra fabric with Ankara. I'm not plus size and would like one. Please, how can I get one? Don't live in Nigeria.

  • Aloba! Please which one is, Big,bold, yummy! Easy! Like a hard-working woman. How do I get these fabrics please? And is it only for women?