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Lizzy Anjorin is a part of the Nollywood Industry, better still the Yoruba Nolly part of the industry. In that sector, she’s one of the leading stars, one of the very few who loves to flaunt their “resources”.

They all love to do the flaunting and fluxing, showing off their cars, new bags and shoes, basically their material possessions or new acquisitions, but even at that, they all have categories and class, amongst those in the “Yoru-Nolly sector”, the somewhat controversial and quite outspoken Lizzy is probably in a class of her own, imagine as we quote “I am rich enough to afford my lifestyle” “How my sugar daddy surprised me at the premiere of my movie” “Women are born witches, stingy, heartless” “Sex can’t satisfy men, they are polygamist. And may lust after their best friends or house keeper”.

The above are some of Lizzy’s quotable quotes!

At every given opportunity, she fluxes and she’s not modest at all about it. Her dress style is also part of the flaunting; she loves the designer garbs/labels to a fault and she makes sure to always show her take on the latest trends whenever possible too.

We all (both male and female) have in us both the masculine and feminine sides, these traits comes up more, depending on the things we are engaged in to do, it is only when the opposite comes out far more in a particular gender that alarm bells begin to ring that maybe something is wrong or maybe the person is wired wrongly and might have given over to the other side!

Here in the above picture, the award winning, mother of one, Liz and her friend, or supposed P.a either arriving from or departing from somewhere, have explored their more masculine nature, in their sexy sporty wears and their low cut and cornrows looking more like dudes/paddies. It’s something we see stars abroad do a lot and we applaud!

So Kudos to the Nollywood star and friend for a good style job, well done! 


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  • Aloba which kin blunder be this, how can dis be Tonto? This is Lizzy Anjorin, I saw dis on her IG handle. Better pull down d post

  • Liz Anjorin is a very beautiful lady, shame about her local, uncouth personality and her dress sense.She should emulate Mercy Aigbe and Toyin Aimakhu,Iyabo Ojo and rebrand herself, get a good stylist like them Nollywood actresses use and avoid all those owambe parties, let people see you in the right social settings and she will get a massive career boost.

  • @Anon 11;32
    I actually like Liz's style. If you've noticed, she dresses very modestly and covered up but still up to date. I just wish she would improve upon her English and stop being so bush. She posted a pic of herself eating at a Chinese restaurant-I don't know if it was supposed to be proof that she's balling-and she was eating as if she was afraid the food would run away from her. She needs an image consultant who will polish her up. Meanwhile, there's no way Liz worse than Iyabo or Toyin. If anything, they're all on the same level of razzness. Mercy sef is razz, just that she knows how to pose and dress.

  • @Anon 1:05 PM. Yes, especially this "Meanwhile, there's no way Liz worse than Iyabo or Toyin. If anything, they're all on the same level of razzness. Mercy sef is razz, just that she knows how to pose and dress."

  • @fan
    @anon 1;05
    How to pose and dress and be seen at the right social gatherings etc is the koko of getting endorsements.Have you heard Genevieve speak away from the Cameras and public?her accent is so thick you won't know she has ever travelled out of the south east much less Nigeria.Same for Ebube whatever her last name is, but packaging has covered up these short comings