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Prince Nduka OBAIGBENA

The countdown has begun and the excitement is palpable and just too awesome to describe. The man behind it all Prince NDUKA OBAIGBENA, is not called the Duke for jokes or comedy!

The gap he had left for pretenders, they had found too massive to fill up. His fashion franchise known to the world as “Arise Fashion Week” was so massive then, bringing together some of the biggest brands and fashion people from Africa and around the world, it immediately went on the fashion map as one of the top fashion weeks to go to in Africa.

The Arise Fashion Week, while it lasted placed Nigeria on the map and it was a brilliant PR for the country and it pushed all the brands and individuals involved to the stratosphere, everyone had to improve their game then, just because to feature, you needed to be up to it.

One of the things it also did was to promote the best of Nigeria and African brands on the international platforms also, as Arise did go around some major parts of the world like Joburg, South Africa, New York, USA & London, UK spreading the gospel.

Now the brand had thought had gone moribund, has been revived again or better still resurrected and we are believing, it would be bigger and better by all standards.

Come March 2018, the exact dates we do not know yet, from the little information at our disposal “Arise Fashion Week 2018 should hold and we are all eagerly awaiting it, holding our breath, knowing that the This Day boss/Publisher always always delivers a slamdunk when it comes to any event he packages.

Another unconfirmed information has it that discussions are already on going in New York, where the “Arise team” have converged and the other part of the gist has it that discussions might also have gone on or might be going on with one of the most iconic models ever in the fashion world, the one and only “Naomi Campbell”. What Naomi’s role would be, we do not know yet as information for now is still very sketchy.

So if all goes according to plan, Lagos in 2018 will play host to at least 4 top fashion shows, 1st would be the “Arise Fashion Week 2018”, next should be “Africa Fashion Week Nigeria 2018” between May & June 2018, next would be the “Heineken Lagos Fashion Week 2018” around October and then to crown it all, would be the “GTBank Fashion Weekend 2018” around November/December 2018.

With the resurgence of the “Arise Fashion Week franchise”, maybe the other top fashion platform which we hope that would come back with a massive bang too, would be “Music Meets Runway” brand, which was a very unique concept combining fashion and music/entertainment.

Kudos to the Prince for this great wake up!


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