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Emir of Kano Alhaji Muhammad Sanusi II
Abisola Kola Daisi & Fati Ganduje

If the events preceding the main thing, that is the main event is anything to go by, this upcoming solemnization of holy matrimony, between the first and only son of the Executive Governor of Oyo State, Abolaji Idris AJIMOBI and one of the sumptuously beautiful daughters of the Executive Governor of Kano State, Fatima Ganduje is anything to go by, then the main deal is going to be super awesome by all standards.

Just imagine how the very recent event, which is “the Lefe”, an Hausa custom and tradition where the groom’s family presents beautiful and awesome gifts of all kinds, be it veils of all types and colours, laces of all types, textures and colours, wrappers of all imaginable types, jewelries like diamonds, rubies, amethyst, sapphires, gold, silver, platinum, perfumes, cosmetics, shampoos, conditioners etc to the bride. The groom’s family would normally provide what they can afford as presents to the bride, and it would be all those things that she uses or can use.

The caliber of the gifts are usually determined by the wherewithal of the groom’s family, so the richer they are the more valuable the kinds of gifts they would present.

The gifts presented by the Ajimobis were one of a kind from all indications, though we didn’t know what the content of the “27 LV (Louis Vuitton monogram travel bags” were, by virtue of the value of those bags alone, what they must contain must be out of here by all standards, especially also considering who the family of the bride are- the Gandujes. The Ajimobis would have gone the extra mile to present their only son in the best way possible.

One of the things these gifts says about the groom and his family, is to let the bride and her family know that the groom is capable of taking care and fending for his bride.

How it normally goes is that, the gifts would be accompanied by the aunties, the sisters, the friends of the mom, the dad’s sisters of the groom and even some of the friends of the family. Normally the mother might not need to necessarily go along, but in this case she did. Maybe because she’s a first lady and also because of the caliber of those accompanying them also.

In all it was a very colourful event, as the ladies were all looking super gorgeous in their lace and high grade Ankara outfits. It was a gorgeous display of culture and tradition too, as the groom’s family were accompanied by the traditional dancers from Oyo, whilst they were also welcomed by the troops from Kano.

The groom’s family were received by His Excellency, the Emir of Kano, Alhaji Muhammad Sanusi II, whose humongous library is on display in some of the pictures. The eldest child and daughter of Senator Abiola AJIMOBI, in the person of very stylish and beautiful “Abisola Kola Daisi”, accompanied her mom and other family members to the culturally stimulating event, that was rich in traditions of the North. Some other top guests that were at the occasion were 2 former Governors, Niyi Adebayo of Ekiti and Christopher Adebayo Alao-Akala of Oyo.

Both Fatima and Idris have been an item for a bit, before both let it known not too long ago. Their introduction was done on November of 2017, while their upcoming wedding should be a spring 2018 humongous wedding with many speculating a date in March of 2018 at most for a stupendous Wedding in Kano or Abuja. #faab2018 loading!!!

More after the break.

Emir of Kano, Mrs Florence Ajimobi, Bisola Kola Daisi

Abisola Kola Daisi


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  • Well going by Abisola and Ajibola's weddings, I know this wedding is going to be off the charts! The Ajimobis don't play

    • Of course is Veneers. But with her over the top acting like the best thing that ever happened to Nigeria, she could have gotten the best Cosmetics Dentist that should have done a more natural Veneers for her. Can't stand this fake looking one. Look too obvious that it is a fake teeth

  • The Louis Vuitton suitcases were 6 or 7 (plus a duffle bag). No where near 27!!

    NB. The only time "an" precedes a word beginning with 'H' is when the 'H' is silent. eg. Hour; heir; honour etc.
    I'm not sure what Nigerian teachers are doing, but the grammar they are teaching is no where near the universal standard.

  • Bisola has taught to teach every one kudos to her. Also she says the LV bags were at 27 but only 7, even at that at the average cost of about $5000 by ₦360 that's not a little change at all. But it is well, how much is that to the family, chicken feed.

    • The LV suitcases are well over $10k each x364x7. And the greedy man has not paid his workers, ncl is about to strike. Shameless self serving selfish people. Why do Nigerians celebrate these rubbish?

    • Abisola spend money like is water. Buying a crocodile Birkin bag that cost over N25 Millions for one and she has more than one and what job does she do again? Selling shoes that the prices cannot even cover the overheads? Of course she uses money that was stolen by her nasty father. Karma and God wrath is coming for them all that put Nigeria in this messy situation

  • The main reason why all these people contest is to embezzle not to make life of the masses better or develop the nation. That's it!

  • I have been examinating out a few of your stories and i must say
    pretty good stuff. I will make sure to bookmark your blog.