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Late Deji Tinubu

The larger Tinubu family of Lagos have sadly lost another of their sons, this time around, it is renowned sports enthusiast and the Special Adviser to the Lagos State Governor/Government on Commerce and Industries, in the person of sports loving gentleman, Deji Tinubu.

The untimely and very sad occurance happened yesterday at the Lagos State retreat in Epe Lagos organised by the state Government, where the state government officials have all converged to strategise.
Deji’s’s sad passing according to the unconfirmed initial prognosis might have been caused by cardiac arrest. He was said to have slumped suddenly while playing football on the pitch at the retreat in Epe in the afternoon of yesterday and thereafter gave up the ghost later in the evening.

Deji Tinubu was very recently redeployed by Governor Akinwunmi Ambode administration of Lagos to advise as a Special Adviser on Commerce and Industries from being an S.A Sports, a strong forte of his for several years. He use to double as both the SA on Sports and DG, Lagos State Sports Commission then, before his new assignment at which he died.

Deji died at age 53 years, he would have been 54 come July 31st of 2018 having being born in 1964 of the date. He had his secondary school education at the famous Government College, Ibadan. Oyo State. He is survived by his immediate and extended family members.

May his gentle soul find rest and make paradise. 


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  • This news really hurt me this morning. I’m so scared of Lagos State ooooo. You have to be strong to work there. This guy was so passionate about sports for years. Why put him in an area he doesn’t really know much about? This guy should by right been commissioner for sports and he would have deserved it. Even though he was Bola Tinubu s relation. But no, they demoted him. God is watching all of you ooo. Another bright one gone. God forbid me take appointment in Lagos State. The jazz no be here. Rest In Peace Deji

  • Abeg abeg abeg carry your unsubstantiated jazz story away from here faraway joor!!! Someone died of heart failure now you are conjuring some story that touch which makes no sense. You just dey give credence to witches and wizards and some fake juju that has no power anywhere. If dem give you post throw it away, Na your life. Rest in peace jare Deji Tinubu!

  • Look at this ode@anon5:49pm? Wetin you know? Ode omo. Go collect now make dem turn you to suya. Amateur when wan be current champion. Mumu dey worry you.

  • abeg leave all these jazz story, did okwaraji die of jazz or that African footballer that collapsed and almost died in England if not for prompt medical intervention.The first thing is we should all endeavour to do our medical check up (planning to do mine) and also advocate forGovt to provide a fast and proactive emergency service.If emergency medical intervention was available this man might have been saved.I hope other politicians learn from this.Your billions won't save you or transfer you to foreign medical services if an emergency occurs, pls use your office and political influence to create infrastructures.May Deji Tinubu's soul RIP

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