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President George WEAH and Omosede Igbinedion

HE George WEAH, Omosede Igbinedion, Helen Inegbeniki & others

Omosede Igbinedion & George WEAH jnr

Ladies in blue

Jerry Rawlings with Omosede’s entourage

At the beach

True friends and by extension true and enduring friendship are hard to find, so when you have one you do all your best to keep it and continually nurture it. Seems like that’s the type of friendship/relationship between erstwhile lovers and now true/good friends Omosede Igbinedion Akenzua and the new President of Liberia, in the person of George Tawlon Manneh Opong Weah, who just got sworn in as the President of Liberia only a few days back.

Omosede as a true friend should do, which is to celebrate with your friends, when such occasions abound and suffer with them also, when such occasions also arises took many of her friends along to Monrovia for the inauguration of newest President in Africa, she had in tow the likes Helen Inegbeniki, Joy Chico-Ejiro, Precious Fafure and few others at that West African country that the former world renowned, award winning footballer hopes to totally help repackage and place back on a sound footing before his tenure ends in years to come.

All parties and no other fun, makes Omosede and friends a dull girls, so it wasn’t only about attending the swearing in alone, it was also a time to relax by visiting the beach too.

To show how close the gorgeous daughter of the Esama of Benin and the new President are, you can even feel the love between his son and Omosede as they took a beautiful picture together.

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    • @ Fan! I can feel you're irritated from your comment!😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁! Please bear with her!

    • At 12.07 I'm very irritated if @Fan is not. Omosede is as FAKE as the contact lenses in her eyes. Aso ebi with entourage at inauguration is on another level and doesn't make any sense. Ratchet to another level

  • I really don’t understand this nonsense. Why would she even go in the first place? To upset madam First Lady that she was there first. Foolish women everywhere. Can’t believe this giant whale.

  • @Fan whatever is wrong in going to an event with friends if it makes the person comfortable? Me don't understand why we just dey criticize just for the sake of saying something! Na wa ooooo

    • @4.35pm. What is wrong is that first, she was her ex girlfriend and the only woman that need to go with entourage is the real wife. Secondly, even if she has to go since she is jobless anyway (House of rep doesnt count as a real job but a money making machine) why would she go with her entourages wearing aso ebi? This Miss Piggy need to focus on her son and her life. Daddy little girl leaving off Daddy's ill gotten money

  • @Anon 4:37 PM – Me don't understand why we just dey criticize just for the sake of saying something!

    Correction – I don't understand and not Me don't understand. It's very ghetto to use "me don't understand."
    "We just dey criticize" – we as a qualifier means you and everyone else. It takes one to know one.

    What is comfortable about her going with friends in aso-ebi to her ex-married lover's inauguration as the President of his country? Pray tell!

  • @fan she is utterly shameless with no single moral compass.An ex Gf trooping in to her ex Bf's big day with an entourage,how would the wife/First Lady feel that an old flame is trying to upstage her on her special day.No Nigerian woman even Fayose's born again wife will take this without ordering security throw them out and the husband will be powerless to stop her for fear of disrupting the special ocassion

    • The only people I feel sorry for is the good people of Liberia. If George Weah can entertain Miss Piggy to this level, that shows how weak if a man he is. Omosede should have been at the inauguration party if for any reason she has to. But hey, are we taking about immoral shameless piece of shit? Never mind, she didn't know better.

  • You all against her relationship with the Weahs should go hug live transformer. Whether or why that friendship they hurt or pain you we no know! Hanhannnn person no fit be friend again with person former lover again? You people need to grow up and be matured in your thoughts.

    • At 5.52 Hear yourself Omosede spokesperson? Do you pray for your ex husband girlfriend to be front and back on your husband happiest day? Hope your answer will be YES? If not, please take several seat and STFU. And people wonder why some people's marriage goes SOUTH? Because Karma is REAL. Hopefully she will get what she sowed sooner or later

    • I wonder oooo! Thought Omosede said she is an educated one? An educated fellow wouldn't go to an Ex with her friends in Aso Ebi. Very ratchet

  • @5.52pm, madam ever heard about okafors law.? Once nacked always nackable. Omosede too like power. Ole. Let her leave person husband and park her big akpoti aje somewhere jare. She wants to resume fucking the guy and intimidate his wife. Oloshi. Same thing she did with Ayiri

  • At 12.36 pm She is still doing it with Ayiri And people wonder why her marriage failed? She is an immoral girl with no home training. And then what do you expected from a Nigeria Ex Police Officer's daughter? She takes after her father. The immoral thing is in her DNA

  • All of you are just plain envious and that's just it. It's obvious that you all have no jobs and you all just enjoy preying on others just because you would have loved to live their lives. Yes they dated, but they have remained best of friends and madam may not be threatened one way or the other. She might be a typical troublesome woman like you all who sees evil where none is.

    I am pretty sure, George WEAH was aware Omosede was going to come with friends. Also as an African he is entitled to more than one wife, if he so wants. So you voltrons of life, go jump into the Atlantic Ocean.

    • At 10.21 AM CONGRATULATIONS TO HER ON HER ACHIEVEMENT OF HAVING A MARRIED MAN OF BEING INTO HER WHILE STILL MARRIED TO ANOTHER WOMAN. And this woman is a member of the House of Reps? And people wonder why Nigeria is screwed up? Because this MESS is an Honorable in the House of Reps! Very sad

  • She definitely has no qualms about chasing after her married lovers. Second hand embarrassment is real, I just felt it for her. Buy small boy marry, she no gree….

  • Omosede is just sad. Sad,sad, sad! How a beautiful, well-educated woman from a privileged background could have so little self esteem as to relegate herself to professional side chick is just beyond me. Weah is even ok… Ayiri? Tufiakwa! I don't even mind her size because I don't think size has anything to do with looks or sexuality. She's a very pretty girl and if only she would work on her self esteem, her attitude and disgusting body odor, maybe a nice, respectable man would wife her. Because she doesn't strike me as a woman strong enough to be on her own.


  • At Palesa Are you kidding? Miss Piggy doesn't care about any shame or embarrassment. The only thing that bothers me in all of this is that this woman is a member of House of Reps. I wonder what she teaches her son? She is not only shameless but also an immoral piece of shit

  • While you are all here crying on her behalf, the new president has proposed to her already. She will soon be the first lady.

  • Anon 3.37AM. YOU ARE NOT ONLY A FOOL BUT ALSO CLUELESS. The man has a wife and if he is that in love with Omosede, perhaps he should have divorced his wife and make her his official wife atbhis inauguration. But guess what, she will never be First Lady but the 2Nd lady FYI. The man is married and his wife was beside him on the Inauguration Day while Miss Piggy was all over struggling to walk from point A To B with her fat self. So with her education, and family name, she couldn't get a man to call her own and HERS alone? She is now good for being the 2nd and not the first?

  • If George Weah loves himself, he should run away from this gorodom. Let her not come and bring her bad luck. They never see struggling men oo, only ready made. 2nd Lady ko, 25th Lady ni. In this day and age you are ready to be second best?…….ode

  • Herself and Helen are friends? Helens husband used to be Omosedes boyfriend, if recall her first married boyfriend,she tormented his new brides life then,heard their shagging hotel was that hotel near brentcross not sure if it was holiday inn it was called, the girl has no shame, her mother has no shame, her father has no shame hence they can welcome ayiri with open arms