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Yemi Idowu

Several months ago we revealed to you all, what few had known quietly, but what most public didn’t know then. Our focus then was on a “certified property czar/magnate” who controlled a very huge, or should we say a massive or better still a gargantuan portfolio of properties in Lagos, the centre of excellence.

Yemi Idowu, 49 was that man, that our floodlight was beamed upon then. The quiet and unassuming billionaire, who enjoys being totally under the radar sits atop the company that owns prime real estates likes of Northern Foreshore, Friend’s Colony, Cadogan Estate, Mayfair Estate and others. These are all multibillion Naira projects that are known and verified, imagine that “Northern Foreshore” alone has over 500 structures on it and still growing! And like we said then, with all of what is at his disposal, he has remained a very quiet fellow, in fact just driving a “modest Toyota car”, which doesn’t draw any unnecessary attention to him whatsoever, unlike if many others were in his position or shoes, who would have shown the whole world their incomparable and intimidating status by driving private jets on motor roads or who would have been driving “a collection of one in town hovercrafts of different colours, that glides on tarred road”, just so that they’ll be noticed and hailed as the lord of the manor. But alas, instead of all of the quest for attention, he has remained incognito!

So what is it again that has drawn some little attention towards this quiet billionaire? It is the fact that he has hit another unprecedented goldmine again and this time around, in another sector of the economy away from the real estate world where he has come, soared, has conquered and has become the “undeniable Numero Uno”. This time around he has moved into “transportation” in Lagos State!

Knowing him very well to be a man of excellence, the type that quietly comes in having dotted his I’s and crossed his t’s well, he would surely, most assuredly and definitely at that, dominate that sector too and without a whimper. His going to run a transport company? Not that we know of yet.

According to facts on ground, the self effacing businessman in conjunction with the Lagos State Government new policy on transportation which is to totally upgrade the buses plying our roads and routes to the best standards, to remove all those rickety and sight for sore eyes buses from the roads and replace all of them with very clean, very functional and proper transport fit to carry human beings from one spot to the other, he is the one that has supplied all the buses to launch the Government’s new initiative!

Knowing very well how big such an initiative would be in such a state like Lagos, a total replacement of all those yellow monsters and death traps, then you can begin to have an idea how much of a big deal the project is. In the next few months, “ALL” the molues and others used to transport Lagosians (indigenes & non indigenes alike) would have been removed from our roads and replaced with brand spanking new buses that would be the pride and joy of all.

Governor Akinwunmi Ambode and a private citizen, in the person of Mr. Yemi Idowu, the son of the late Okanlomo & Mayeloye of Ibadan, Chief Nathaniel Idowu are the 2 that have made it all possible. Soon Lagos State roads would be filled with buses that makes one fill like humans and not animals!



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