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Fatima Dangote

Captain Jamil Abubakar

Jamil with R Kelly


All roads would lead to Eko Hotel Convention Hall come March 2018 when the 1st son of Alhaji MD Abubakar, the former Inspector General of Police of Nigeria, in the person of Jamil Mohammed Abubakar would join hand in holy matrimony with one of the daughters of the wealthiest African on planet Earth, that’s Alhaji Aliko Dangote’s Fatima Aliko Dangote.

Jamil Abubakar, in his early 30s is the super rich, wrist watch collector (he has many of the awesome brands in his collection) and super cars loving, pilot son of the retired top police brass. In fact Jamil is said to be one of the few owners of a Bugatti Veyron (that auto that seperates boys from men) known to be one of the most expensive normal cars in the world (starting at about $1.5 million dollars), and that’s just one of the super cars in his humongous, mouth opening garage. Jamil is known to be a good dude, the handsome guy that is a sport/exercise loving buff, who loves to look good at all times, reason why the handsome and very friendly dude packs a buff body that’s the envy of his friends. He is a friend of the likes of top American R & B crooner R Kelly, whose 40 plus birthday he was a guest at a few years ago, he was at a point alleged to have dated Nollywood’s own detectable Rukky Sanda, a story both laughed at with scorn then. He had a near death experience at a point, when the plane he captained then crashed but he survived.

He is the first son of the amiable gentleman that was the boss of the Nigerian Police Force not too long ago. Jamil was trained at the Kingston University, where graduated with degree in Computing Information Systems amd multimedia. His well known nickname is Jamboy!

  • Fatima Aliko Dangote on the other hand, is one of the 3 most popular daughters, out of the 5 known children (2 were adopted though one a female Fatima died sometime ago, there is also an adopted son+ Wikipedia actually claims there a 15 children) the chairman of Dangote Group, Alhaji Aliko Dangote, GCON, the super wealthy industrialist, who has bestrode Africa’s landscape like a colussus that he is, he was honoured with the 2nd highest honour in Nigeria during the administration of President Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan, GCFR.

Apart from the quiet, unassuming Fatima being an Executive Director Commercial at NASCON, she is best known as the owner/CEO of probably the best known and one of the biggest confectioneries in Nigeria, known as the “Cupcake Factory”, she graduated from the University of Surrey a few years back, with a Bachelor’s degree in Law.

This wedding of 2 very influential and quite affluent Northern families, the Dangotes & the Abubakars is already getting the tag of the “mother of all weddings”. It is one wedding that would give the others like that of Ganduje & Ajimobi, Afolabi & Omisade all upcoming 2018 biggest nuptials a run for their money.

Apart from endless numbers of co-Billionaires, multimillionaires, industrialists, top Government functionaries both at the State and Federal levels expected, the diplomatic corp members at home and abroad are also expected, including the richest man alive on earth Bill Gates. It is expected that it would be colourful and exciting, with entertainment expected to be top scale. We know for sure that the King of Juju music, a good friend of the father of the bride would be on the bandstand with a couple of others too.

Various other top entertainers are also expected to grace and perform at the events that would make up the whole wedding party, the groom is very well known to be very good friends with many of the top brands/names in the entertainment industry. So many of them would most definitely fall over each other to support their friend at his wedding.

Unlike the wedding of his first daughtet Halima Sani, which took place in Kano many years back, this contender for “wedding of the year” is expected to take place in Lagos.

So the countdown has already begun.  March 2018 is the month, actual dates would be communicated soon. 


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  • Congrats to the lovely couple!!!!!! MO, the P.I.M.P will make sure all her girls get invited! Hence, the pimping continues!

  • Congrats to them.Jamil is a very humble and laid back guy which is quite rare amongst his class,i don't know or have ever met the Dangote Daughter but from the way they shun the limelight I'm sure this marriage will be a successful one

  • I don't think Pilot salary can afford those ridiculous watches and we wonder why Nigeria is broke? Look no further as this kind of wasteful lifestyle is one of the reasons why. Nigeria and double talking

  • Sister Mo must be there nah. No worry Aliko is too coded to have Mo for meat pie. They would start walking up and dan looking for customers and next mugu. Men dey try sha.

  • Jamil Mohammed Abubakar has a 10 month old son in the USA that he is refusing to be in his. He’s made empty promises since his son was born. I do have pictures and proof available at request. I just want jamil to be in his only sons life and be apart of him being great in life.