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Ibukun Okeowo

Ibukun and pals

One major thing he is known for is that Property magnate and Chairman of Gibraltar Construction, Olu Okeowo doesn’t do things in small measures. His colossal edifice of a home and unbelievable garage, with 6 humongous and mouth opening Rolls Royce Cars and loads other super machines likes of the highest grades of Bentley’s and others, bears testament to the fact that everything about him is loud or better still humongous for a purpose. That his Bentley Mulsanne Extended Wheel Base still dazzles whenever he drives it out. It is the 13th out of the 50 of it only made. And it icvupocc a pride of place at the Palacio del Okeowo.

Imagine owning a home, in the same estate that he was living before in another property owned by him also and then moving to another, far more palatial that’s valued at between ₦5 and ₦8billion Naira, at this time! The valuation, takes into cognisance/consideration the cars, and other things in the house that makes it a home, which is the reason for the awesome valuation that leaves mouth totally agape!

So since there’s a type of reputation to protect already, especially at a time too that unverified and not so accurate speculations was all over town that his house had been sealed and his super cars seized by the customs for avoiding payment of duties on them. A story that was found to be majorly tales by moonlight, engineered by his detractors. Truth was that he was only asked to pay more duty on just one of his humongous automobile, whose valuation was inaccurately done before and so was now properly done and  immediately sorted out. Not too long ago also, some detractors had also gone to town spreading videos of his humongous collection of cars, claiming in the video that the cars belonged to the Minister of State for Petroleum, Dr Ibe Kachikwu just so to forment trouble unnecessarily!

The intimidating property magnate, who in his good heart has learnt to take the good with the bad without flinching as that’s what life is all about; the ying and the yang in the same boat, in that same week rolled out the drums and red carpet to celebrate his 2nd son’s 21st birthday with plenty of pomp, that left many of those invited with mouth agape and in awe. Ibukun Okeowo was celebrated by his father like a man of extraordinary means was expected to do and especially for being a brilliant, well behaved and good son.

It was like a coming of age party for the young man. Who had unlimited fun galore has he officially graduated from being a boy to a man and his elated well garbed dad showed a bit of his dexterity on the dance floor in celebration of his son.  


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