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Give it to him, he doesn’t look 60 at all! In fact he looks like a man in his middle to late 40. Is that a compliment? Ooo yes it is. Like we had said to him very recently, he needs to come tell us the secret. We need to know the source of that fountain of eternal youth/youthfulness that flows in his veins.

It’s not just that he doesn’t look 60 at all, the man is buffed to perfection. He is well sculpted from head to toes, we can bet that he gets winks and glances of admiration from both men and women everytime and everywhere. We are too sure that the gorgeous Dorothy Atake, his wonderful wife just takes it all in her strides, without batting an eyelid.

Not only is the man, well buffed, he is stylish, not held down by the conservativeness of his learned profession. He is always neat and very well put together to a fault. Shirts and jackets are the very accurate size to the t. Pants (trousers) are not longer than they should. Everything is well coordinated, well placed, well wrinkled. Nails are well cut, even the smile that graces the face is well put too.

Not only is he super stylish, he is super intelligent too, in fact to the core and one of the masters of his profession, Law. He is infact a Doctor of Law, with speciality in litigation, arbitration, maritime, admiralty, international trade and oil and gas. 

Born on February 20, 1958, he went to St. Saviours Ikoyi, Government College, Warri, Delta State, Copford College, Colchester, England, The London School of Economics & Political Science, England. Then to the University of Cambridge, also known as Cambridge University in England, where he bagged his doctorate.

Dr Eyimofe had bagged his LLB at 21, he was a counsel at 29 & had gotten the SAN by 41. He set up his chamber in 1987 making it 31 years ago now, after a year stint at the GOK Ajayi chamber.

Here is what the wonderful man had to say about his birthday & himself-

I am 60 YEARS TODAY. Wow!!! That is how you jump for joy and praise the Lord when you are 60 years old and still fit, agile, sprightly, lively, in good shape and health. One jumps high up in the air thanking God for his compassion, kindness, understanding and benevolence. For that reason, I share wholly what YOKO ONO stated: “when I turned 60, it didn’t bother me at all”. Why YOKO? Because in my case, like an older fiddle, my tune is still spectacular, razor-sharp and marvelous. Sing praises to the Lord for me!!!

Happy delightsome birthday to a quintessential fine man gentleman, from us at MM. May the source of that fountain of eternal youthfulness never dry up! 

Salute, another 40 upcoming! 


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  • 🇳🇬 are too labels whore. It has to be label before you are being acknowledged. Very complex vain people which applies to women and men

    • @anon 4:19 I’ve told you to calm down and drink Fanta, you no gree hear.. before you pop an artery or two. Na you sabi sha.
      Hbd fine man, llnp🎊🎈🎂

    • @Aproko. STFU foolish you. Sorry you can't take the truth
      @Palesa You need you are the one that needs a Soap to watch your stinking mouth for putting your mouth where it doesn't belong
      @Anon 8.11 pm. Need to say same to you and also for being stupid

  • Eyimofe does not send you o. Let’s not lie, he looks good for 60yrs old. Look at your Polo boys in their 40s…….iranu looking so old. Loves himself. Nothing wrong with that. Learnt to accept him like that jare. Use to be disgusted with him before.

  • "Not only is he super stylish, he is super intelligent too."
    No way is he super stylish. He dresses well, wears high end labels and can be termed as fashionable. Stylish, no. Very intelligent, yes.

    He's quite corny when he wears his clothes and stands next to mannequins in Harrods and Selfridges asking who wore it better.

    Beautiful wife and hope he he has stopped "wazing her."

    Many congrats.

    • Jesu! Looks like the 'wazing' type.
      I wonder why she is still with him since she has a good job?

      I hope she finds the strength to move on.

      So sad.

    • Abeg drop that. She’s happy with him. What’s your own. Besides you never tell a woman to leave her husband and move on. She takes the decision herself. Mofe body is to die for and he knows it. See him around Harrods a lot. He’s a lookman. Sabi look hehehe

  • @Fan. Hmmm! When did just because someone wears high end designer makes them stylist for heaven's sake? Only in Nigeria

  • This is who I am modelling my life after.He is intellectually and professionally outstanding and stylish as well.Most Big big men of his age are going about with pot belly,agbada.Happy birthday to him and may he continue to wax longer in good health and vitality nothing do you jarey

  • @Anonymous February 20, 2018 at 7:00 PM – you need specsavers. Read again and if in doubt go back to primary school to comprehend.

  • At Fan. Good for you English Professor. Since you have never made mistakes or typo. I'm sure you feel better getting paid by CBN for doing a great is job

    • Lol you are so dim witted. You conflating a typo with lack of comprehension skills just shows how much of a nit wit you are. I can buy you a half brain with the CBN money. Here, have the last word. Having the last word is made for dummies like you.