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So I’m wondering, has Zenith Bank Bought into the True caller App? Because every time I receive or place a call now I get a Zenith bank Ad and it isn’t just me as I have seen it on other devices also. Seems like great exposure and Zenith Bank has taken that opportunity, because they have been appearing very prominently. I have seen it enough to know what their message is (image for image as well) and after interacting with it I was able to open a bank account online! Well, I can since I do not need one kobo for it. (Thank God o! cause people are broke in the country).  So the advert looks like this (photo below).

After some checking I found out that True caller has over 6.2million users in Nigeria and adverts placed on the platform have an estimated reach of 3million views per day.  So this has me asking; does it mean Zenith Bank has had their message viewed not just by me but also by millions of other users daily whether on Android or iPhone.

Now more than over three million people know that you can open an account with Zenith Bank without a single kobo o! 

 So here is my thought, whoever you are, whatever you do, whatever service you render or whatever you produce. Let Nigeria see you!!!


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