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Nwankwo, Amara & their gorgeous kids

The excitement is palpable as the date gets nearer, it’s March 18, 2018 in Central London. Amara Kanu, the gorgeous wife of ex-award winning footballer par excellence, Kanu Nwankwo has a date with her fans and admirers!

She would be inspiring and motivating as she shares her top secrets on how she has been able to hold it down admirably so far, as a mother of many kids (motherhood), a wife (former WAG) to a star sport’s personality, how she has been able to keep fit and trim while holding down a career, as a “best selling author”? Health coach and architect.

According to the feelers we have gotten, it’s like a frenzy as people in London and surroundings have been falling over themselves to register at £20 each, for the upcoming gathering. At least for now, swords have been sheathed as she focuses on the upcoming event, no distractions whatsoever coming from her husband’s brother and his wife, who also seem to have become a best selling author, with her book on how to make money from Instagram which seems to have sold out!

Lest we forget, the Kanu kids all look super good, we really like them. 


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  • Amara is a classy one unlike lousy and ratchet Laura. Typical story of you can take a girl out of ghetto and can never take ghetto out of her.
    Which sold out book? You meant to say that Laura got free money from those celebrities just to impress her sister? Did she give out the amount of books paid for by Celebrities to give out to those dummy fans of hers looking for money to fall on them reading that nonsense she herself have no clue about?
    People paid for certain amount of books which I doubt if she gives the amount of books to the gullible ignorant people that are looking for manna to fall by mere reading her one page tacky book.
    (1) Everything she wrote can be found on Google and (2). She was able to get all those endorsements because of her Linda influence. Linda gives her a big shoutout on her platform with Millions of fans.
    (3)All these helpless poor kids should make Google their friend and should stop being deceived by one little lousy ratchet girl with no clue on how to make money without the help of her sister and her handlers which those kids might not be able to afford.
    (4) Very manupulating cover and misleading

    • Anon 4:03am! That Anon up there was only stating the fact! She/he is not bitter and this blog belongs to Aloba so who the devil are you to ask anyone to leave? Eh? Ewii.

    • Anon 4.03. Is that you big mouth Laura? Are you for real. Please tell me one thing about Laura that anyone will be bitter about? FYI Misery has nothing to do with me but you. Bitter about Laura getting money for her nonsense book to distribute to ignorant desperate kids and pocketing the money? Ask her if she has given the amount of books she got money from the Celebrities.

    • Anon 10.15, you actually sound bitter. I do not know you and I'm stating a fact. I don't care what your opinion is, you sound like a fucking hater. Tone it down a bit so people can get your message. By the way, how do you know the contents of the book? You obviously read it. Why did you? I'd never read Laura's book. So why did you? Also, this post is about Amara. If you're carrying all that bile in your heart and looking to pour it on a post that doesn't even concern Laura, why are you getting upset because someone called you bitter? It's simply a fact and nothing to be upset about. You are bitter. Now go ahead and call me Laura because you're too shallow to imagine that other people can and will call you what you are.

    • At Professor X. I'm sure you are either big mouth ratchet Laura or her Publicist and either way you are not only stupid and shallow, but also very brainless one. Will not give you unnecessary power. I thought Laura is married? How come she doesn't live with her husband in London? Please tell her to give out the exact amount of books those celebrities gave her money for. They gave her the money to distribute books to those fools she was playing game with

    • At Professir Fakeass . STFU. Your comment gave you away that you are big mouth tacky Laura. Will sit here and wait till her burst and that of her sister burst. Everything with a beginning must have end though . Will see how far their WAYO will go and BTW, people have now started to realize that her. dirty looking sister is a fake ass phony copy and paste intellectual thief.

    • Because she is classier, focus, educated and family oriented and she also has a good head on her shoulder. And she lives together with her husband like a real husband and wife does. And BTW, what is Laura excuse for not living with her husband under the same roof? Because the guy wasn't ready for marriage but had to get married to her quickly because of her pregnancy