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The former Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria, who held us spellbound and eating from her beautiful palm for several years seem to have gone into a somewhat anonymous cocoon, even some would describe it as disappering into oblivion!

For someone who was permanently, gamely in our face before, this seeming volte face and creeping into stealth mode or incognito mode is somewhat surprising!

For many years, Chief Ms. Adenike “Asabi” Oshinowo, who first came into our consciousness when she emerged as the queen at the then premier beauty pageant, Most Beautiful Girl Nigeria many many years back 90/91 to be more precise, she reigned supreme courting all the media attention, appearing on the cover of all the magazines available then. She was the super Celebrity/star that was a delight of the press as many stories and tales were written about her, which titillated the public so much. She was the ultimate mega star from planet Jupiter. From her various out of the world relationships, to many projects that she engaged in, even to her supposed health issues, which gained so much attention and brought attention to the issue of “endometriosis”, which hitherto then was not too well known.

From being a beauty queen herself, she later took charge of the pageant franchise, which she tried to revamp also for about 2 seasons before things went south. She even began a TV talk show, also with so much hype preceeding it, but it ended up a colossal failure, as many didn’t dig into her or her style of presenting, it was like the larger percentage found the Ibadan native, who could speak 5 major languages- including Japanese and French, somewhat plastic and off-putting! But even at that, she was still in our face and many still loved her.

One of what really made her very popular was her celebrated relationship/marriage to Dr. Tunde Soleye, the medical doctor turned top businessman, who for several years maintained a top suite at Nigeria’s number 1 hotel, the Nicon-Nuga Hotel then. What had gotten everyone’s attention then was that the then very married Doctor, seemingly threw everything to the dogs, not caring and not minding whose ox was gored to move on and in, with the ex-beauty queen!

It was at first like a story made in fairy tale heaven, likes of Cinderella and her Prince, but alas after only a few years, what was supposed to have been forever ever after, ended up a major mud splatting, ego stripping fiasco, that left one member of the duo totally diminished and leaking the wounds, while the other party just went up another gear and moved on with life.

One of the highlights in the story of Ms, sorry Chief Ms. Oshinowo, who is a confirmed titled Chief (she was appointed a chief by Oba Mobadenle Oyekan) were her twin- “Abayomi (boy) & Faramade (girl)”, whom she bore via a surrogate in 2014! Since the delightsome duo came on board, she just seemed to have mellowed down completely and gone totally quiet, away from the same media attention that blasted & propelled her sky high into everyone’s consciousness.

Which is why we are now asking the question, Where is the Nigerian Queen of heart? 


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    • This woman is very nasty and have no care for anything except money. She was traveling all over the world in first class or private jet but couldn't take care of her mother at the rented house at Magodo Lagos and sent her back to a Ibadan to live. Nasty and Bitchy in Capital

  • Aloba, point of correction, Nike is not somewhat plastic SHE IS PLASTIC.AND VERY ARROGANT. I wouldn't want that stupid mediocre nonsense even if my life depended on it. Unfortunately everything she touches fails.

  • Queen after your heart but not after mine. Perhaps you meant to say that she is the Queen of fakery, vain, superficial and shallow. Oh my!!! I could go on and on about her stupid arrogance. She is the real example of how the mighty fallens.


  • Everything this woman touches fails because she is a phony MF. She can only say hello and how are you? But not as she made it sound like she can speak fluently. Just one of her phony fake ass ways making it look she can speak them fluently

  • Can't stand this woman and whatever she is made of. From her spa,marriage, miss Nigeria pageant to her failed talk show, everything she touches failed because is very hard for people to relate to her and to cap it all, her kids are white mid sand she wonder why she is not liked by people? Take a look at the mirror Nike and see if you can recognize who you are looking at.

  • Hibernating and caring for her next money making chil…,coughs.., machines to grow up and start earning. What am I even saying sef?! 🚶🏽‍♀️

  • Ran into her few months back at the blue radisson hotel restaurant and I must say she is quite a stunner and still looks absolutely beautiful for her age.

  • Recently she and MO now pally again.may be the ever patient madam Nkiru,who can't just leave Nike to her fate,still decide to be in same circle with her@MO's private screening of her movie.

    • I didnt know she was a close friend with MO. Another overhyped bitch. But at least MO have businesses that hires many people and what job or business Nike has again? Except selling herself?

  • Used to admire this woman till I …….and was so heartbroken! I know behind closed doors, you're real for a split second! Met one of your cousins, till I found out that your cousin's mum was caught pants down with one of her hubby's best pal! I had run from your messy family! All fine but dirty and slutty tales! I'm out now and doing fine but will never forget our first …..!

    • Hmmmmmmm! Small world! Her male cousin, abi???? Whose mum was caught pants down with husband's best friend! And I thought that story was made up so it's true! The stupid male cousin will be doing fine man up and down! Hid his wife in UK and be spreading diseases up and down!

  • Dropping her kids off at Lagos preparatory with the Black S class or the Range Rover, or jogging every other day in banana island, or holding yoga dates at hers. I’ll like to believe motherhood changed her, because my kids are her sons classmate and she seems a lot more cultured and less superficial. Still don’t understand why she needs to show up in expensive cars and vancleef jewellery when picking up her kids though. Not a hater before you guys attack me, I’m just saying.

  • Are you kidding me? This woman has always been superficial. She is known since she came to limelight for being vain, shallow and superficial. Please tell me one thing she has ever done in her life that is not about vanity. Those kids skin tone just validated her level of being vain and superficial


  • You're absolutely correct.

    She should take an uber or taxify or even keke napep and tie those iyalamala wrappers with faded edges so as to appear 'humble'(Nigerians favourite word) and fit into your noble and erudite perception of who she should be.
    After all, you own her,own her life and even her future and made her who she is.

    *Please don't be stupid and say the usual 'Welcome Nike'.
    I can get more juice from a banana than something intelligent from most of you single digit IQ people. It's like a lot of you are pressed to match your Intelligence Quotient to your dress size. Pity.

    • Anon! You think you made sense? Based on figments of your imagination! My friend, will you state your point without throwing insults!

    • No need to be rude. I totally understand and I first hand experience her overbearing phoney nature. Anybody who has kids in Lagos Prep in Glover can testify to her “shove money down their face” and “I have contacts” mannerism she constantly shows. Recently the school intended to organise a day out talking to kids about waste and recycling and somehow she brought Visionscape and the whole thing turned into a fan fare than an actual kids day out.
      For someone who doesn’t seem to have an viable source of livelihood I still don’t understand where the money comes from. She drowns her kids in Gucci and bottegga school bags. What for? Constantly shoving it down our faces during PTA how she wants her kids to see the world befor they are 12 reason why they travel every holiday and midterm they get. Why do that? Let kids be kids!! Again I ask, where does she get this unending pool of money from?

    • Obviously you are a complete hater. Bet you cry yourself to sleep…,pity. Leave Nike to bring up her kids in whatever. You do your own for your kids. Quit being miserable.

    • 10:51 I am 3:19pm but 12:28am.

      See, I hate to break it to you, but it's not your business how she gets her 'unending pool of money.'
      Is your own pool of money missing?
      Let her be with her 'phoniness', 'fakeness', 'drowning her kids with Gucci' 'ensuring her kids travel every holiday' yadi yada yada.
      If this was a government official, I would understand why you seem so incredibly obsessed and even demand that they reveal their source of wealth.
      She's not.
      Let her be.
      We see her type everyday.
      No be today.
      Some so complete enthralled with their perceived 'wealth', wealth that they never imagined they would get in 300 lifetimes, that they never fail to remind others about it in the most crass way.
      I say let her be.
      If she wants to have her kids delivered by flight to class everyday, with helipad on the roof of her Bentley, that is her business.
      It is only when her actions threaten you and your kids/family physically, financially,etc, then I will say bring out your fangs, knives, machete etc. I don't play with my family.
      Otherwise, I say deal with the gross sense of intimidation you feel and face front.
      Me, here in Nigeria, especially Lagos, I am constantly on Ctrl-Alt-Ignore. Can't give myself a headache on someone who is of no relevance to my life.

    • Anon 5.03 PM Let me scream. IT IS MY BUSINESS BECAUSE SHE MESSED UP MY MAN AND MARRIAGE . What do you have to say to say to that PREACHER???

    • 9:54


      Absolutely nothing.

      Nigerians seem to have been generously sold one of their many primitive myths: 'The louder the voice, the better their argument.'

      Loll, as is apparent even here, it's quite the opposite isn't it?

      Why on earth would I converse with someone 'screaming'?

      Am I mad?

      *PS: Don't know about your marriage but unless you married a toy, your man 'messed' up himself. Everything is a choice, child.