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Wow wow wow, our culture and tradition is so rich and so beautiful, always a delight to watch or see, we only just need to give it the right packaging for the world to appreciate and embrace!

The start of the wedding proceedings between Fatima ‘Baby’ Abdullahi Umar Ganduje and Idris Abolaji Abiola-Ajimobi’ began last night with the “Kunshi”, which normally heralds the beginning of events. The “Kunshi” in the north is actually a beautification process and it has to do with the henna tattoo or paintings done on the bride. According to the culture in the Northern part of Nigeria, the henna painting adds beauty to the lady getting married and marks the beginning of the events of the whole process.

Last night, Thursday March 1, 2018 was Fatima’s Kunshi day and the gorgeous beauty dazzled all comers with not just her beauty, but also her fashion style. For she looked pretty fabulous in her gold garb and turban. Her stylist did an obvious amazing job and it showed all over. The brilliant graduate of the American University of Nigeria, Yola, Adamawa state looked every inch like Princess Aurora!

The ceremony continues tomorrow at noon with the main dish, which is the “Nikkai”, which will hold at the Central Mosque located inside the palace compound of the Emir of Kano, Alhaji Muhammad Sanusi II.

Congratulations from us to the couple and their families.

Photography-Sani Maikatanga


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  • She’s beautiful.

    But wait, someone explain to me, a Muslim that prays 5 times etc? Are they permitted to fornicate before marriage. Is this the teaching of the Quran

    • Wetin concern you? Pastor face ya front. Yes let her test the microphone before story begin. They are happy!!!! All is good. Leave religion and be happy for them. Thks

  • Aloba you abandoned your blog and went to eat barbecue in banana island abi? Clap for yourself! This one you can’t even claim sick again. You have people that believe in this blog and you don’t wanna take it seriously… just continue.

    • At Palesa Well said my Darling Palesa. If Aloba has been focused and take this blog serious, he would have been bigger and richer than Linda and other bloggers. I hope is not monitoring spirit worrying you, Aloba

  • Where are you again Aloba? Person is tired of this your AWOL all the time. Why are you messing up with your readers?

  • CANT DEAL WITH YOU KEEPING US HANGING ANY LONGER, ALOBA. CANT DEAL. GIVE UP REFRESHING. I really hope you get yourself together and stop playing this AWOL game of yours. Can't deal