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Talk about being resourceful and homely, then the title should go to our amiable 2nd lady- (Mrs Dolapo Osinbajo), if ever there was a word or phrase like that.

Imagine that instead of spending untold tens or hundreds of thousands to bake her daughter’s wedding cake, but as her own labour of love she personally did the baking of the cake that was “the cake” at her daughter’s beaitbeau, low keyed wedding reception .

That she could find time to do it, admist her very busy schedule, must have been a labour born out of love and special connect with her daughter (family).

And she gleefully in a post about the cake baking on her social media platform, acknowledging good home-training and upbringing (Home Economics) with gifting her the skills to do the such!

Hear her- “The cake I baked and decorated for my daughter’s wedding day. Trimmed the cake board with crochet…..The things our great mothers taught us! #FromMothertoDaughter  #PassItOn #LoveBaking #LoveCrochet 


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  • Now! That’s a classy Mum! She’s so grounded! Wow! VP and his wife are indeed classy and beautiful!

  • no they are not ….this is what she does often and i think its a thing of joy to be able to do this for your daughters wedding

  • false modesty, they know their gullible audience.The humility and laid back packaging will always fool Nigerians.Show us how many bakers are behind the cameras as you dish out instructions and taking quick pic.They are both starting to irritate the crap out of meat least Buhati doesn't give a shit and he isn't pretending but these ones will pretend to really care when we know thew truth

    • You can never please Nigerians. Y'all literally dissed Fatima & Abolaji Ajimobi cause their wedding was too loud. Now this is fake modesty? What is it with you guys? Anyone who knows this family, particularly the bride Damilola; will know she's very shy, and doesn't like attention and she's quite reserved unlike her kid sister Kanyisola (Kiki). Because the happy Mom of th bride posted the pictures of her baking her daughter's wedding cake; she's suddenly trying to hard? Y'all need to seriously chill out.

    • Loud it please. I loved thsi man before I knew his relationship with Fowler. Everyone knows Mr F is a great time deals man when he was in LIRS why upgrade a man like that to FIRS so he can enrich himself more with tax payers money? Sad what we all do and hide under the pretense of being pastors, imams

  • I'm not sure that she decorated the cake. She must have assisted but I don't think she did the whole cake

    • It's possible she decorated the cake. Nigerian Morhers; what is it they can't do? My Mom used to make my birthday cakes when I was younger. Like she said on Instagram, her late Mom taught her how to bake.

  • @anon 2;07 family solicitor aka social climber and famzer I am sure you are in their family WhatsApp group thats how come you know so much about them.No one has made reference to the bride and groom but the parents sticking their false modesty in our faces.BTW if the daughter was really all that you says then she won't have acceded to an arranged marriage with Shagaya who is known to be in it solely for social and financial benefit

  • You are just an idiot. Cause I said that you can't please Nigerians, I must be a social climber or a famzer? Really now? How old are you? Invest in a brain, fool. I went to Uni with her. Go and ask anyone who went to high school or Uni with her they'll say same about her. Very shy, and reclusive, unlike her younger sister. Your comment about her marrying Shagaya just shows how shallow and dense you are. While I can't marry into that family because of the woman, she's married to her son, not her and her son isn't a Shagaya. About the marriage being an arranged marriage; it's a shame how absolutely senseless some Nigerians are. I'm sure you were also in the family whatsapp group to know the marriage was arranged? Cretin. Foolish comments some people leave.

  • @anon1;17 congratulations now we know you went to Uni with her and know her sister, defender extraordinaire.However in your demented and single celled brain you didn't figure out that people portray a different outward personae from their real behaviour.
    Ode oponu, now jumped from her unsolicited defence of the Osibanjos to Shagaya.I don't know the Osibanjos but I know the Shagayas longer than you started your unsolicited gbewudani famzing.Even if you are commenting as anonymous one constant that is obvious in your character is that you are a satchel mouthed Buffoon.A loud mouthed shameless foghorn whose stock in trade is social climbing and name dropping.
    LOL Daft heifer keeps muttering Nigerians as if she is from Ghana or Rwanda,pele o Somalian idiot