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Preggie Zahra

Jamil and little bro…

M D Abubakar

After the terrible gloom that pervaded the atmosphere of the former IGP’s home in 2012 when his beloved late wife, HAJIA Maryam Abubakar passed on, in January of 2012 after a fierce, but lost battle with cancer, which she lost gallantly, Allah, the beneficent and most merciful, thought to remove the terrible gloom and to repair the sad loss somewhat, and brought a glorious reign and ray of good sunshine into that same home again, when the former “Zahra Bunu Sheriff Musa” caught the eyes of the handsome IGP,”Mohammed Dikko Abubakar” and brought in the required relief, to soothe a heart that was terribly broken.

A year after Hajia Abubakar had passed on to the great beyond, love came smiling gloriously again to totally soothe a broken heart, and it was sealed in holy matrimony on September 13, 2013 at a colourful ceremony, whilst Mallam M D Abubakar was still the Inspector General of Police of Nigeria.

Fast forward to July 23, 2014 nearly a year later in far away Atlanta, Georgia USA, Allah blessed the couple again as they welcomed with awesome joy, the first addition to their marriage. The bundle of joy was a bouncing baby boy, who would be ‘4’ come July of 2018. The then new addition is the much younger sibling of the former IGP’s first son, Jamil ‘jam-boy’ Abubakar, the young wealthy pilot who only just got married to his heartbeat and heartthrob, Fatima Abubakar nee Dangote, at a beautiful ceremony in Kano just over the weekend. So Zahra is Jamil’s mom, though step-mom, to be more exact! Then another brother and son came 2 years ago.

Zahra’s first son, came when she was 35 year old in 2014, the Engineer then with a degree in Civil Engineering from the ABU, Zaria and a Master’s in Construction Engineering from the University of Loughborough, in the UK was the youngest ever President of POWA (Police Officer’s Wives Association). Her 2nd came in 2016 after the IGP’s retirement, in fact 2 years after his retirement as IGP of Nigeria 2012 to 2014.

Zahra’s dad “Ambassador Bunu Sheriff Musa”, was a former top Minister who manned several portfolios then, likes of industries, mines and power, Water Resources & Employment, Labour & Productivity and in 1999 was Nigeria’s Ambassador to France.

Now at 39 year old just a year shy of her 40th, it seems like HAJIA Zahra Bunu Abubakar is getting set to welcome another bundle of joy, her baby number…… 3, 2 years after the 2nd! And from the looks of things, it the pregnancy, is obviously in the 3rd trimester, so before June or by June of 2018, we should be hearing the joyful cries of a bouncing baby, maybe a girl this time around to balance things out somewhat, a mini me of Zahra!  Mallam Abubakar and his supremely gorgeous and quite intelligent very impressive sure knows how to do good spacing!


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