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Sade’s outfit t CityPeople award

Come this weekend, Sunday March 25, 2018 at the Oriental Hotel, Lagos, the very delectably gorgeous mother of 4 and dashing wife of multimillionaire businessnan behind the Eleganza Fame, Chief Razak Akanni Okoya, in the person of Chief Dr. Mrs. Folashade Okoya, would have the honour of receiving the Nigerian Women Achievers Award 2018, as their “Business/Style Icon & Philanthropist of the year 2018.

The 40 plus lady who is a director at her husband’s brand has really grown in the past few, but exciting years, learning each step of the way and has gradually come into her own, gradually creeping towards that iconic status, one day at a time. Truth be told, her husband’s unflinching love, attention and support and most especially deep pocket has helped in no small way to help towards her growing status. On her own side, she has helped in no more small way to bring sanity and more profit to their family business.

Some other award recipients set to be celebrated that same night are the likes of politician and daughter of the great Esama of Benin, who is a good friend of the Liberian President, Hon. Omosede Igbinedion,  controversial designer and ex-beauty queen Maryam Elisha, actress Empress Njamah, jack of many trade and seeming master of them all, the CEO of Tiannah:s Place Empire, Toyin Lawani, super learned actress and entrepreneur Chika Ike and very many others. The evening is obviously going to be mad LIT!!!!

Omosede Igbinedion

More after the break.

Toyin Lawani

Maryam Elisha

Chika Ike

Empress Njamah 

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  • Congrats to Empress Njamah! She deserves an award for always giving to the orphans.
    The first picture of Sade in this post is not good at all, looking like a mop! Prefer the second picture. No offense though.
    Lawani, the fashion designer! Yes deserves an award. Her handwork not her personality.
    The rest, I guess paid to this award! No hating!

    • First let me state for the record that Sade Okoya dress look like THE OGBONNI wrapper. The only thing that she is also successful at is being married to her Ancestor and have no idea what business she has that she is successful at except the Eleganza Company that has been in existence before she was born. TOO MUCH HYPE OVER MEDIOCRITY. Give me a big break!!!

    • Yes Sade Okoya dress is like the Ogbonni Fraternity Outfit. She need to fire whoever design this tacky Ogbonni dress for her. Oversabi local Sade and her Tacky mediocre Tailor. Lol

    • Bunmi called herself a designer with all this tacky Casper the Ghost/Masquerade style? Hmmmm!!!! She need to leave rubbish for Garbage people

    • Shade should fire whoever design the Ogbonni outfit for her. That tailor is wicked and doesn't like her to have allowed her wear this nonsense in public. Shade can of course afford good decent designer like Deola, LDA or Odio and not some tacky Isale Eko tailor. Shade just prove my point that money can't buy you class. As far as I'm concerned, Shade doesn't have class

    • 6.41PM.? Laughed so hard too. Bunch of idiots being awarded. The jazz girl from Ghetto to Glass houses, The spoilt child mother of one opening her legs to married men without any shame, the runs girl turn Jack of all trade with fake everything the mediocre designer, the extraodinaire runs fake ass girl with fake designer and last but not the least is the So so C class actress. See nothing they have done or to help the community to deserve a pen

    • At 7.10 PM. She sure was. Lol. She might have money in her disposal but she has no taste and class. Her dressing lean towards typical Isale Eko ghetto girls dressing. Very tacky and classless. And people should stop talking about her figure because she, her mentor Modupe and Kofo (3 evil and jazzMusketeers) has done a lot of surgeries to look that good. This woman cannot even speak a good sentence English even if her life depends on it. The only thing she has achieved in her life is being married to the man when he was already too old to be running after girls and her Jazz helps too

  • i had to be sure that the first picture wasn't my village " female Masquerade" known as nwanyi oma! what kind of outfit is this pls? what is it called? haba! Empress always cook for the orphans every year so she deserves an award!

  • Wow!!! I didn't know that Shade Okoya has been initiated into Ogbonni Society. Why did it take them this long before they initiated her?

  • So, this is how ogbonni people dress??? I plead the blood of Jesus Christ over my life! Very dirty and fetish! You better give your life to Christ madam!

  • Whoever dressed madam sade up in this outfit is a demonic and wicked person!! Or plot twist!, maybe she wanted to rep her society and asked for this to identify with them.
    Toyin is trying but that elisha has no business being here. I guess it was kurukere waka award. Congrats to all of them, bought or deserved. 😒