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Mr and Mrs Olufeko

Oyin Olufeko nee Adenuga

Wole Aboderin 

The eldest daughter of billionaire businessman, Otunba Dr. Mike Agbolade ADENUGA, in the person of Oyin ADENUGA, now Mrs Oyin Adeolu Abayomi Olufeko was in the house at the Arise Fashion Week 2018 in Lagos yesterday, Monday, April 2, 2018 at the Continental Hotel, VI venue. She came in with her fine gentleman of a husband, Adeolu when a couple of the shows was ongoing. Meaning, all (everyone) had to wait, till that particular show would end before going on to grab their sits. She eventually sat at the front seat to the left latter.

Just at the same standing area, just about an arms length away to the right, waiting also to go grab his own seat  which was to the left, was none other than Oyin’s “former friend” or “acquaintance”, who many had then thought (though wrongly) was somewhat romantically linked to her which was found to be a lot of bumkum afterwards, and by virtue of that literally caused loads of unbelievable furore then, in the person of guy about town, property merchant Wole Aboderin.

The unpleasant attention that Wole had gotten then, made him go away quietly then for a while.

We were right behind the three people, while Adeolu who was dressed very simply in his native was to the left of his wife, who was carrying a beautiful tan coloured Chanel Chain bag and wore same colour of shoes. We saw how in close proximity the trio all were and how everyone tactically avoided each other. We saw Wole at a point look to his left, where Oyin was and could only see her back. To put it simply, it was some form of awkward moment there. 


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  • Aloba, this isn't the kinda news a Nigerian mother in law wants to read almost a year into their marriage.

    And that Wole, is there anyone else who doesn't dig him?

    • MBG has upgraded to mother in law. Congrats mama Naija Delta. God will do it for her, that's what I thought Aloba wanted to drop.

      Me here, I don't dig him…

  • Isnt Wole batting for the other team,why is it by force to try and make him what he is not, aint no sane woman digging him ooo, he is around presidency now, he has plenty sponsors up North to choose from biko

  • @Anon April 5, 2018 at 7:35 AM, thank you. He eventually fell out with his BFF with the hyphenated name F O-L. Wole the pimp master. How's his APC connection going these days?