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Daniella Okeke

Iyabo Ojo

Apostle Suleiman

One just hopes that the very blessed one, Miss Cossy Orjiakor is prepared for the kind of war that she might have stirred up when she recently stirred the hornet’s nest again with her unveiled, but very bold utterances against a few of her so called colleagues or is it former friends, namely Daniella Okeke & Iyabo Ojo.

But she didn’t end her outburst at just those 2 at all as she also went at beleaguered man of God, Apostle Suleiman, who seems to always have issues with some types of women, who enjoys calling him out for the most mundane of things. Imagine Cossy, goading the 3 personalities and even going as far as saying they could or should sue her if they dared!

Hear Cossy-  “I dislike a lot of people, and Danielle Okeke happens to be one of them. Sue me.

“I dislike a lot of people and Iyabo Ojo happens to be one of them. Sue me.

“I dislike a lot of people…frienermies…and this pastor just happens to be one them. Sue me.”

The actress also expressed her hatred for popular pastor, Apostle Johnson Suleman.

Seems like none of the trio she has called out have taken her on as per her goading them and have thought to simply siddon dey look or better still, to “Let sleeping dog lie”! 


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  • Was she the pimp and was she undercut?

    Palesa – please rehash the story again.

    Meanwhile, Oga Aloba, you couldn't get a better picture of her? Looks like she used crayons as make up. Pasty faced and minging hair. I like Cossy though.

    They all look scary, mammy water kind of scary including their Igwe (king) of mammy water.

  • @fan, Cossy was the pimp, she claimed to have encountered Daniella when that one was on a bike and her big bum was giggling away. Hooked her up with Apostle and the rest, they say was history. She also hooked iy up with the same apostle.
    So apparently Apostle has been reneging on promises to Cossy while filling up the other ladies’ account much to the chagrin of Cossy who felt left out of Apostle’s largess as it is said that he’s a very generous man and according to reports, they tried to spoil her relationship with Apostle so as to cut her ties with him to stop her from giving him any new women. Hence cossy’s previous blind outburst and now her more recent, direct attack.
    I’ve heard of his escapades with actresses way before these recent scandals most notably Ruth Kadiri, whose lifestyle upgraded drastically after her encounter with the Mog.

  • I like Cossy too, she’s got nothing to hide. Now if she would just glow up, she’d be a darling.

  • I only feel sorry for the people who kneel before this so called apostle and have him lay hands on their head in the name of some fucked up annointing service, their destinies must be in shambles as I type this. Hmmm Nigerians are soooo gullible, I can never kneel/bow before any pastor. Most of them are ifa worshippers(coded), sexual deviants, Satan is a learner beside them. I pray in my room and God over-answers my prayers all the time.

  • There is a story I heard about this Apostle fellow well over a year before these stories came to light. Someone who is nowhere in the limelight who claimed to be one of his girls gave me a gist that sounded way too authentic. She had no reason to lie and the details were too deep.