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We are all so glad that Arise Fashion Week is back and with some bang too. After a couple of years in coma, the super well connected Prince Nduka Obaigbena applied the resurrection power and brought what used to be Africa’s premier fashion week back to life and we were all so happy and hope that it would stay. And curiously it took place over the Easter period! Which is known to celebrate or commemorate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Supreme Lord, what a coincidence!

So we were there all through the days and we have a few pictures of the red carpet style and the front row, also referred to as the “FROW” for your viewing pleasure. It was 3 classic days of fun, fashion, entertainment and excitement and as was expected, the fashionistas poured in at the venue, in torrents. It was obvious that they had been waiting for so long for Arise to come back to knock off the pretenders from their shadow thrones.

As expected Arise was loud with a purpose, with the headliner being none other than one of the world’s most iconic super model, in the person of the Inimitable and incomparable, Naomi Campbell. The British tigress who has ruled the world of modeling for so many years now is still an absolute delight to watch strutting her stuff majestically on the runway with plenty of Oomph and she showed all what it is like to be the queen of the runway. She was well supported by our dear own tigress Oluchi and the gorgeous Ojy Okpe.

This year’s event was at a much smaller venue than we have been used to, that is the Continental Hotel, Victoria Island Lagos, unlike the former venue the Federal Palace Hotel ground, which used to allow for so much space to manouevre. Apart from time management which scored very very low (imagine that on the 1st day the show didn’t start till 4 to 5 hours later and therefore dragged till midnight), every other thing as expected was top notch all the way. That’s what good money can make happen.

There were some usual suspects that we normally expected and would have love to see who were absent, likes of Deola Sagoe, Lisa Folawiyo, but all in all, those that showcased gave wonderful accounts of themselves. We must commend the likes of Tiffany Amber, LDA, Kimono Kollection, Mai Atafo, House of Irawo, Funke Adepoju, Odion Mimonet, Dzyn Abuja, What to Wear (Tinie Tempah), Ozwald Boateng, Kola Kudus, MOofa, Taryor Gabriels and a few others for a good job well done and for having their A-game on.

Lanre Da Silva Ajayi was the belle of the first day. She showed that she has matured tremendously and is absolutely one of our best designers in Nigeria. Oluchi, Ojy and Naomi all wore LDA outfits with outstanding confidence.

Tiffany Amber, the brand owned by Folake Coker undoubtedly put together one of the best showcase of the event. Her attention to detail on all levels made her near 10 minutes the best time at the fashion week. From the collection even to the music choice, it was near perfection, with Naomi killing the final showcase in her outfit.

Kimono Kollection for men, absolutely did it for us, he brought about a refreshing new take on many of our usual suspects. Adding new vibes here and there that made great sense. We absolutely love his full collection.

New brand in town, House of Irawo owned by top fashionista Abby Ikomi and her first daughter Dola, showed with their very first official showcase that this is a brand to watch for the future. Their 15 piece gorgeous collection made up of some ingenious hooded laces in cuts that were just fresh and outstanding, gladdened the heart in no small measures and put all on notice about future that’s already here now.  

Also we must commend Mai Atafo, for the drama he has learnt to always bring on board during his showcases. It’s obvious that the creative director of the brand understands the ethos of branding and media communications, so he always applies that understanding to his showcase. What he did with this particular collection was to evoke the good sense of tribal fervour as he brought out a refreshingly new take on the Ibo’s Isi Agwu, identifying something people (especially the Ibo) should be proud of, which got everyone applauding.

All in all the 3 days was mad fun. But organisation wise? There’s still much room for improvement, especially time factor wise.

We truly understand what it would normally take to organise a show of this caliber and we appreciate them amd commend them for trying to do a good job.

More after the break.

Yets Asika

TY Bello

Chief Oskar Ibru and wife

Kayla Oniwo 

Kola Kuddus & Yets of Yetty D

Yetty Ogunnubi

Efemina Adabamu

Kola Kuddus

Boma US based Nigerian model

Jeanette Udoh

Bibi Udoh of African Designers Mall

Jeanette Udoh & Obi Asika

Princess Kelechi Oghene of GMyt Fashion

Jeanette, Princess and Bibi

Fidelis Anosike, Chike Ogeah & Eyimofe Atake

Abby Ikomi

Jeanette Udoh & Bibi Udoh

Moriam Musa & Dorothy Egwuenu

Obi & Yets Asika


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    • Anon 6:30 if you aren't one of them, then you must be very senseless or ignorant.
      I don't envy Abi's life at all…remove the makeup ,cloths and razzmatazz and you only find 'kòròfo'

    • I’m anon 6.30. I’m not senseless. It’s you people that come foaming at the mouth like rabid dogs that are senseless. Insulting abikd does what exactly ? She’ll feel guilt and share the money ? Miss me with that bullshit and get a life. Abi is living hers!

    • 10.24. You meant to say she lives an empty life? Take all the designer away and you will know that deep down her life is a sad empty one. Even with her nose job and teeth Veneers ( expected her to do a more natural Veneers) and not the one that shouts fake teeth mere looking at her. She said she is friends with Khloe hangs on friend and she couldn't get the best cosmetic dentistry. Shame on her

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    • Her husband facing fraud case in Heritage bank yet they go about trying to show like they worked hard for the money. I pray he is convicted and thrown to kiriki. Wicked and heartless people governing the nation

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