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Peter Nielsen

Late Zainab Ali-Nielsen aka Alizee

Alizee and Petra

The investigation into the most gruesome murder of a mother and her child, that is Alizee and and Petra continues. And like we had reported in our last post the number 1 suspect, the husband/father of those murdered in the person of Peter Nielsen was arrested and he is doing his best to explain his involvement in the matter.

Initially he had denied complicity in the double homicide, claiming to have woken up in the morning at their luxurious Ocean Parade, Banana Island apartment to find the lifeless bodies of both his wife and his daughter already dead. But those around especially those who worked for them and some family have made contrary statement that have pooh poohed his supposed alibi and innocence.

According to the story the relationship between Peter and Alizee could only be described as been tumultuous at best, with constant bickering and fights the order of the day. He had sometime ago, during a fight beaten his wife to a coma and he had had to write an undertaking never ever to touch her again. He had always had the habit of battering his wife at the slightest provocation. In fact the night previous to Alizee and daughter’s murder, there had been load of angry exchanges that went deep into the night at increasing crescendo, only for some eerie quiet to have suddenly descended after a while that brought a sigh of relief to those who had been disturbed by the noise before, who had thought finally all was well. They had assumed that the couple after fighting for so long had finally settled their disagreement and had gone to bed peacefully, but alas only for the dead bodies of the 2 to be found later, suspected to have either been strangled/suffocated! In fact Peter claimed the death might have been caused by gas leakage!

Who else was in the house with them that could have killed both mother and child is now what the Police are investigating, since the initial claim of the only other occupant as at the time of the murder was that he wasn’t complicit.

The father and grandfather of the dead ones and other family members have been informed about the situation and Alizee’s father has even said that he’s known his son in law for 7 years now, and that he was a good man until sometime ago when he became very violent and had at a  time beaten his wife to stupor till she was comatose. The younger sister of the dead Alizee, is said to have claimed she saw/witnessed Peter violently hitting her sister’s head on the wall prior to her death.

The police have gone to comb the whole apartment to get every shred of evidence possible and Peter Nielsen, the chief suspect in the case is currently at Panti,  trying to help the Police to unravel the mystery behind the “double homicide” and at the same time try to extricate himself from all suspicions that points at him very strongly. As it is, Peter’s embassy were notified immediately to inform them that their citizen (Danish) is under investigation for first degree murder (intentional killing that is willful and premeditated with malice aforethought), in this case double homicide, which if convicted carries a maximum of life sentence, in this case most likely a double life time or even a death sentence. 

The weeks up coming would bring us more information, especially from the Police investigations and there findings about everything that took place that’s still like a mystery now to everyone.

May the souls of the dearly departed, whose lives were dastardly cut short in their prime find rest.  


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  • I just don't understand why people cannot walk away from a bad relationship or marriage instead of getting angry and killed the other person which will now make them spend the rest of their lives in jail

  • this is so sad especially for that innocent child.I often see them when they come into the estate cafe for drinks, grab take aways.Just last week I picked up one of the free CDs of her single which she left at the cafe for anyone to pick up free of charge.May their soul RIP and I really hope they get justice