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The quest to always stand out as one of the special ones would forever be the downfall of many. When you see some of these so called people that we call celebrity, a very large percentage of them are as fake as a kite. Trying to live a life that they cannot sustain, but would like go to any length possible to try to live.

They are ready to go to any length, to donate that “sacred island for a pot of pottage”, for that “it” bag (the Hermes Birkin or Kelly, Celine Phantom, the LV bags or their latest Gucci or Prada counterparts etc)  or even shoes, or even the new styles that might be dazzling all comers, travelling up and down via first class or at least business class, getting seen with those classified as the “in crowd”, wearing those top brands of wrist watches likes of the Rolexs, Audemar Piguets, Patek Philippes, Piagets, Franck Muller etc. Or they just must be seen to be cruising about town in some of the latest machines that money can buy, all of these things without substance of any kind.

Let’s give you a scenario. This lady had a traffic stopping party, a one of a kind gig that generated so much buzz, so much attention  sometime ago. The classy affair by all standards had the creme de la creme of the society in attendance. Billionaires, multimillionaires, captains of industries, fashionistas, celebrities etc. Good cuisine was served with good drinks that were not cheap at all, finished off with great canapes. Entertainment was top notch. Even the celebrant razzled-dazzled all comers to no end as she mimicked a legend effortlessly to the admiration of all. By all standards good money running into several millions must have been spent and used to organise that party that was the buzz everywhere, several weeks after and that still excites the mind when remembered up till now. It was actually one of the best event put together in a longwhile and would be rated as one of the best parties of the year.

But alas, after spending so much money to fete others. After spending several millions to entertain and impress others, imagine that this lady went abegging, asking someone to loan her ₦500000 not too long after the humongous party! Imagine that this lady, like severals like her loves to buy things but to pay as at when due is always war, most often in order not to pay they turn things rough!

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Let’s give you another scenario on this same lady. A couple of years back now, this lady and a fine boy Ghanaian performed magic with over ₦4million Naira paid them by a brand we know very well and infact had relationship with. The dude used to organise a well known charity fashion show. There was the idea to bring in Nigerian designers from abroad who have never showcased at home before, so the theme for that year’s showcase was to be tagged the “homecoming”.

So things were agreed and there was a meeting at the home of the lady at the behest of the Ghanaian pretty boy, who was an item with a well known designer before. So at the meeting much mouth was made, by the lady, claiming to know this brand or that big man or the other. But one of those at the meeting made a promise to bring one brand only on board and pledged that the brand would sponsor with at least ₦5million. So the person and MM, the Ghanaian dude met with the organisation and they immediately agreed to sponsor with the amount. When the cheque was going to be paid MM conveniently forgot to tell the person (partner) that took him to the brand. Apparently MM’s now enstranged designer lover/partner had clamped down on the charity’s actual account over issues we don’t know about, so any money paid into that account would have been trapped. So an alternative had to be provided, and madam party lady actually volunteered her account and the sponsorship money was paid into it. After the money cleared and the percentage on the sponsorship brought in was shared 3 ways (that was the agreement, that  certain percentage be taken from all sponsorship brought in and be divided 3 ways). Thereafter pretty boy claimed he needed to go to the UK to go discuss media/PR/Communications plans with the brand that does same for the charity over the years, for that year’s showcase. That was the last time the dude ever stepped into NIGERIA again. Between our lady and pretty boy, that’s how ₦4million Naira developed wings literally! Never to be seen again.

Madam claims that pretty boy collected the money from her that she transferred the money to him, pretty boy on his own claims till tomorrow that madam is with the money!

Fast forward again to another time, but more recent. She was again called to handle a project which a bank had agreed to sponsor. So the bank paid ₦70 million into her account on the instructions of her principal who had initiated the deal. When the money hit her account she was instructed to transfer ₦20million out of the ₦70m into another account for another project connected to the one she was also to handle, remaining ₦50million from the bank, the principal had already transferred to her before then ₦3.5million making a total of ₦53.5million with her. After several months of inactivity and she was told to come give account of the money in her hand apparently the money had entered into voicemail, that’s how she wanted to form activity. This was the same lady who had told her principal how she had caught her husband cheating and he had, had to help to calm her down. In wanting to scatter the matter she had claimed utilising the money, a whooping 53.5 million for the project. One of the expense she claimed to have spent part of the money on was that traveled First Class to America to meet with the major people concerned with the project!

Until the matter was reported at financial crimes commission by the bank and those involved invited by that organisation before she simmered down and has been paying back the money quietly in bits and pieces ever since.

So when you see these people flossing like they own the whole of Lagos or that their account balance is so intimidating, it’s all a big fat lie of the highest kind. There are a very few ladies in Lagos, who can ever try to stand shoulder to shoulder with the likes of FF, whose staggering portfolio is one to admire. So because of what they believe she’s worth, they all try to be like her, many have literally sold their souls or their “Bermuda triangle”, that island of uinmaginable pleasure, but that seems to have an expiry date or sell by date, have been overworked and over used, just so they can fly first class or carry bag or drive G Wagon or Range Rover and the likes.

What a shame!


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  • Fine boy MM. He now lives in South Africa. With reference to a party, I am thinking it's ex-Miss LUX I.W. It's 4 million naira they fought over? Kai!

  • Honestly speaking Mr aloba, YOU are the only one tripping for these people, the way you praise them when you publish their events here makes me laugh, you talk about them as if God is second to them(that is the impression I get), see how you described the so called FF? You need to go easy on the ‘praise and worship’ of these people as most of them are full of shit and if God opens your eyes to see the REAL SOURCE (Isale oro) of their wealth, YOU WILL VOMIT.

    • It’s all flattery. Tongue in cheek. I can imagine him laughing and shaking his head when he uses colourful language.

    • Perhaps Aloba either get egunje from FF or he adores her to the highest heaven.With the kind of corruption money FF father has, why wouldn't she be so vain and superficial? Give me a break!!! FF is nothing but a spoilt brat that get Daddy's money and that is it. Reason why the marriage life was too hot for her and with that Daddy's money entitlement, let us see how long her marriage will last too

    • Who the hell is FF? What has she done by herself except riding on Daddy's back and money? She ain't all that with her ugly face

    • I may be wrong though. FF FIRS it’s her family money and F(E)F it’s her money from doing all sorts.

  • Honestly speaking Miss/Ms/Mrs Blair Witch we write as we deem fit using the best of language to convey whatever information we have. We bet that part of the appeal for you is because of how we right those things. We wouldn't go gutter to explain or pass across the information we come across. The idea is to pass information across and if you have a counter to what's posted or publish you give your opinion. Writing about the life of luxury means you ll use certain words to describe such, it has not to do with hero worshipping of any human. I have no idols or hero of any kind,but I do have those I admire.

    It's gets somewhat when people who don't know you just make assumptions that's so far from the truth.

  • What I like about this blog is the fearlessness of the people who comment! It feels good to know you do not idolize these people. Sorry if I came across as harsh. I am Mrs by the way😊

    • You were a bit harsh, Aloba is a seasoned journalist. He has more hidden gists about them more than we do. He's just always been sarcastic.

      We're are not afraid, we've God by our sides. Lol

  • I.W not surprised! She took utility loan to buy Jeep from diamond Bank years back and never paid until the debt was written off.

    I also had a big boss (name withheld) she once went to meet to help him dress his wife for their new political post. She called it image consultancy. Charged him tens of millions. Baba Ijebu quickly blocked her off. Hahahahah

    • You're very correct. She took after mama. Mama supports her since she trained her, reason she entered her into the beauty pageant in the first instance. Owu iya gbin lomo o ran!

  • But she's a friend to millionaire daughter,funke F and billionaire friend Banks B. May be she should try divorce and marry dangote or FO.

    • Those friends are as stingy as they come and currently have marital problems. Those men can not marry her, she's better off their mistress. As my Yoruba friends will say, using up her good luck.

  • I was thinking it was OJE the actress but now I'm thinking it's Aunty Parisian Liasons, if you know what I mean

    • ….and celebrating friends. She has a problem she can't live a solo life and that's where her bad PR comes from!

    • She tries too hard to be accepted that she has it going on! When you're wealthy, you don't go chasing men to fuck you for peanuts or chasing pimps to pimp you! Fake old woman with handsome sons married to a one chance man for a hubby!

    • Ifeoma live a solo life?? Never! Once you're from a wealthy and known home, she will want the world to know that you're her friend! Like as if knowing a wealthy person is part of a resume! Fake! Inferior being!

    • I remember meeting this fake gal back then in one of Abby's get together! She came with her husband, then her boyfriend! Walked in , looking down on most of the girls around! Her husband looking like the witch that poisoned" sleeping beauty!

    • That must be a very long time ago. Now you can look down on her even if she's in the midst of her big dollar sponsors.

    • Kikikikikiki @ her hubby looking like the witch that poisoned sleeping beauty! Hahaha! Anonymous on this blog need an award.

  • Ifeoma's hubby must be a very wicked man, who doesn't take care of his wife! Making the poor gal work so hard on her knees and back while he goes dancing, one corner dance! Bad! Bad! Bad hubby!

    • That's what happens when they marry for the big family name and want to keep up appearances. Summarily she's a packaged olosho!

    • Abbey should marry her so they can make it official! Abbey has the cash and that would stop her from chasing men for peanuts!

    • IW on her knees ke? Not possible! She's old! It's only missionary style that she's capable of doing and maybe a bit of oral but to ride you or rimming, forget it! She might pass out! No stamina! Too old!

    • Please which big family name?? Talk about big family name, you call , Tinubu, Saraki, ibru, Ojora, Mobolaji Johnson, Tejuosho . I think the Williams made the supplementary list! *RME!

    • Mrs. Revisionist, the Williams family are on the "MAIN" list. Late Chief SB Williams was larger than life during his time, he was always in the company of then VP Aikhomu and Otuba Ojora. He was a successful Shipping magnate,Sports Administrator, and Philanthropist. Frank Bruno was able to reach the pinnacle of his career because people like Chief Sebastian Williams.

  • Anon you're funny. Abby marry her? There are some relationships that remain secret for life. And they enjoy themselves better that way till old age. Mama I.W has one wealthy Delta man she's been with secretly since her early marriage even now that she's a grandma. Leave them abeg!

    • Are you serious! Meanwhile she’s there forming active church worker and carrying church on her head. Hmmmm what greed, lack of contentment and trying to keep up appearances can cause. I don’t understand why she still stays married though. I mean it’s obvious she and her husband are fooling themselves i.e he must know about her runs, so why the pretence

    • Haba mama borngirl. You can’t drop this kind hot goat and not give a name now. Who is the delta man abeg? At least give us a hint now 😜

    • Abby I know you'll get to read this. Pls settle your longest serving pussy well with money. Let her stop sharing it round for big life you can afford for her.

    • Foolish one. When did telling what she did turned to hating? She need to respect herself as a married woman. That is all they are telling her.

    • Nah! No hate but she should tone it down a bit! She's not the only runz chick in town! Everytime she fucks, there's a loud noise, is she a loudspeaker?

    • But it’s her business isn’t it? This moral police nonsense has to stop. If you enjoy gossip then say so and bitch on happily but don’t talk from your high horse because I’m sure if you mattered you’d be judged and yanked down too.

  • @Mama Borngirl – for real? Re-"Mama I.W has one wealthy Delta man she's been with secretly since her early marriage even now that she's a grandma."
    Yepa! where is Mr Njoku? I am sure he is one quiet Igbo man.

    @Anon 6:09 am – Chief S. B. Williams was wealthy in his lifetime. The reason some of his children are laid back is because of that "my father is rich attitude." He gave all of them homes in Ikoyi and the ones that had drug issues, it was because of the wealth and free hand the man had in spreading his wealth among his children.

    • Yes dear. Mr Njok is an handsome and clean man compared to that my "father in law" who has just oil money and is crude. The man in quote has not been gossiped about in blogs. So lemme be quiet for now.

  • Fan, mama borngirl, GBG, aproko, all other blog commenters. All these gists can kill her softly. I see Ify regularly and I can say she's not happy. All her social media posts are just to cover up her sadness. You all should forgive her, she's stopped running after people's husband's after the church disgrace. She won't do so again.
    Thanks, concerned friend.

  • Who did this lady offend to have 70 comments in a blog that hardly has more than 20 comments.. it’s sad and awful way to be talked about