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John Boyega, Mo Abudu & Eunice Omole

The appreciative Nigerian society have been falling over themselves to identify and host British-Nigerian actor John Boyega since he landed in Nigeria not too long ago. It has been one event or occasion after the other and we are too sure, the handsome gentleman whose lot has increased in a very shortwhile in Hollywood to stratopheric level, since appearing in StarWars and to now directing his own blockbuster, which is getting loads of positive props must be revelling so much in all the good attention that have been coming his way.

We met the very calm and handsome dude at the reception organised for him by Glenfiditch Whisky at Cloud 9 over the weekend and we thought to observe him at a distance and close up and we were quite impressed with the package. Dude had no unnecessary airs about him and patiently greeted and attended to all that showed interest in him.

We had expected that with the typical Nigerian attitude of being stiff necked and posing unnecessarily, maybe they would be puffed up, with their nose in the air, like beautiful shit was in the air, but alas, even that the event was a black tie, formal event which allowed for unnecessary puffiness, everyone was still relaxed as Brymo performed a medley of his best jams to the admiration of everyone.

So one of the other reception hosted for John Boyega was the one by Ebony Life Tv, where Nigeria’s own media moguelette of extraordinary proportion in the person of style icon Mo Abudu calls the shot. As expected it was a cool affair with many in attendance lies ofor RMD, Biola Alabi etc. As expected also, the dazzler personified, that’s Mo Abudu for you, was the perfect hostess and she looked gorgeously sweet and standout in her all black ensemble, her sidekick as expected was her daughter.

Though on a personal note, we had expected to see loads and loads of many from Nollywood at this particular interaction/occasion,  we only saw a sprinkling of them RMD, Lala Akindoju and another. One would have expected that such events would have also been for the benefit of the industry also,  which is more likely to gain from such interactions that in the 1st place are very few and far between. But any which way, it was still a cool event from the look of things.

Curiously though, we didn’t see top OAP, author and certified celebrity Toke Makinwa, who normally would have graced such events like these- both the Glenfidtch event and Ebony LIfe TV event with her presence looking all fun and gorgeous and classy, maybe its because of the not too palatable encounter they had had recently before. Anyways we know that would soon be sorted out.

More after the break.

Biola Alabi

Denola & Mo Abudu

John Boyega, Mo Abudu & DeBola Williams 

RMD, Boyega & Abudu

Denola, Mo & Eunice Omole

Obi Asia & John Boyega

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  • Nigerians always fall over themselves for anyone a little successful in abroad. I can understand Boyega but sometimes is all the ratchet C List Reality Stars that they brought into the country and treated them like God. Complex people irrespective of their exposures

    • Majority of Nigerians truly suffer from
      Complex. I remember boyegas family back in London and his sister grace . All this must even be so strange to him, he must be having a good laugh within.

  • This John looks gay to me. Denola will make a very fine boyfriend for him. MO Abudu is quite beautiful. Nice crowd all round.

  • Mo looks pretty here. BMPro needs to stop that over edit she does on her clients.

    Obi looking trim and more handsome. No body shaming here but too much fat isn't healthy.

    Beautiful people all round, the photographer did a good job.

    • Yep! Obi looking trim. Besides he's friend to maje ayida so go figure! Just saying.i am not saying anything!

  • I am so happy that toke makinwa respected herself and stayed away. It is not every invitation that should be honored.

  • Has Biola Alabi joined the bleaching gang? Please don’t do this to yourself. You were a classy woman back in your days of corporate Mnet. We think you are better than them ooo. You don’t have to join these ratchet entertainment industry women to excel as a movie producer.