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That Chioma is a beautiful lady is like saying fishes swim in water or that a cow eats grass. Not only is the co-owner/co-founder/co-CEO of one of Nigeria’s fastest growing Lifestyle brand GoodHair Limited gorgeous, the young lady with those wondrous seductive big eyeballs, is also a style package, in fact a bombshell at that.

But it’s not just about her beauty and badass shape for this well mannered British born Nigerian, still in her 20s, but the young and very focused entrepreneur is also a brain too, highly cerebral at that to add to the very good package too. The barrister-at-law, with an LLM in International Environmental Law and Commercial Arbitration, from a University abroad packs it all together wit fill effect.

She and her partner, who is like a sister Kika Osunde, started what has now become a multimillion Naira business empire selling hair and accessories in the UK in 2009, they saw the need to come to their motherland to do business and they exploited that opportunity very well and the story is what it is today, with them opening their multi-purpose HQ, a mall that houses many of their lifestyle businesses they are into, hair and accessories marketing, salon and spa etc.

Since they opened business, it has been like a virtual goldmine, with the money pouring in like an unrelenting waterfall that’s not willing to abate

As a testament to the fact that they are enjoying so much visibility in their business and are probably one of the current best at it, they sponsored the hair styling part of the Arise Fashion Week 2018, which recently returned to Lagos with a big bang and that’s not a small deal at all! So both friends are really doing well if you ask us.

But our focus today is more on the quiet Chioma Ikokwu. Whose style swag caught our attention, especially over the 3 days of the Arise Fashion Week 2018. For those 3 days, Chioma was impeccably put together from head to toe, even when in her very casual outfits and she was smizzing with full effect, knowing fully well that the size has a way of disarming even Zeus and on all who saw her. Check her out above. 


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    • Pls tell us the mans name so we can help you to warn her well. For all we know they may be several of them..😂

    • Why dnt the married men stay on their own??? y do they go dating other women ? if u do not want to be married stay single & have kids or become a polygamist… i hate a cheating husband but i think 9ja women re part of the problem. y tolerate a cheat by always focusing on d girl ? did she ask d man out? y not face d man nd leave the woman?

    • They don't know that his wife knows and has receipts, in his wife's close relative, wife is Yoruba and her name starts with J same as hubby who is from the south south but this aunty will not let him be, trailing him by the minute, tension has been high in that home and she is a direct cause

    • It cant be, arent they rumored to be a front for Mrs Jo with good hair? Then again you can never call it with these thirsty Lagos hoes who will sleep with even animals for the right amount.

  • This beautiful gal can date any single big boy, why a married man now? I want to believe that the married man must've lied to her that he is not married and probably doesn't wear a wedding ring! Chioma! You're a fine gal, please forget that married man cos you deserve better!

  • Dear Nigerian young women apart from fake hair, shoes, bags and clothes what other business ventures can you do ? I mean what is new with you people.

    Surprise us for once 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • I’m telling you. The thing is just somehow! Tired of seeing CEO of xxxxhair, GM of somethingspa!!!!

      Please what standards are we setting for our daughters?

    • How about you surprise us with a new business idea and lets be wowed by it? How about you set the new trend and lets applaud you? In the meantime let those who are doing these hair and spa business that you have grown tired of continue their hustle in piece while you keep hating from behind your phone. Just saying…
      This life ehn! You make an effort they insult you, you dont make any effort they insult you… which way please?