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Jim Ovia

Mr & Mrs OLA & Isioma Olowu

All things being equal another addition is most definitely going to be added to the growing clan of the billionaire chairman of Zenith Bank in the person of Mr. Jim Ovia. This is because his adorable first daughter, Isioma Olowu also known as either Isio or Isi is already many months heavy or like we love to tag it, she’s on the 9 months course and if our information is as accurate as we know it is, she’s even in her third trimester, meaning not too long soon the new bambino would soon announce him or herself to the world, with that familiar baby cry of, “I have arrived”!

Isioma is the first daughter of the immensely liquid chairman of Zenith  Bank, in fact the bank’s single highest individual shareholder, owning about 9% stake or slightly more. Before becoming the Chairman of the Bank he had founded in 1990, he was the bank’s MD/CEO from inception till 2010 (that’s for a straight 20 years). He is the owner of Quantum Properties, which owns and control an extraordinary portfolio of properties, he is also the proprietor of the “University of Information and Technology, Agbor, Delta”, while also the founder of probably the best secondary in the South-south region by name “James Hope College”, Agbor, a free co-educational secondary school. The Ovia family of Agbor are the holders of the 2nd most important traditional title in Agbor- “Obi Olihe of Agbor-Obi”, second only to that of the Dein of Agbor, the traditional ruler ofor that kingdom. The title has been in the family for as long as history can remember it.

Isioma is the elder sibling of Zephia and Tito, all daughters of Mrs. Kay Ovia, the wife of Mr. Ovia who is the gorgeous CEO of Quantum Markets.

Isioma Olowu nee Ovia had gotten married to her beau, Ola Olowu, the elder bro of iLLrymz on August 24, 2013 in London at a very lavish and lush wedding ceremony, with the reception at the iconic Savoy Hotel, in London. That’s going to 5 years now. This upcoming baby is her 2nd child. Her handsome husband had proposed to her at age 28, on her birthday at the Wheatbaker Hotel, several years ago in a most romantic manner, where a waiter had served her, her food covered and on opening the covered dish, she saw inside a small box at which Ola went on one knee in front of all the other clapping diners, asking for her hand in marriage, to which she gushingly said yes. Now at age 33, she’s getting set to welcome her dad’s newest grandchild and one of the heirs to the vast conglomerate and investments.

If we heard right, Mrs. Kay Ovia might be away for a shortwhile to help attend to her daughter and upcoming new grandchild! Congratulations in advance.


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  • Hopefully the other woman wouldn't move in while she was away? I understand she has to take care of her responsibility as a grandmother but not leaving your home for that long when you have such a philandering husband. Good luck with that one

    • That is his way o. Its d same way he married Kay. she is not his 1st nor 2nd wife nd d man has nuemorous kids outside. he likes women so thats it for u.I remember when my mum wanted him to give me a job as an excutive in his bank bck in 2008 , even as his relative, this shamless man wanted to date me becos of a job. I turned him dwn and told my mum I wasnt going to work for him nd gave her my reason. just imagine? nd to say i was so young then. I will never 4get that incident in his office bck then.I was in so much shock. But anyway, thank God for His faithfulness nd for giving me a better job with d FG.. I can only imagine what women go tru in the hands of men like these….