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There are those born special and with the platinum spoon in their mouth, so when they act, react or do things, they do it in a special way and reason for that is because that’s what they are used to. They live in humonguous edifices that are like gilded palaces, they drive humongous cars, that by just looking at them you are intimidated, they wear things that are super expensive and could cause others to take sharp intake of breath and then also, when they spend, they do so with ultimate flair and aplomb, spending really big. These sort are what people refer to as giants of men. Just imagine that a $100000 dollar watch is just a toy for them. People like these are men and women of immense and not easily measurable means.

And in this class, is billionaire businessman known to all as Baba Ijebu, but whose real name is Sir Kensington ADEBUTU, Mr Lottery in Nigeria himself. But this story is not about him at all, but about one of his equally loaded sons by name Segun ADEBUTU, in fact his 2nd son.

So loaded is Segun, that he has earned for himself, the special sobriquet of “Mr. Extravagance”! And he is living gloriously up to the moniker by all means. Imagine that as he clocked just 43 years old very recently, so he and friends went all the way to Malta in Eastern Europe, between Italy and North Africa to celebrate his extension of coming of age, meaning in this new dimension he only just clocked 3 years old, remember like they say, life they say begins at 40!

You cannot blame him though, his business even at this time of economic downturn is seemingly doing great. Maybe he must have made some awesome profits when the price of oil soared to an ultimate high of recent so why not celebrate in a special way then!

So last week Friday, May 4, 2018 to be precise, the oil and gas magnate son of Baba Ijebu, who is gradually fulfilling the saying, “like father like son”, dad does things on big side, so as a true son too, he also did a big birthday party. So Segun Adebutu hosted friends, family members and associates to a top of the chain, exclusive birthday shindig that had that former R&B heartthrob Ashanti, former top of the chain rapper JaRule and to crown it all, he brought in the topmost of the trio, the one and only Akon to grace the occasion and the trio were the ones that elevated the fun and excitement to the stratosphere at the exclusive occasion.

Venue of the event was none other than the Intercontinental Hotel St. Julians Malta, one of top 10 best hotels in Malta, where over 400 rooms were reserved for those who attended. Choice drinks, exotic foods and canapés of all kinds were the order of the day. At the end of of the humonguous party, at least (€1 million Euros) was expended… . 1million what???? Yes €1 million hard currency! That’s about half a billion Naira 425 million Naira at least!

If Segun could expend over a million Euros on an event of fancy, that’s not celebrating a significant birthday like this, how much more the other very loaded elder brother Ladi ADEBUTU, who wants to become the Governor of Ogun State after the current Governor, Senator Ibikunle Amosun must have finished his 2 terms. Ladi as the eldest son of Sir Kensington Adebutu is being fully supported by his immensely loaded father in his bid to prosecute his ambition.

Happy belated birthday though to Segun “Mr EXTRAVAGANCE” ADEBUTU, many more years of show off in the pipeline, in good health and God’s grace. 


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  • what a waste of money-As human we tend to forget the most important thing in life:such amount wasted could change/feed million or eventuellt creat more wealth among the poor Nigerian. So sad that we African are so shallow minded-people.

  • I hate holier than thou killjoys like you, Anon 7; 03. I want to know if you're Mr. Adebutu's accountant because you seem to know so much about his finances. Do you know for a fact that he doesn't give to the poor? How do you know that he doesn't change the lives of many poor people or create employment for young people? I don't understand; when rich people spend their money, people go all "oh, he could've fed the poor with that money." Just because he doesn't broadcast it doesn't mean he doesn't do philanthropy. And just because someone gives their money to the poor doesn't mean they can't spend it anyhow and any way that gives them pleasure. What else do we work so hard for as human beings, if not for the ability to spoil ourselves and our loved ones once in a while.
    Seeing as charity begins at home, I hope you also do your fair share to help the poor since you want to come in here and act like spoiling oneself is a crime.
    Oh, and you can miss me with that "African people are shallow" bullshit. Russians-who ironically live in a communist country and should be the ones behaving like you are-spend millions on weddings. Jews have very extravagant weddings and bat mitzvahs. Even Mr. Bill "I am the world's greatest philanthropist" Gates has a $100 million house. So this is not an "African" thing.

    • Russia is not a communist country. And the same Russians who you gloat about are mostly spending ill gotten wealth. Bill gates supposed $100m house is an asset. If he sells it, he gets $100m cash.

      Not saying Omo baba jebu has ill gotten money. But he does need to tone down the excessive celebration. He does this every year. As a bank, I will be very weary to lend him money for his numerous projects given his ways of living the big boy life.

  • Wow!!!!! There are really some quiet " big boys in Nigeria! Whenever I hear the name, Baba ijebu, I used to visualize him as an old man in his 80's! Wow! Congrats!

  • when daddy gives the least of his children a 35m monthly allowance, you can imagine what the older children would be worth.One thing I love baba Ijebu for is that the man doesn't joke with any of his children from the 1st to the last born twins.Abeg ball hard Segun Adebutu nothing do you and happy birthday

  • Has anyone noticed that ‘most’ children of very wealthy men only live life spending their father’s money and are never really able to break out and carve a niche for themselves and stand on their own? I know too many that na daddy(grandpa) dey pay children’s school fees. Pathetic. I wonder why🤔, is it laziness or won fi Ori won gba paro? it’s ok to enjoy their money sha but it would be nice if they could pay their children’s school fees themselves and allow daddy/grandpa to rest! I said MOST not ALL oooooooo! Before some people start convulsing under my comment!

    • Wetin kon concine you for this matter now? Nah person say make your papa no get moni? EP. Nah who den for spend their money on nitori Olorun? Sista, abeg go lick sweet…..,,,,

    • Don't think it's laziness, just that most can't make as much as their parents made. And are used to big life so fall back on their parents. I don't see it as pathetic anyway.

      Nothing wrong with the Ayidas, Maje is an hardworking guy. Nothing wrong in him living in his father's house either. People not as wealthy still live off their parents.

    • Eyaaa !! Anon 12.12 I am sorry I hit a nerve, honestly I was just thinking aloud. Ma binu. E ma gbadun owo Baba lo!!

    • Wait a minute! Maje Ayida still lives with his folks? I doubt it! So the chick that claimed her girlfriend fucked him, where did they do it? And she also slept with Maje's friend who happens to be married! Or the two broke guys had her in the married guy's house! Wonderful! These so called big boys are really pathetic! Rubbish!

    • Please leave Maje alone! What is this????? He is so hardworking! Poor lad can't catch a break! Kilode gan! I luv you Maje! Just keep doing you!

    • One of Ayida daughter despite been married lived in one of her father property for years . .. rich people do it all the time .

  • Vera's former sponsor.
    But she liked living her life for the gram and couldn't live in Segun's cage like aunty Delma did