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Swanky Jerry

Phillip Picardi

Both are in the fashion/lifestyle business in different parts of the world. Swanky Jerry is probably the “most celebrated Nigerian stylist presently bar none”. He is one dude, that has totally elevated the game to stratospheric levels and he is not about to relent nor rest on his oars. His job resume is to say the least, outrageously intimidating and he has made mad money from what he loves to do-styling. His new office on the island is a statement in class. His car is loud for a purpose and tells you immediatelyhhe is in the lifestyle business and not a minion, his personal style borders on the uncompromisingly bold and in your face. From our perception of him, we believe he sees no border between feminity and masculinity. He interprets “fluidity with outrageous oomph”! Never one to shy away from the spotlight he embraces it with much aplomb. He is like a neon light that is just inconspicuous totally in your face, like it or not. He defines what we call “loud for a purpose.

Phillip PICARDI on the other hand is the digital editorial director for Teen Vogue and Allure both Conde Nast publications. By his resume it means he is very involved in the fashion and lifestyle world, where he is one of the pillars that helps to dictate the trends and direction of fashion as it concerns the youths with the way it is reported and viewed, better still at Teen Vogue he oversees web content and social media, in fact when he came on board he helped to improve the traffic from 2.9 million to 7.9 million in just a year! What he did at Teen Vogue he was able to replicate at Allure, where he holds the same designation as he holds at Teen Vogue.

He is American, with Italian heritage and a graduate of New York University. He grew up gay and has never been shy to reveal who he is. He was named by Fast Company as its “Most Creative People” in 2017. Under him Teen Vogue has won multiple awards.

The obvious connection between these 2 celebs/personality is in their outfits and also in that both award winning personalities are on top of their game and major influencers in their fields!

While Swanky wore his own all black, floor sweeping gown like outfit a long while back making him a style visionary, Philip PICARDI just wore his, just last night at the Met GALA 2018. What it just says very simply is that even from Nigeria here there are some, who sees where the style trend is going to go way ahead through their binoculars.

Phillip wore his own outfit to an iconic event as a stamp, a mark, a signature of who he is, never afraid to show it and as a form of subtle protest against how religion can try to cage one from expressing themselves.

Remember that this year’s theme for the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute exhibition is about exploring the connection between religion and fashion, so the theme of the exhibit always dictates the direction of the year’s dress code.

Swanky who is tall, bearded, well built wore his own as an expression of freedom and relaxed mien.

Who wore the outfit best? 


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