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Long before the Governor of Anambra state got to power, he was already a very big boy like some always love to say, meaning he was already well to do and could easily afford many of all the good things of life.

Just imagine that the man who began his career at First Bank and later went to Chevron, became a Chief Internal Auditor before he left, that’s no small feat for anyone. He later went on to Fidelity Bank unarguably one of Nigeria‚Äôs top banks, where former Governor Peter Obi at a time was said to be like the single highest shareholder, where he rose to become an Executive Director before retiring and later becoming a Governor.

We could imagine him looking back, that when he and madam would go do some shopping then, they like all Africans loves to do, would do so with much aplomb, doing retail therapy like their very lives depended on it. Like they might never have the opportunity ever again, so whatever they could buy at any point, they would literally gorge themselves on. So maybe that kind of scenario was recently repeated when his excellency, Governor of Anambra, Sir Willie Obiano visited the United States of America. Not minding that he and madam were Governor and first lady, they were like any other ordinary Nigerians as they went shopping crazy at the Galleria on Westheimer in Houston Texas and at the end you can imagine them carrying about 15 plus assorted shopping bags of different sizes of the many top labels they had purchased. And that’s just on one trip!

The Galleria on Westheimer where they had come to, is the 7th largest in the US and the biggest in Texas. It houses 375 stores, but 4 of the most prominent are Macy’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom. You can imagine that they caught a few eyes as they moved about. And that was actually what got our attention. When we Nigerian rich peeps wants to do anything, we love to do it with the ultimate swagger, which shows to all that are around us, that we are not ordinary, no minions and that we are people of means that must be accorded the desired accolades. Most often we desire and literally ask for respect and recognition by our very actions, we do not know or have in our vocabulary understated or incognito.

Whilst the Executive Governor deliberately worked a few steps ahead from his other 3 companions which included his wife, like he was on his own, he was carrying about 4 Louis Vuitton shopping bags, 2 each on each side. Madam on the other hand was with the 2 men and they carried all the other shopping bags of various sizes of different brands. The executive Governor of probably the richest South Eastern state, had on, his signature cap or hat, by which many know or have come to identify him.

A little retail therapy like it is said, hurts no one. It might even be a way to relax and think up the next upcoming big idea that would bowl any and all over in Anambra. For a Governor who we hear loves to relax a whole lot, especially with a “drink or 2”, shopping at such a humonguous shopping mall with madam who we hear does not suffer fools gladly and 2 others, who maybe are aides or even family members, might mean a massive shopping mall that could be the biggest in the East may be on its way or in the pipeline.

Kudos your excellencies, for showing that we Nigerians and by extension Africans don’t lag behind but are as big as any big boys or girls are at anytime. Salute!


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  • Im Embarrassed by this post…Really?? Aloba ..A public official goes on shopping spree with his wife is hailed as per what???..Tueh

  • Bush people everywhere. Why carry the bags? Tell the shops to deliver them to your hotel. Which they would gladly do after spending that much. Goodness

  • Aloba,sometimes in just wonder how you think you will have more readers by driving traffic to your blog despite all your experience and exposure.You write one story in 3 days sometimes,and now how is this the type of soft news people will truly be interested in? A governor takes probably his 2nd/trophy wife (notice the age difference) on holidays abroad and they went shopping,see all the superlatives you using to qualify them! Something all the looters do routinely! Guy na wa for you o! Just thinking,if I was in your shoes,I will focus on writing latest gists about the goings on in the lives of people in the limelight (escapades,new deals,Under the table happenings business intrigues, lifestyles etc) that no publication in the mainstream and new media will/can publish but with 100% facts.This you can do through their friends and staffs as is done by TMZ and all other such reliable new outlets abroad. This way more people will trust you and always know where to go for authentic gists. You will not need to be afraid of patronage or advert because you will not need to attend their parties,soiries and all but have the right and trusted sources amongst them and everywhere that are reliable and before you know it you will blow and in no time become the go-to blog/person that people refer to for placements,stories and all that.I have read your blogs in the last 2 to 4 weeks and just thought I should share my 2 kobo observation.

    • Infact very meaningless post. Someone is using the country's money for personal shopping and you are praising them like the heavens want to come down. What a shame.

  • You sometimes wonder at the people who comments or respond to stories. What is the essence of writing about them in the first place of not to expose a type of lifestyle. So until one would use gutter language before you are known or accepted to write well? Could the Governor in his personal capacity afford those things, maybe yes, so you give him the benefit of the doubt. Could he actually be using Government funds also? If so he has been exposed too, one way or the other. Did he expect that he could have been seen or noticed in America at such a massive mall? Now they would know better than to flaunt whatever it is. When someone hides under anonymous to spew insults what does that make em?

    • Aloba dearie! Please bring fresh gist! There are lots of gist to digest but you keep bringing us dry gist! I think I miss my old Aloba ooo!

    • Aloba e ma binu. The country is hard in this Buhari regime so lots of people get angry easily without thinking critically.
      Maybe the are new visitors who don't understand your style if writing.

    • Aloba,I am anonymous 12.25.
      I have meet you personally and you have written a story about a launch event we had in one huge conglomerate I used to work,a long time ago when you were with Encomium weekly.
      I think you should read my comment thoroughly again! It's not about writing well,we all know you do in addition to your experience,exposure and being a 'town' man or boy as we say it.
      My point is that this are not the tyou of story angles that interests discerning minds or thay drives traffic when you want to read tabloid or society human angle news and that can make you influential as a society/soft news top rated blog/news outlet as it is being done abroad, even South Africa to come closer home. You need to have a niche and damn the consequences in a short time period because ultimately you will become the go to person/blog for such soft news…An example here for hard/looting/bad governance news,see what Sowore focuses on with Sahara Reporters,even if they are not 100% reliable sometimes! Another fact based news online outlet is The Cable,who are already caving niche for themselves…
      In the traditional/hardcopy newspapers,was next234 by Dele Olojede,our own Pulitzer award winner,before the plugs were pulled out by the banks who they got loans from and some advertising sales revenue from some MDAs as a result of pressure from the FGN, because they were publishing facts about bad governance and being bold enough then to report that the president Yar'Adua was brain dead.I used to enjoy reading next234 on Sundays then because it was basically not like the regular compromised top/leading newspapers whose publishers always have one interest or the other in government they protect! It was like our own New York Times or Washington Post on Sunday's for me… with all the sections…
      So what I am saying in essence,my bro, is not about your writing,its for you to see the big picture as the way people consume media and how this has changed and very soon it's only blogs and online news outlets with a niche that are reliable that will lead the way even though the traditional media that continue to be innovative will continue to remain relevant too.Think about this deeply!