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Kenneth and EHIZOGIE Bramor

A few months ago November 19, 2017 to be more precise, Ehizogie Ogbebor’s wedding to her beau-Chief Kenneth Bramor shook the social media as it was one of the biggest events of that year. She and her super rich husband spared no expenses to make the wedding party one to reckon with, every which way one can think of.

In fact, 2 cars  (Toyota Camry) were even given out to 2 lucky guests, free of charge at the humonguous wedding, making the unbelievable gifts unprecedented. It was a display of wealth and the best of Benin tradition and culture, which is quite rich and a beauty to behold in its splendor. Ehi is Bini from Edo, her husband IS from Warri in Delta State. Those who had attended the wedding then, exclaimed at how they were swept off their feet and were cared for very well.

Now months (7 months to be more precise) after that very impressive event/occasion that had the whole social media agog and salivating and with many making different comments both positives and negatives, the impressive CEO of Sayaveth Interiors and Hotel on the island, who was already a mother of 2 from her previous relationship/marriage has dropped a new, bouncing baby girl from the information at our disposal. This new baby makes it the 3rd for the beautiful, very stylish and in your face Ehizogie Ogbebor, now Ehizogie BRAMOR, it meant she was at least 2 months gone at the time of her wedding party, not that it was any issue at all.

When Ehi as she’s mostly called by close friends and even those that she merely know, got married her oil and gas magnate husband -Chief Kenneth Bramor, she came in as his 3rd wife. But whichever her position is, she immediately became the nos 1 in the heart of her big boy husband, by virtue of her exposure and who she is,… … a prominent personage. She was a social media sensation, who enjoyed so much the notoriety that Instagram brought her way, as she was cool with it and by herself used to put on it a lot of her stuffs, making her quite popular and some sort of celebrity.

The graduate of Biochemistry from the Ambrose Alli University, who used to work for an insurance company in Lagos before she established her own businesses remarried after being divorced for a whole decade. She met her husband to be then 3 years ago at her interior company and one thing led to another and both fell madly in love with each other. They then got married on November 19, 2017. Now after her humongous wedding and 7 months later God has blessed the couple with a child of their own, so the balling continues.

Congratulations to her. Baby and mother are doing well.


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  • Congratulations to her. Make una celebrate with her, no wicked this post with bad tory tory.

    • At Mama Borngirl. Celebrate what with her? Because she gave birth to Messiah? Give me a break!!!

    • Even if its out of wedlock, its still a baby. A baby is a blessing no matter the circumstances of its birth. Motherhood is a beautiful experience. I congratulate her and pray that God blesses her little angel.

    • Going Gaga all over town being wife No 3!!! Give me a break shameless ghetto woman. Typical money can't buy you class

  • They got married because she was pregnant. Unfortunately the guy is still running after young girls in Warri. She didn't like it but the guy doesn't give a hoot about her.

  • Maybe if she stop being 2nd and 3 wife, people will not tell her story. Her greedy for money is why she married a married man when she was young. I don't care how and her Mama do jazz, it will never work for Ken when it comes to carrying women. Ehi forced him to do the wahala wedding because she was pregnant, I'm sure the moment Oil business kaput, Ehi will move on to another big pocket baby daddy

    • But he’s a polygamist yes or no? So what if she married him as 15th wife? He’s a community husband not anybody’s husband. Once your husband is a polygamist, you can’t accuse him of marrying another woman’s husband

    • @ Palesa Sorry o Palesa aka Ehizogie advocate. Assuming her new Mugu is a PLC what about her first husband she had 2 kids for? The man was married to his wife before Ehi used her jazz with him. I pray both your husbands get involved with a lady like jazz Ehi

    • That’s you people’s business, as if it’s everyone that intends to get married. The hypocrisy on this lady’s matter is too much, isn’t it the men that chased her? If they honored their marriage vows and kept it moving Ehi wouldn’t be able to jazz them as you claim. The men are mostly to blame but typical African women, you blame your fellow woman and absolve the man of any blame. Most of you come from polygamus families but you won’t let the woman drink water and drop cup. It’s her perogative if she wants to be the 100th wife, let her carry her burden.
      All these while I’ve not seen one single insult to the man because he’s a dummy and Ehi went into his house chanting incantations and “snatched” him away from his loving wives and children(long sigh)……No she didn’t, Mr. ken is chasing everything in skirt in Warri as we speak, that don’t seem like Ojuju to me. So my dears, let’s put all sentiments aside and tell the truth. I’m not quarreling with anyone here, just writing from my perspective.

    • At Palesa No insult to the man because not only is he a PLC But also a big fool. The reason why people had been harsh on Ehi is because of her actions. She is married to a man that not only has other wives but also have other kids that might read all her over the top show off!!! Where is her sensitivity chip? She need to get a grip on it

    • At Palesa it makes sense why you are attacking people that said anything negative when she got married as wife No. only God knows!! Dislike women that runs after other women's husband. She did that with her first husband too.

  • Hmmmm so she was already pregnant even before her proposal.and she was forming what i don't know on Instagram.hmmmm i won't be believing everything i see on Instagram.truly all that glitters is not gold.


    • Of course she was pregnant and told the man she would love to not only keep the baby but also have a wedding. She is a phony one. Typical example of all that glitter is not diamond

  • Association of Whorelori Wuraola. People with same character become friends who act alike. Goodluck to her, may she be able to manage this.
    Her sister Ewemade seems to be a lot calmer and discreet.

  • why do we excuse promiscuous men with the excuse of Jazz??? we have a lot of married men in Nigeria who can't keep their eggplant in their pants then you guys will say it is jazz?? These men are very promiscuous period and can't resist a pretty lady.