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Ali Baba and Mary Akpobome

Mary with Pastors Sam and Nike Adeyemi


Ali Baba is one celebrity that only a few, very few at that can deny not knowing. The fact is that he rides over the comedic terrain like a king that he is. This great guy is the reason why many, very many at that are who they are today, so kudos to him. Via him many have also become household names of repute.

Ali’s wife by name Mary Akpobome is another type of celebrity on her own level, a boardroom guru of a sort, who is also very well loved either in her own personal capacity or also because she is the adorable wife of an acclaimed comedy/entertainment godfather. So on the occasion of her reaching the golden age of 50, it was celebration galore and many fell over themselves to celebrate the unofficial first lady of the comedy kingdom, where her adorable husband is the benevolent king.

Date of the birthday celebration was Tuesday July 11, 2018 and the venue was the Civic Centre, Ozumba Mbadiwe, Victoria Island, Lagos. The birthday celebration was done as a launch of the Purple Girl Foundation and initiative of Mrs. Akpobome. To celebrate with the couple were their family members, friends and colleagues, who all came out enmasse.

At the event were the likes of billionaire Tunde Folawiyo, Dame Abimbola Fashola, Mrs. Sarah Sosan, AIG (ret) Tunji Alapini, Richard Mofe Damijo, Pastor Sam and Pastor Mrs. Nike Adeyemi, Joseph Yobo, Julius and Ebiere Agwu, Bisoye Fagade, Mudi Enajemo, Toyin Abraham, Monalisa Chinda, Mabel Makin and very many others.

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Tunde Folawiyo and guest

Sarah Sosan

Pastors Sam and Nike Adeyemi
Dame Abimbola Fashola 

Mabel Makun & Toyin Abraham 

Ebiere and Julius Agwu & guest

Debola Williams, Joseph Yobo & Bisoye Fagade 

Tee A

RMD & AIG (Rtd) Tunji Alapini


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  • She has finished stealing billions from heritage bank now she is launching foundation. She try. Nonsense. If Nigeria was a proper country someone like Mary bassey would be in jail for the level of thievery she did while she was an ED in the bank. That’s the problem with Nigeria, we never question sources of wealth and never hold people accountable. We constantly celebrate theives. After stealing the bank blind she is calling God up and down. mscheeeeeew.

  • Anon 3:44 u right. She was caterer, contractor for sationaries, cleaning agent, drivers every every thing contractable she did. Gave loans to friends and anyone that gave her a percentage. She robbed that bank and walked away freely

  • Birds of the same feather. Success has many fathers but failure is an orphan. All it matters in Nigeria is for you to be successful and how you achieve your wealth doesn't matter.

  • Executive robbers.Authority stealing pass armed robbery. Atuche, Mary, and co stole BankPHB dry.Thieves that couldn’t run a kiosk bank Platinum used 419 to buy and destroy Habib bank with the help of kermit the frog Kola Abiola.How did CBN approve her directorships in Heritage with all her baggage??? These people have no shame.

  • As Mayor Akinpelu said to their financier decades ago when they were fighting; the rich is lucky we don't know their sordid secrets.
    You struggle to see rich persons whose hands are not soiled. It makes almost every rumour believable.

  • Thnats my issue with Mary. She is a big thief! She deserves a PHD is stealing for the way she stole from heritage bank. My problem with her is that she likes to present herself like she is so moral and self righteous. Na she go carry God for head pass GO self, na she go carry hallelujah challenge for head. Bloody thief. God self has suffered. It’s people that steal the most that call God the most..

  • What do you all expect? She has to steal to support her loud mouthed, jobless and dry Instagram rant husband who thinks he’s a prize. Lol

    • Tiri gbosa for you @ anon. You sabi him!! Men like AB na dem go give template to the wife on “how wifey can make extra extra cash for the home and can never ever be caught”