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Mrs. Toyin Saraki 

DSP Jimoh Moshood 

In the aftermath of yesterday’s bungled blockade which caused a lot of uproar and which made the spokesperson of the Police, DPO Jimoh Moshood to try to change the narrative of what might have actually occured claiming that those vehicles involved in the blockade didn’t belong to the police, but were actually those of Mrs. Toyin Saraki.

The wife of the Senate President, Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki, in the person of Mrs. Saraki has come out of her self imposed silence to poo-poo the statement made by the Police spokesperson.

She made her own statement via her verified Twitter account this morning thus-

“Dear @channelstv
@sunrisedailynow I am absolutely flabbergasted by @POLICENG Jimoh Moshood on TV attempting to claim that these white vehicles that blockaded the road outside our Abuja residence could possibly be  protection provided to the Wife of the Senate President”!

“Firstly I have never received any vehicle from @PoliceNG

“Secondly, I believe these vehicles bear a striking resemblance to cars donated by my dear brother @AlikoDangote. I hope DSP Jimoh Moshood can leave me out of this unseemly contretemps. Thank you!

“It was bad enough that I was forced to endure a mass invasion of my privacy, with the mis-identification of a guest at a private family occasion, falsely, as one of the @PoliceNG Offa Bank Robbery suspects. The Police did nothing to correct this widely circulated falsehood,”

One does not understand at all the rationale behind the blatant lie about the actions of the police, or security agency that was actually very obvious for all to see. It would have been much better, if the Police had just leaked their wounds from the attendant blunder silently without saying a word, but to come out on national TV to rationalize what occurred and lie so effortlessly, takes the cake. 


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  • This woman should shut up. During the campaign, she warned Aisha Buhari to be weary of Igbos and should stay clear of Amaechi, Okorocha and Timipre's wives because Igbos can not be trusted. Now she is wailing. Tribal bigots.

    • Timipre’s wife isn’t Igbo and if it’s Mr Timipre Silva he’s been out of government for a long time. The Silvas are not politically relevant.

    • Why would Toyin warn Aisha to be wary of igbos? Toyin is known to get along with other politicians wives while keeping a classy distance, including Sylva and Okorocha's wives. Now that Saraki has left APC, let whoever's ox is gored go and gum themselves to Aisha, Amaechi's housemaid wife to Odili comes to mind. Toyin and Aisha remain close, it is not political campaign that forms their friendship.

    • Carry your lies somewhere else, two of Toyin's brothers are married to igbo women. The Ojora family she hails from are one of the most detribalised families in Nigeria.