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Yesterday, Thursday, August 24, 2018 was the D-day and her friends and admirers made sure to blow the trumpets and beat the drum to celebrate a lady that they all consider to be both beautiful inside and outside. And that person is none other than Lolo Chika Acholonu, who the more deeply traditional people refer to as the ‘Ugwueze’ and that’s the super hardworking wife (queen) of one of the most prominent Igwes in Imo State, the South-East of Nigeria, being the Igwe of Orlu, Igwe Patrick Acholonu. The Ugwueze tags actually refers to the head of the women in her kindred in Orlu.

The beautiful and very fashionable and hardworking lady owns one of the most classy perfumery in Lagos which stocks strictly Arabian scents, known as Oud Majestic with about 2 big branches currently in existence. One branch is at the arrival lounge of the local airport-MM2 in Lagos and the other is the flagship at Lekki One on the island, where her first ever business venture-Rubies and Pink, a very popular fashion merchandising outlet, which was formerly located inside the shopping complex inside Dolphin Estate, Ikoyi, is also now too.

She probably owns the brand with the largest collection of Oud range of perfumes in Nigeria, from the low to the mid to high range, they have it all. And her clientele list boasts of the who-is-who in the country, many of who are majorly lovers of Oud perfumes. The brand is exclusively into Oud scents in all ramifications, either as perfumes, oils, room fresheners/diffusers, deodorants in fact the whole 9 yards.

She’s been in business since 2006 (that’s 12 years ago now), that’s after she had relocated back to Nigeria in 2002 from the US where she had lived and had been working for a decade. She’s probably one of the most well read queens from the South-East, with a 1st degree in Physiology and Neuro Biology from the University of Maryland and then a Masters in Public Health from George Washington University both in the US.

Her husband became the Igwe of Orlu in 2009, that would be a decade next year in 2019. To mark her day, many gorgeous picture of the fashionista par excellence were released and we have thought to share them with you.

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