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Still only just arrived few months ago and the beautiful “Ibuere”, that’s her native name has already disarmed many with her baby gorgeousness and beauty. Such an exciting baby to look at by all standards. Mere looking at her many would just want to have their own baby immediately. Those beautiful eyes, the chubby cheeks and the disarming innocence, so so inviting.

She is none other than the 3rd child and daughter of Ehizogie Ogbebor-Bramor, of the Sayaveth Interiors and Sayaveth Hotels fame. And the disarmingly gorgeous new baby is for her supposedly ‘estranged’ husband, being the Warri Billionaire by name Kenneth Bramor, the super rich oil tycoon.

So innocent is Ibuere, that she’s totally oblivious of any shenanigans going on around her, be it the current correct situation between her parents or however anyone thinks about anything. As if to shut down any wrong missive from anywhere or to totally dismiss whatever unpalatable insinuations that might arise from any quarters, see the uncanny and totally unmistakable resemblance between daughter and father! It’s like Mr. Bramor vomited her just by himself. Mennnn nature and its power!!!!


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  • what a beautiful baby.Really sad the kind of drama and emotional dysfunction her mother has birthed her into.The man having made up with his first wife will now distance himself from this SAYAVETH and extend that feeling towards this innocent child who would then grow up to resent not just her father who didn't care but every man she comes across.I just pray she doesn't have daddy issues

  • No offence intended but this baby looks like Ehi's boyfriend. Just go and look at the guy's pictures you will see the resemblance. Why do women do this?

  • Aww, shame to the people that said you’re not your daddy’s daughter. You are toooo cute. Your mum needs to behave herself. She needs to calm the hell down. Be humble. God bless you little one. E-kisses.

    • Humble has nothing to do with greedy, selfish and diabolical Ehi. She met her match in Kenneth that doesn't give a care about her. He has other wives and many concubines

  • This dysfunctional situation isn't good for this my beautiful Delta baby girl. Women and babies always at receiving end. Bless you innocent one.

  • Mr. Ken is one irresponsible man! How can anyone claim this child isn’t his? If he isn’t sure, why not carry out a DNA testing and prove her wrong? Instead everyone is busy shouting karma forgetting it was Ken that broke his marital vows…. Africans! Demonize the woman and let the man off as a saint that he is..,smh. I’m glad my fellow bvs on here are not totally absolving the yeye man of any blame.
    If Ken no want again, nor be do or die affair.. life goes one but go and look after your child and stop being stupid.