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Mother of one and ex-beauty queen-Miss Nigeria UK-2009, Dabota Lawson is as beautiful as they come. In fact, some have even rated her as one of Nigeria’s most beautiful people. Tall, better still statuesque, with envious long legs and with super good frame to the boot, with the right, perfect proportions in their right places and even well contoured for full effect for that matter. She ‘could’ have excelled as a supermodel, either on the catwalk or even as a glamour model had she taken that up as a full career or profession.

With her, nothing seems ever out of place. Meaning she cannot step out not looking glam with elan overload at all times. The creator obviously molded her comfortably and it must have been either very early on a Sunday morning, being the beginning of the week or at that time He was most fun. That she was wonderfully and perfectly made is just stating the bare fact and we believe that fact is indisputable. Whatever time it was though, the final product, which is Dabota, came out totally on point, so she deserves the accolades without a doubt. No wonder she’s always in our face, looking perfectly scrumptious!!!!!!

The 31 year old (born June 2, 1987), though some have tried to reduce the age to 27, which is not the true age, is a ‘University of Leicester’ graduate of Financial Economics, before she proceeded to the London School of Business and Finance, where she got her certificate in Accounting and Business. This bombshell mama jammer, defines oomph to the Max! So she can easily be tagged as a “beauty with brains to match with much aplomb!

Those big eyes, that gives her the air of innocence that in turn gives her that exceptionally sultry look, is to die for and then she seem to have her style game on too, very very well too in fact. Never one to step out not looking her best. It is obvious that the standard rule of norm for her is to always look outstanding, very chic, very in place even if for just a quick dash to the supermarket or for quick errands here and there. And then when she wants to now play dress up, her inner fierceness just takes over and then she comes out looking the bomb and the cynosure of all eyes.

Either in casuals or dressed-up, she’s always got it on the lock down totally. The budding entrepreneur, who owns her own eponymous beauty range and also owns her own shopping complex named Two Six Mall on Admiralty, Lekki Phase one just by April by Kunbi’s atelier is our undoubted, Thursday, thumping bombshell without equal. Though some have suggested that a major part of how she looks now is by virtue of ‘cosmetic surgery’ – body enhancement, all we have to say to that is that it takes someone who is okay, to think to do a nip and tuck, here and there if they so want. And apart from that, if doing an enhancement or doing enhancements gives you contentment, then please go ahead and have your FUN!

Check out DL’s many pictures here, showing both front and back to see if you agree with us.

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