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So according to the gist we are privy to, all the recent showings looking the bomb and flashing good skin might have the reasons why !!!

So a good bird, with ears to the ground wella whispered into our ears very confidently, in fact the bird was cock sure, just too sure about it that our favorite in your face “celebrity babe” who is gradually “Glowing” confidently to the bank with so much activities nowadays, recently had her body remolded, a slight upgrade that wasn’t supposed to be too prominent. Just be as near natural as possible!!!! According to the intel, the areas that were touched up were the bum (yansh like we call it here), the boobs (them manchesters) and the stomach and maybe the hip too, just to make it slighty rounder and in proportion to the bum-bum touched up, a la pull up to my bumper. .

What was actually done according to the privileged information at our disposal is a procedure called “fat transfer”. Which is that fat was removed from around the stomach and then they were added to the places that needed it to bulk those parts up and were molded. And because what was done was not actually an extensive kind of procedure, in a day or 2 you are already up and about, showing off the magic touch which you can even ascribe to proper weight loss in the right areas, not as a procedure done.

So we had been very curious  wanting to know why them nipples were straining to bust out powerfully and show face, we had wondered why the showcase and deliberate display, now we seem to have gotten the answer. Hmmmmmmm No wonder those melons were standing at attention, peeking through with gusto and saluting with unbridled, unrestrained and unrestricted vigor and oomph the Queen (Charlie’s mom) inna the London Town.

All in all, all that we can say is that the job done, seem to have quadruple our lady’s value to the stratospheric levels. And for those who might have been doubting or wandering whether if truly our small babe (girl) with the Big God is as liquid as she tries to portray or pass across, forget it oooooo, babe is as liquid, in fact mad liquid as they come mennnn. Whatever business she’s doing, is majorly bringing in the money in loads and torrents as it seems. Imagine that sometime ago alone and that’s many months back now ooooo, she bought at least not less than 10 million Naira worth of jewelry (diamonds) at that popular place somewhere in Victoria Island, close to Civic Centre.

If a young unmarried lady can do that, then she must be pretty liquid. At least she may be able to boast of between 50 to 100 million and might even be slightly more! !!! 


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  • Toke has always been a plastic and after material stuff reason why she couldn't take care of her ex husband and running. after vanity. Fake ass girl

  • I did tummy tuck after I'd my last child. I'd option to transfer the fat to other areas but I was already endowned. I did mine to remain sexy for my husband.

    These days they do it for "runs".

  • Well I don't think it was fat transfer because fat transfer can not be done on the boob except saline or silicone boob job and the nipple raised up. Even a fat transfer on the butt can not be very big except it's a silicon ass job that will be big and too obvious besides toke has been known not to be fat but slim so I wonder where they got the fat from, just like Caroline Hutchinson that did a total make over which is boob job ass job and vagina tightening it looks that what she did…

    • Fat can be done on the boobs especially for flat chested ladies. Most doctors don’t do it because when it’s time for a mammogram the fat covers the area and the breast reading isn’t perfect.

      Also fat transfer on the bum can be big. Very big in fact and it all depends on the litres of fat sucked out.

      Many places to get fat from; bingo wings/arms, inner thighs, side/love handles, tummy and from the back. That is why their waists end up looking really tiny.

      She lifted her boobs about two years ago. Looks like people are just noticing. If they are bigger now, she may have added implants now.

  • I have come to the realization that people will do whatever pleases them and people will still talk…regardless. I used to be bothered about what people will think or say about me and I realized it hindered me a lot. Now my motto is “do you!, the world will adjust.” I used to be annoyed with Toke’s brazen hypocrisy but now, I’m indifferent. That’s her problem, she’s taken a page off Kim Kardashian’s life and doing it so well(minus the hypocrisy). I’m getting a procedure done this December and damn what anyone says, I’m doing what I want. Let everyone live their lives the way they please.

    • @anon. I’m sorry, really don’t know anywhere there as I’m having mine done here in Nigeria. Everyone deserves to feel good about themselves, so I bid you good luck in your search🤗.