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And so this incredible fellow, whoever he is, has come into our consciousness again!!!! He seems to be a man about town and a lady’s man to the core for that matter.

He has been mentioned many times of recent, especially in the case involving the paternity concerning a very innocent, but extremely gorgeous and disarmingly cute baby. According to the gist, he might be the father of the gorgeous baby in question. If truly he is, then he is one handsome guy then. Or maybe he and the mama of the baby, sure combined well.

According to the unconfirmed, an incredulous gist for that matter, he was the main sidekick, the striker extraordinaire, the sharp shooter unparalleled when madam was cooing endless love to her super rich husband from the South-South, who was temporarily enamoured uncontrollably by her. Apparently madam was said to have been gladly enjoying the very best of 2 worlds simultaneously, she was eating  the ‘old nearly going limp cucumber’ and at the same time chewing endlessly on the virile still strong ‘sugar cane’ both at the same time!!! Ohhhh wow what fun that would have been. Though it is claimed the younger dude was there first, before the older dude came sweeping madam off her feet!

If the “Duke of spades” is who many are trying to point to or at, or who we believe they are talking about, then the much younger hunk,  who is well built, he is an exercise freak, who loves to run on that famous bridge between Ikoyi and Lekki and quite suave too, had always had his ways with the female folks, whom he breezes through and discards like bad habit only after a short while. Some say he is a genius when it comes to entertainment in the form of running 5 stars lounges and bars.

There was a time 2 ladies were hellbent and willing to go all out against each other for his love and attention. The 2 ladies we are talking about are quite popular, both being social media sensations or celebrities and both involved in the creative industry and quite fashionistas on their own, on one side then, in the red corner was YN, who is statuesque, with big expressive eyes and those thick lips, that can ‘suck’ the life outta any and those sexy well toned legs and on the other side in the blue corner was the bodacious Miss V otherwise known as TPP. The younger combatant in that war, TPP who is a bit on the plus size was ready to go all out then, not willing to yield even a meter/foot as she staked the claim on her man, with that kind of attitude, that must have meant there was something the Duke was super or extraordinarily good at, that makes the ladies swoon and captivated that they don’t just wanna leave. Is it that he has a senior degree PhD upwards in bedmatic science or it’s just a combination of many things, including digging deep and munching the carpet expertly?

But maybe we are mixing it up totally! Is it the same person we are talking about that people are also talking about too or are there 2 Dukes of spades?

Please please please, tell us!!!!!!! Let us out if this misery!!!!! Lol!!!!! 


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  • Enter your comment… decoders please come and help us decodeless lol cos i have no clue who the Duke is but i suspect part of the gist involves that ehi ceosayaveth lady and her new baby's paternity.


  • Richard Nnadi former manager of escape nightclub, was claiming he owned the place then. @hotgist you are right, team husband material on ig. Friends with Charles billions or so… YN I code is Vonne couture, don’t know the other one.
    If Ehi was with this #fuckboy, she fall my hand big time.

  • "King" T.D's friend. Palesa please confirm – did Ken give him 10 million naira so he won't blackmail his now estranged wife? Also, is it true wifey tried to kill him and he then now tried to kill her? Omase.

    • @fan I never hear this one before o! Osenobua!! Kill this one, kill that one! Na wah oo. Like I said earlier Richard is an fboy, so I won’t put blackmail past him. It is possible but I think it was a scam by madam and bf to get money out of ken.

    • Isn’t 10 million Naira chicken feed for Ken? If it was a scam concocted by wifey wouldn’t she have asked for more? 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️

    • Yes, but think about it. What exactly is he blackmailing her for if ken already know that they had an they wouldn’t go too far by asking for too much money, just some amount he could easily part with… So oga no go vex and damn the consequences and tell Richard to do his worst or better still, tell madam that he’s no longer interested. So they had to be careful and I think it was just a way of Ehi compensating the bf. That’s just what I think.

  • @anon2.40
    big lie you think buying house in banana is beans~?I live in banana and knowing the kind of person Toke Makinwa is every single resident starting from our Cafe to the 2 football fields and every public area including security area would have known who the new resident is.Toke will buy even studio flat in Banana and we won't see her shaking her plastic butt to resident's association meeting